Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 17

The tower appeared abruptly.
Just a while ago, it was only able to be seen for a moment.
It wasn’t an illusion, it was standing tall with presence.

“It’s ridiculous that such a large thing could have become invisible……” (Hanagawa)

Aoi and Hanagawa were on top of a hill.
The two looking at the tower were in the middle of advancing forward toward it with what appeared to be a flying monster that had sharp edges on its entire body.
The tower that suddenly appeared was tremendously high, and it was conspicuous in the middle of the valley with no other artifacts.
Aoi guessed it to be around 500 meters tall.

“It looks like there was some kind of barrier. Since the tower was covered by such a huge shield, it seems like it’s a big deal. Well, since this area is under the control of the Sword Saint, we couldn’t get closer.” (Aoi)

“What’s the deal with the Sword Saint? It’s said that he trains heroes.” (Hanagawa)

“Well, it seems that the Sword Saint is no better than a hero. Based on the rumors I’ve heard, he sometimes collects prospective fellows, then imposes a trial and trains the survivors. Well, the sages do a similar thing.” (Aoi)

“Oh, come to think of it, I think I was told to be a sage as well.” (Hanagawa)

“By whom?” (Aoi)

“It was a person called Shion.” (Hanagawa)

“Oh. My condolences.” (Aoi)

Although Aoi thought that Hanagawa was just an ordinary fat person with intemperance, her feelings of pity came quite suddenly.

“Wait a moment! Somehow, now I am being looked at with eyes that are similar to looking at insects struggling on the ground with plucked wings!” (Hanagawa)

“Because Shion has a policy that is 0 or 100. She doesn’t feel like cultivating disciples. Although it isn’t obvious, after you are brought up to adulthood, it would be impossible to redeem yourself even after surviving a long time! It’s kind of tricky. Therefore, I think it’s only right for me to stare cruelly at you.” (Aoi)

“I think that I’m still suffering enough for now! Or is that supposed to help me, who came to this place. Look, because we’ve been staying together all this time, attachment has appeared, and now you look cute or something! It’s typical stockholm syndrome!!” (Hanagawa)¹

As he said so, Aoi observed Hanagawa carefully.
It was impossible.

“Oops. Sorry about that. There was supposed to be no interference while dealing with the sage candidates.” (Aoi)

“Would you please send me home if that’s the case?! I swear I’ll make an effort to aim for the sages!” (Hanagawa)

“It’s okay. I think that it will be good experience to stay with me.” (Aoi)

“There is only the experience of dying prematurely regardless of whichever one I choose! Have I already plunged one leg into the coffin by now? What’s it like, pursuing after that monster?!” (Hanagawa)

“I’m just heading towards something that is about to happen. However, I don’t feel like fighting with that particular one. The target is Takatou Yogiri, so he should only be avoided.” (Aoi)

“No, that’s it.  As I said before, if your aiming at Takatou, I’m not needed!” (Hanagawa)

“I see. I didn’t explain that. Hmm, take Oda Nobunaga for example.” (Aoi)

“Yes?” (Hanagawa)

“Do you not know him? Oda Nobunaga?” (Aoi)
(ED: Nobunaga was a well known 16th century feudal war lord who tried to unify Japan. He is known for

his strategy, which led to a successful campaign which eventually conquered about half the Japanese provinces.)

“Hohou? How couldn’t I know about the 6th heavenly king? Don’t make fun of me!” (Hanagawa)

“Takatou Yogiri’s like him, you can’t kill an existence whose destiny value is high. He won’t die if he was shot by Sugitani Zenjubo, he doesn’t die if he fights on the front line amongst the soldiers, and he doesn’t die if you attack recklessly in the canyon. From the enemy’s point of view, it’s just a cheat. But, there is a way to kill him even if he’s like that.” (Aoi)
(ED: Sugitani Zenjubo was a ninja of debatable origin who attempted to snipe Nobunaga. After his failed assassination attempt, he went into hiding, but was later found and executed.)

“Is that similar to the Honnoji incident?” (Hanagawa)
(ED: The situation where Nobunaga was betrayed and forced to commit seppuku by his samurai general.)

“Yes. In order to kill the existence that is protected by fate, we must use destiny. Just trying to kill him in a blatant way is no good. That is, if he dies here, the surroundings will get more dramatic and rouse up. Fate prefers more interesting situations. I will create a situation where his death is more interesting.” (Aoi)

“Well, that was the story of the reason to take me, wasn’t it?” (Hanagawa)

“That’s right? Wouldn’t it be dramatic if he reunites with his classmate?” (Aoi)

“But, it’s easy if Aoi-san’s ability seals Takatou’s ability! Isn’t the story like that?” (Hanagawa)

“There isn’t much information on Takatou Yogiri yet, so I don’t have confidence in my ability. After all, winning or losing is the plot of destiny. I will guide it to be convenient to me in the form of making fate like the scenario. Well, it’s something to do with something useful—” (Aoi)

She didn’t expect that much from Hanagawa.
Aoi was trying to say such a thing, but the words were drowned out in a roar that suddenly occurred.

“……the fact that the tower is now out of sight, is it still the same as being sealed by the barrier?” (Hanagawa)

He didn’t think so, and he was afraid to ask.

“It feels like it physically disappeared however you look at it.” (Aoi)

The tower had completely and thoroughly disappeared.
But not only the tower.
The canyons and the surrounding forests were all gone as well.
And, the existence that did it was floating in the air.
Looking down from the sky.
It emits something, and it annihilated from above in a straight line.

“This has surpassed being unreasonable! It’s at a level where the terrain changed!” (Hanagawa)

Hanagawa screamed in a shrill voice.

“I’m troubled. If Takatou Yogiri was in the tower, we can’t confirm if he is alive or dead.” (Aoi)

To someone who undertook the contract, the fact that the target had randomly died somewhere was bothersome.

“Well, if he died by something of this degree, there would be no need for me to come.” (Aoi)

Aoi began to head towards the place where the tower was supposed to be while dragging Hanagawa who was trying to escape.

“Eh? Hey!” (Rainier)

When he saw Yogiri, Tomochika, and another woman running off quickly, Rainier was puzzled.
There was the question of whether or not he should also run away, or whether he should struggle and fight.

“Rainier-san! This isn’t a case where you can worry about Dannoura-san and others!” (Rick)

When Rick shouted, Rainier returned to them.
And then he noticed that it was futile to escape.

The opponent is a monster that erased most of the 100 stories of the tower.
There is no place to escape to anywhere.
Also, what is floating in the air should be a child of the Devil.
If they don’t stop it here somehow, the barrier would break, the Devil would resurrect, and mankind would become extinct.

“It’s useless to be cowards! It’s fine if it comes out from the barrier! This time, you’ll get no sympathy from my attacks!” (Flashy-Girl)

Raising her cane, the thriving person is the one who invited Rainier to the Sword Saint’s trial, Frederica.
All of her abilities were far from ordinary people, excelling especially in magical power, as her magical power exceeded 10,000 times that of an ordinary man.
As far as he knew, it was the strongest, so Rainier, while feeling miserable, moved to hide behind her.

“Well, it’s not the Devil. Is it one of its kin?” (Rainier)

“I at least know that much! I will easily get rid of this underling!” (Flashy Girl->Frederica)

“Rainier-san, please be prepared to use the stone.” (Rick)

Rick pulls out his sword.
The other candidates also took a stance to intercept.
The kin that floated in the air slowly landed in front of the Sword Saint.
She seemed to be the kin of the Devil, but her appearance is almost human.

But if speaking about the differences, there are three pairs of black wings on her back.
In addition, the overwhelming miasma that is released doesn’t make her look like a person.
She was a transcended being, the existence of another dimension.

“How do I remove the barrier? If you teach it to me, I won’t kill you.” (Devil’s Kin)

It was a voice that if a weak-hearted person hears it, they would seemingly bow down.
In fact, magical power was put into that voice, and one of the rings that Rainier wore for resisting magical power crumbled.

“Well, aren’t you considerably gentle. You just broke the tower suddenly.” (Sword Saint)

“The reason I broke the tower is because I thought there was a high possibility that the barrier would be removed. However, I need to explore other means because it seems that it couldn’t be solved by that.” (Devil’s Kin)

The Sword Saint was the same as one would expect.
He didn’t carelessly answer the devil kin’s question.
The kin may have judged that the Sword Saint wasn’t going to respond.
She pointed to one of the surviving Sword Saint candidates.
The tip of her finger glows for an instant, and black lightning as thin as a thread pierces the candidate’s forehead.
It was an instant death.
(ED: But not instant death magic.)

“I won’t be impatient at all. As I’m killing people one by one, tell me when you feel like teaching me.” (Devil’s Kin)

“I’m not looking down on you!” (???)

One man jumped in between the Sword Saint and the kin.
The man was made of six people, with each one slashing at the same time.
Simultaneous attacks came from six directions.
Although it was an incredible slaughter of death, it didn’t do anything to kill the kin.

The kin shook her arm while seeming irritated.
Some of the blades had reached the kin.
However, they couldn’t even give her pain, and in the end six corpses that were separated up and down were created.

“If you think of it as an afterimage, there is an entity.” (Devil’s Kin)

“Hee. I can’t afford to beat someone so talkative.” (Frederica)

As Frederica was impressed, she spoke to Rainier.
Speaking of the Sword Saint, he was taking some distance from the flying kin.
While he was estimating the time for an opportunity, he still hadn’t pulled out his sword yet.

“If there isn’t a barrier, then here’s this one!” (Frederica)

Frederica raised her cane with light shining on its tip.
As it glowed brightly, energy floats out bit by bit, making a huge ball of light.

“Ah, um, is it okay to be so relaxed at this time?! Well, I think that it’s too big!” (Rainier)

It was even bigger than what she had created on the roof of the tower.
It was like the sun, it jumped out of the tower and went far beyond the size that fits inside the tower.

“Full throttle! No regrets!” (Frederica)

“No, but by involving all of this with that―” (Rainier)

However, Rainier’s worries were useless.
The ball of light that was covering the sky grew smaller quickly.
The surroundings of the ball of light were dimly flickering.
The ball of light had all of its enormous magical power compressed to the limit.

But, what kind of phenomenon would occur when it landed?
Rainier’s body began to tremble little by little because of a bad premonition.
Fortunately, the kin didn’t pay attention to Frederica.
She’s just slowly killing people one at a time from whoever is nearby.

“Take this!” (Frederica)

Frederica swings her cane down pointed at the kin.
The ball of light compressed into the size of a fist flies towards the kin with tremendous speed.
The kin doesn’t even look at the ball of light, and casually waves her hand.
She grabbed the ball of light, and nothing happened.

“What!?” (Frederica)

Frederica was frozen.
Her recognition was probably not keeping up with reality.
This time, it was indeed supposed to be the best blow she’s ever done with all of her strength, so she thought that it was crushed too easily.

“I think that it was powerful for a human being. I wonder if you thought it would burn me when it hitー” (???)

That voice came from a little boy in front of Frederica.
Before they knew it, he was staring at Frederica with his hands behind his back.

“Well, it’s useless to do anything if you can’t cross the dimensional barrier.” (Boy)

“What?!” (Frederica)

Frederica struck with her cane reflexively.
The boy accepted it with his left hand.
Rainier couldn’t believe it.
Frederica isn’t extraordinarily strong, but the blow that even crushed the head of the dragon was stopped quickly by the boy’s narrow arms.

“Yu~up. I’m sorry, but it appears that sister isn’t on the stage to fight with us. You don’t even know what is being done now, do you?” (Boy)

“This boy!” (Frederica)

As Frederica isn’t retrieving the cane, he pulls back.
Frederica fell on her backside from the momentum of the force.
However, while the cane is still in the boy’s hands, Frederica’s hand was also holding the cane.
Frederica’s right arm had been severed from the elbow.

“Do you like sweet things because you are a girl? I thought it would be better to have some sweets, but what about you?” (Boy)

“N-, no way! What is this!” (Frederica)

Frederica’s right arm was discolored brown.
As if it was a baked good itself, it was hard and rough.
The boy had stolen the right hand holding the cane, and pieces of it started to fall down and scatter in large drops.
Frederica who saw it lost her fighting spirit, and Rick sliced at the boy with his sword.
The boy jumped out of the way exaggeratedly and dodged.

“Yup. That older brother can still fight. The sword and armor are good. I don’t know where he got it, but it can reach us.” (Boy)

“Rainier-san! I entrust Frederica-san to you!” (Rick)

“Eh, ah, yes!” (Rainier)

Although Rainier was stunned by the miseries that occured one by one, when he was called by Rick he returned to reality.

“Sword Saint-sama! Unique individuals have started appearing together!” (Maid 1)

The tardy maid doll that appeared was tardy in giving her report.

“Do not call us unique individuals. We also have names. I am Ryouto. The person with wings is Orugein. Well, while it may be a brief relationship, best regards.” (Boy->Ryouto)

The boy who identified himself as Ryouto greeted them courteously.

“This is bad. There has never been a case of two coming out.” (Sword Saint)

Impatience was seen on the Sword Saint’s face.
Since the kin would occasionally emerge from the barrier, the Sword Saint kept killing it.
However, no more than one would appear at the same time.

“Rainier! What to do, what to do, what to do?! I’m not getting healed! I’ve become baked goods!” (Frederica)

Frederica was in a state of confusion.
She had never been hurt since she had been born in this world.
Her first injury that had happened since she was born was an abnormal one that the right arm had turned into sweets and crumbled apart.
With this, she couldn’t keep calm.

She was also good at recovery magic, and had been trying desperately to get rid of it, but the effect wasn’t showing at all.
The child of the devil with wings, Orugein, was slowly killing one person at a time.
The appearance of the boy, Ryouto, was dodging while ridiculing Rick’s attacks.

The rope they depended on in this situation, the Sword Saint, was still doing nothing.
Sitting down while putting his hands on the sword’s handle, he may have been trying to cause something, but he didn’t seem to be useful at present.

Rainier was only able to watch the disaster.
Because Rainier was powerless.

He never had much ability originally.
All he had done so far was he had crushed the errand girl that came from the summons, moreover, he had done it over and over again.
There weren’t enough star crystals left, so he couldn’t summon a ferocious being.
He couldn’t think that there was any meaning if he tried to fight against the Devil’s kin again.

He couldn’t do anything anymore.
Rainier forced a laugh, but at that time, he noticed something flickering in the corner of his sight.
It was a message from the goddess.
He confirmed it while he felt he was clinging onto a straw.

・【Announcement】Once more, the limited UR Gacha is now being held!
(ED: UR stands for Ultra Rare, if you don’t play gachas.)

Rainier decided to bet on it.

Yogiri and the others were going down the stairs to the basement.
As they were in the small room that they first entered, there was no need to search , but a new problem had occurred.

It seems the stairs endlessly continued towards the basement.
It was an unusual sight.
The tower is on the edge of the cliff.
If the stairs were still being seen, then they should have already burst out of the side of the cliff.

However, they couldn’t afford to be stupefied at the impossible sight.
The three of them continued down the stairs.
However, they didn’t even feel a sign of the end while they were descending.
And, as they climbed up the stairs, they quickly reached the original small room.

“I wonder if there’s also a barrier here…….” (Yogiri)

Yogiri said while once again going down the stairs for the time being.

『Hmm. If there is a barrier interfering, it may be a barrier that is interfering with the airspace. Some sort of gimmick like prolonging extension of distance to the underground?』(Mokomoko)

“The other side also has this, so if it’s the place that controls the barrier, isn’t it natural to defend it?” (Yogiri)

This is a trial in the tower.
There was no need for people to be able to come in easily.

“Does it feel like the people are ahead?” (Yogiri)

“There’s no mistake. The feeling of them is becoming stronger.” (Theodosia)

『Hmm. Things like presences, they are reaching without being interrupted by the barrier. Somehow it seems like trouble.』(Mokomoko)

“It’s probably my brethren who created this barrier.” (Theodosia)

『I see. I thought that the tower absorbed souls in order to maintain the barrier, but since it has the half demons as an independent energy source, they can further develop the barrier’s strength.』(Mokomoko)

“It’s good to think about how it works. What to do then? This walking?” (Tomochika)

Whether or not she’s following the story, Tomochika said that it’s boring.

“I guess that it’s a certainty, so there has to be a way we can go down, but what do we do?” (Yogiri)

“Ah, well then. Takatou-kun, are you going to kill it? Whether or not this somehow is the barrier?” (Tomochika)

Yogiri wondered if he could say something and he thought about it.

“This is difficult. What would you be killing in this case?” (Tomochika)

“……space?” (Yogiri)

“I don’t know what the meaning of killing space is.” (Theodosia)

“I don’t understand the meaning fully, but you’ve killed ice, and you’ve also killed doors!” (Tomochika)

“For example, if this barrier is trying to trap me, it’s possible to recognize the barrier itself as a threat and kill it. But, this is simply where I can’t go forward, it’s not a situation where I will die if I don’t go forward.” (Yogiri)

To kill something, Yogiri needs to recognize the target, but space is just too vague.
Anything can be invoked against the threat of death even when he can’t recognize the target, but this time, it isn’t so.

“I don’t know what will happen if I kill space, but as long as there isn’t anything wrong, I feel like it’s better not to.” (Yogiri)

In the worst case, the world may even collapse.²
It would be one of the forbidden moves.

“How did you help Mokomoko-san? Back then, you stopped the tower from absorbing souls. Can’t you break it with that feeling?” (Tomochika)

“Well, in this case, the origin of the barrier may be the brethren of Theodosia-san, wouldn’t it? If the source of the barrier is destroyed, the people we were supposed to have helped would be dead, so then there would be no point at all.” (Yogiri)

『Maybe I can go through. I don’t have an entity.』(Mokomoko)

“Well, I don’t quite understand spirits very well……” (Yogiri)

As Mokomoko was acting together with Yogiri and the others, she was recognized by the spatial interference.

『It would seem that presences are likely able to get through. So, I’ll go ahead and check our current situation. Theodosia could make a path if the source of the barrier was able to be identified, and the kid would have to kill the place where the barrier would try to stop us from passing through.』(Mokomoko)

“Well, because I don’t understand what it is, Mokomoko-san, please try it skillfully.” (Yogiri)

『Hmm. Well then……oh?』(Mokomoko)

Mokomoko tilted her head.

“What’s wrong?” (Yogiri)

『Somehow, I felt like I was shook.』(Mokomoko)

“I don’t feel anything?” (Yogiri)

『How should I say it, it was like a shaking feeling in my heart.』(Mokomoko)

“Even if you say such a thing―” (Yogiri)


They heard a deafening roar.
And then, the space shifted.

Yogiri perceived the phenomenon like that.
A line ran perpendicular to the space with the stairs, moving slightly up and down to the left and right.

It was only for a moment, and then it went back to how it was originally immediately, but the phenomenon caused a change in the stairs.
The straight staircase was now gently curved, but the destination couldn’t be seen.
It was the original appearance of the staircase, a large spiral staircase made along the inner circumference of the tower.

『Yes? Was the barrier removed? What does that mean……』(Mokomoko)

“Well, it saves me the trouble of doing something, but it would still be nice if we didn’t have to go down.” (Yogiri)

When Yogiri continued to go down the stairs, a gust of wind blew up from the bottom.
Tomochika instantly clung to Yogiri’s arms.

“What’s wrong?” (Yogiri)

Tomochika was trembling.

“Something……some black thing has passed through……but a monster with the sharp edges sprung up……” (Tomochika)

It was visible to Tomochika.
However, she wondered what it was like with Yogiri and the others.
Yogiri looked backwards.
There weren’t any traces to be found that anything has passed through.
However, it seemed to be heading straight into the ground.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – Hrgh…..Why can’t these people die already? ;-; 

² – You heard the proof here first folks. Yogiri is officially a world-breaker. 

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