Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 18

Summoning a comrade with star crystals.
Rainier has done this process many times in the past, but most things that came out were small animals such as squirrels or rats.

Sometimes there was a dog or wolf.
Occasionally even people came out, but they weren’t warriors, they were just villagers who could hardly do anything in the role of combat.
For Rainier, being able to summon at the last minute was the only good thing about gambling.

When it said that it was a limited UR, that hadn’t changed.
This was because the last time he did a limited UR summon, it was only a copy of the goddess, whose appearance was only beautiful, and she didn’t hold any real power.

There was a possibility that it would be the same this time.
However, Rainier found hope in the required number of star crystals.
It was 5 for the last time, but it was 20 this time.
The chances should be greater as there was a greater price.¹
The meaning in this difference of numbers couldn’t be found anywhere else.

If a true warrior with the power of a UR appears, they would be able to overcome this unavoidable situation.
If that possibility existed, it might be worth it to use all 20 of them he had on hand.

However, he also had to think about it.
He should preserve star crystals if he wanted even a chance at survival.
It was for the best to use star crystals for reviving.
Whatever major injury he would get could be cured by consuming it, that wasn’t affected by his luck.
The merits of this were great for the lucky Rainier.²

Rainier looked at the state of Frederica, who was crouching.
From the top of her right shoulder down had been altered.
It was the result from it being separated almost instantly.
Fortunately, it was not a serious threat to her life, but she wasn’t in a state where she could move.
If they continued to stay there, they would be killed.

——It wasn’t a situation where he could afford to lose!

Rainier put both his hands forward as he made all of the star crystals materialize.
Then, he prayed.
He envisioned the strongest existence and strongly wished for it.
The star crystals immediately disappeared collectively, and the space in front of him began to shine brightly.

Then, something like a sparkling star shined and began to scatter.
He had a bad feeling about this.
He thought about how it was like this last time.
However, Rainier told himself that all URs appeared like this.

The light faded, and someone appeared.
Rainier crumpled to his knees.
There was a woman who appeared.
While wearing a luxurious costume and fancy embellishments, she showed off her lavish and gorgeous skin.

In her right hand was a long and beautiful treasure sword, and being clasped in her left hand were treasure rings filled with divine authority, but he didn’t know the purpose of them.
Her weapons weren’t only limited to that, as an axe, a spear, a sharp knife, a sword, and a shield were floating to protect the woman.

Flowers danced around the woman, the stars gleamed, and a refreshing wind blew around her.
The melody of blessings resounded from somewhere, and he even heard the voice of joy.
It can be said that it was good, appropriate for a UR.
However, Rainier could not hide his despair.
It was because this woman was the goddess who sent him to this world.
In other words, it ended in the same result as last time.

“Ju-, just a minute! Why have I been forsaken so, it’s all over! It looks just like her face!” (Rainier)

Rainier probably had a face full of despair.
The goddess was complained to in a hurry.

“But I’m using my resources directly, or something like that!” (Rainier)

“Ah, it is okay this time. I’ve properly come in my body.” (Goddess)

“Hmm, then, this now?” (Rainier)

“Now I can use my full authority! The Devil’s kin? Such an underling is also an underling to me. It’s nothing more than a small fry!” (Goddess)

“Ooh! Th-, then!” (Rainier)

“Hmm. Well, watch me. Everything will be all finished in a moment!” (Goddess)

Rainier was relieved.
It seemed to be okay this time.
After all, she is a goddess.
No matter how hard the opponent was, everyone is only a servant of God after all.
It’s natural that they would have to bow in front of a majestic God.

The goddess walked steadily towards the kin.
The kin noticed that a presence of a different rank appeared, and they quickly stopped fighting and stared at the goddess.

“Rainier-san, what is this?!” (Rick)

After a short pause, Rick came to, and asked him.

“I did it! She’s a goddess! I successfully summoned the goddess! I’m already safe!” (Rainier)

“I don’t know which goddess she is, but she’s certainly got tremendous godly authority.” (Rick)

Rick understood as the power being emitted from her was felt by him.
The majesty of the goddess was also being transmitted to him.

“Hmm. Frederica’s injury might be able to be cured!” (Rainier)

Rainier just smiled as though he knew everything was solved.
The goddess stood in front of Orugein, the winged kin.
Then, Orugein took a knee in front of the goddess while hanging his head.

“Oh! What’s this?! It’s been settled without fighting!” (Rainier)

Rainier was thoroughly impressed.
It was because things hadn’t been working well so far.
At the last minute, if it was possible to hit jackpots on at this stage where the extinction of mankind was on the balance, there was an illusion that his fortune wasn’t that bad after all.

However, his fortune was still the worst.

“Vahanato-sensei, why do you want to stay at such a place?” (Orugein)

“Hmm?” (Goddess)

The situation was very strange.
The Devil’s kin’s attitude didn’t seem to be one you would take against the goddess of justice.
At first, he wondered if it was afraid of the transcendental being and was asking for forgiveness.
However, it seemed that it was like welcoming the presence close to their lord with joy.

“Oh! If it isn’t Vahanato-sensei! What has happened? I thought that it would still be a while before the barrier was completeー” (Ryouto)

While the male kin, Ryouto, is playing like a puppy, Rainier jumped to the goddess who he didn’t know the name of, Vahanato.

“Huh? What’s going on?” (Rainier)

“Well, that’s right. As from what I have seen up to this point, your luck is the worst of the worst!” (Goddess->Vahanato)

“Ah, it’s all about that, but now what……” (Rainier)

“It’s the end of mankind, is it okay to say that I have finished it?” (Vahanato)

Vahanato said that quickly, and Rainier was knocked down to the depths of despair.
It would have been better if he hadn’t called for help.
Everything Rainier did just attracted more disaster.

They went down the stairs and entered the underground room.
It looked terrible.
It was a room made of stone, but the walls, ceiling, and floor were cut down.

Tomochika wondered if she was seeing someone’s handiwork.
The marks were deep, and everything seemed to be torn and cut up.
However, it was originally a room with nothing, as it was especially empty.
What made it stand out was that one side was wide open.

“It’s still further ahead.” (Yogiri)

There seemed to be a window, as the canyon was visible from the opening.
It was likely used to check the center of the barrier that sealed the Devil, but now there’s no point in going there.

There was a door where they were supposed to head to on the opposite side.
The door was closed, but Yogiri easily opened it.
There might have been some strong seal on this door, but no matter how tough it could have been, if it’s in front of him, there isn’t any difficulty in killing it.

Yogiri entered it and advanced.
The inside was dark.
There were no windows in this room.

“Please leave it alone. You can use it if you have enough magic to make a light.” (Yogiri)

“I was telling you that I’m not good at magic, but that alone is simple, isn’t it?” (Theodosia)

When Theodosia said something and a ball of light rose from her palm, Tomochika raised a voice in admiration.
The ball of light was as big as a fist, it stopped soaring near the heavens.
When Theodosia entered the room, the ball of light also came with her.
It apparently moved around Theodosia’s head and seemingly illuminated the area.

There were giant cylinders made of glass lined up in a row.
Like the previous room, they had become miserable as well.
In the next room, everything was chopped up as well.

“Dannoura-san, please wait here.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri pushed Tomochika, who was trying to enter the room, aside.

“Huh?” (Tomochika)

“It would be better if you didn’t look.” (Yogiri)

The corpses had been chopped up, so he didn’t relent.

『Hmm. Please obediently listen to him.』(Mokomoko)

Mokomoko also agreed.
Tomochika decided to stay outside of the room.

“……Do you know who these fellow people are?” (Yogiri)

“……they probably are……” (Theodosia)

Theodosia pointed to one of the cylinders.
The cylinder was broken, but the liquid was left remaining at the bottom.
A person was floating inside.
Since they had silver hair and brown skin, he guessed it was a half-demon.
However, they didn’t look like a person.
All the cylinders in the room were in a similar state.

“It seems awfully cruel for me to be relieved from seeing my brethren in such a state.” (Theodosia)

Theodosia, who had confirmed all of the cylinders, said inwardly to mock herself.

“Is your little sister-san not here?” (Yogiri)

Since the physical features remained, discrimination between people was should be possible.

“Ah. But, what do I do with them now? Is it possible to easily do it with your power, Takatou-dono?” (Theodosia)

Some of them had died after taking the attack of the monster, but some of them were left living but struggling as is.

“I think it would be better to relieve them. Well, if you believe in the resting of the soul.” (Yogiri)

“That’s right. It’s irresponsible of me to leave my brethren to others.” (Theodosia)

Theodosia pulled out her sword.
Yogiri left the room first.
A little while later, Theodosia also came out.

“So, what are you going to do now?” (Tomochika)

She had somewhat guessed what happened somehow.
Tomochika looked meek.

“Let’s go back up first, and after that depends on the circumstances.” (Theodosia)

“I see! It’s the last boss! Oh, but I wonder if the Sword Saint has fallen yet……” (Tomochika)

“What about the Sword Saint?” (Yogiri)

Yogiri was a little pissed off.
Fighting might have been necessary to protect the world.
But, for whatever reason, he didn’t think that it was enough to trample over the dignity of other people.

“I was always taught to dispel grudges. However, this isn’t the sort of thing you can just leave to others. If you want to kill the Sword Saint with your own hands, I won’t pay attention to him.” (Yogiri)

“Understood.” (Theodosia)

If she were in her current state of mind, she may have permitted him if she was told that he would help her.
However, if she killed the Sword Saint because she was disgusted, her animosity would disappear.
Once that comes off, it would be difficult to return to the original.³

——Well, if the Sword Saint tries to kill me, there won’t be any future trouble.

Yogiri thought a little of such a thing.

The battle situation had once again been calmed down by the appearance of the goddess.
Of course, there were some straightforward people who tried to identify as to what the opponent was, but they unceremoniously bowed in front of the goddess’s authority.

“Kneel.” (Vahanato)

It was just a single word.
However, because it was a word from the goddess, it was filled with authority.
Only the Sword Saint, Rick, and Rainier were able to resist.
In other words, it was only these three people that could fight, so it wasn’t a situation where they could blindly wage war.

Fortunately, as the goddess was warming up with her old friends, her attention wasn’t directed towards the Sword Saint and others.
Rainier was stunned at this outrageous situation, but the Sword Saint went over to him.

“Ah, that……I……” (Rainier)

“Don’t tell me it’s because of you. I didn’t think that you could do anything.” (Sword Saint)

How could he make excuses?
However, the Sword Saint didn’t dwell on such a thing anymore.

“The situation is bad. But, there is still something that you can do. I will give you the qualification to be the Sword Saint, for the time being.” (Sword Saint)

“Wha-, it’s being given to me?!” (Rick)

Rick raised a hysteric voice.
He wondered if he was a little surprised.

“I guess just being able to move in this situation is enough for you so far. I’ll mention it just to be safe, but there is only one Sword Saint in the entire world. In other words, when I die, you will automatically become the next Sword Saint. Sword Saint isn’t just a title, well, I think you can understand it at that point. However, it isn’t as though I’m going to die so easily.” (Sword Saint)

“What should we do?” (Rick)

“It’s convenient that they are lazing around. I’ll absorb the power that’s stored in the tower now. Even the goddess will be surpassed if we manage to gather it to a certain extent.” (Sword Saint)

“So time needs to be made somehow. It seems that there is only one thing to do.” (Rick)

It seemed that Rick had made up his mind.
And, Rainier realized that nothing was expected from him.
Certainly, he couldn’t do anything for himself.
However, it was him who made the situation worse.
He couldn’t just afford to stand still.

——If he committed suicide…….

Rainier’s ability, random walk, was to be able to do everything over again.
However, if he came back to life, it would be at the spot where he stayed at the top of the tower.
Besides, if the Devil’s kin still came in the end, whether or not he summoned the goddess,  nothing would change when he died.

“We-, well! Goddess-sama! Would you like to talk for a bit!” (Rainier)

So, Rainier thought of what he could do at this place.
The goddess was the one who sent Rainier to this world.
He didn’t know her.
If it was for the sake of earning time, he thought that he could talk for a little bit.

“Wh~at?” (Vahanato)

She was in a surprisingly willing state, so the goddess Vahanato asked him in return.

“We-, well, although I don’t know the reason, what’s going on? I summoned you, didn’t I? Why are you chatting with the enemy?” (Rainier)

“Oh, you want to hear it? What should I do~. I wonder if I should tell you~.” (Vahanato)

“That’s right~. What does it mean from you? Well, I have quite a relationship with you, so it’s unbelievable to die without any objections. Ok. I will tell you.” (Vahanato)

The goddess came to talk quite easily.

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