Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 19

“Now then. First of all, I wonder where I should start speaking from. Well, our final objective is to bring Alubagaluma-sama¹ home, but his whereabouts are unknown.” (Vahanato)

The moment that he heard that name, a shiver ran up Rainier’s spine.
It was the abhorred and frightening name of the Devil that no one ever mentioned.ᴬ

“I wonder if Darling accidentally wandered off somewhere. But, as always, he isn’t here. I don’t think he will come back no matter how long I wait.” (Vahanato)

“Are you married to him?” (Rainier)

He had to stretch the conversation to earn some time anyway.
Rainier didn’t really have any interest, but he asked her as if he was interested.
Fortunately, when he spoke, it seemed that the kin also turned quiet.

“Ah, sorry, was that a little too over-friendly?” (Rainier)

“No. Although you are of a lower rank, you still have a relationship with Vahanato-sama. Even if I don’t like it.” (Orugein)

Orugein, who was kneeling, responded respectfully.

“Hmm. Am I like a stalker-wife? Well, unlike humans, for us marriage is not a legal thing, so if they mutually agree, then that makes it okay. Well, I wonder if that’s seems just a little ignorant. Darling is a shy person.” (Vahanato)

“I see.” (Rainier)

Rainier got the feeling the goddess was quite empty.

“So, I thought it was quite unusual, so I searched for him. I had heard that he had seemingly gone to another world, so after I sent messengers to various worlds, I finally found that he was in this world. So then, I intensely explored this world, but it was slow, as I couldn’t directly manipulate the world. Only bits and pieces of shared information got taken in at the times when people died and were brought in. Analysis is a pain.” (Vahanato)

Whether or not there was the desire to tell someone about her hardships, Vahanato talked quite a bit.

“Haa, well, you seem to be interfering now.” (Rainier)

“This is a fairly roundabout method. The star crystal extension system was added to this world. As you are a person of this world, it was meant to be integrated, but to interfere, I added myself as an administrator as part of the contents. Therefore, I was able to exchange messages, and by taking the form that you have summoned, I am able to come here. Well, it is certain that Darling is staying here, as well as it being certain that the seal can be removed although it seems that I can not do this many times. Is he cooperatively choosing to go along with this by his own will?” (Vahanato)

“Anyhow! By doing such a thing while knowing that he seems to be sealed in this world and that the Sword Saint seems to be managing him, I had then thought that I should deal with the Sword Saint, but it had already become the worst development from there. I couldn’t win against him no matter what or who I sent in.” (Vahanato)

Vahanato looked at the Sword Saint as if she had a grudge against him.
Rainier didn’t know how long the goddess had been sending in messengers, but it was a thousand year old story.
She thought that she surely had it with this place.

“Anyhow, while you carry the fate of mankind itself, fate is pretty stupid! I can’t even win even though I have overwhelming specs!” (Vahanato)

“Err, may I have a moment?” (Rainier)

“What?” (Vahanato)

“Against that strong person (the Sword Saint), why couldn’t I use random walk? Could I not win if I did it over and over again?” (Rainier)

“Ah, that’s impossible. A hero with a lot

of fate can’t be returned to death by starting again. Such a thing is cool, isn’t it? That’s why it’s exclusive to those garbage small fries.” (Vahanato)ᴮ

“Garbage small fries……” (Rainier)

Rainier felt a little down.

“Ah, I’m not an idiot. After all, because you have the worst fortune, it worked out. After all, even if I sent in a strong enemy, it wouldn’t defeat the Sword Saint. It would be an enemy of mankind, and the Sword Saint has exceptional strength against the enemies of mankind. Well you see, if we changed the idea; what would happen if we sent you, as the ally of mankind, but the one who has the worst fortune and died if he was left alone?” (Vahanato)

“By no means……” (Rainier)

“In other words, because you have the worst fortune and you’re the ally of mankind, the human race will perish! Basically, the worst development will happen; the seal will be broken and the Devil will revive!” (Vahanato)

“No no no, I mean, I’ll die soon, won’t I? Such a plan won’t succeed well……” (Rainier)

However, he thought.
He had random walk and star crystals for that reason.

“You managed to survive even though you have the worst fortune. So, fate will surely kill you. Even if you aren’t killed, the situation will rapidly but steadily get worse, and ultimately, the disaster of mankind’s extinction will happen. And, well, that’s why it’s like this. How’s it going now, I don’t know if the seal is about to be broken, but because your fortune is bad, the situation will be unpleasant, just like a lot of overlapping chains.” (Vahanato)

“Wh-, what do you mean, that’s……” (Rainier)

Rainier crumpled to his knees.
He was aware that he naturally had bad luck.
However, he had never thought that it would be bad enough to make mankind go extinct.

“Then if, if I commited suicide in this place……” (Rainier)

“It’s no good, you would just die! That’s because this is the future that I wanted. I’ve already decided up to this point, so I erased your ability as a precaution. But since you’re going to die anyway, why don’t you just watch the resurrection of my Darling?” (Vahanato)

“I, I don’t understand the reason for this! From my point of view, I would die and it would return to how it was originally! Only for any other person would they would only see it as they are dead!” (Rainier)

“Well, it’s because there are gods. The dice just keeps getting rolled until the desired result is achieved, and someone else is allowed to make that decision happen and then you get a good feeling. Well, I also feel that it’s useless to try to explain this feeling to humans.” (Vahanto)

He had intended to earn time, but Rainier had lost the will to speak.
Even though he didn’t do anything, simply because his fortune was bad, everything was going to destroy the world because he was alive.
Rainier collapsed, and while he was looking at the floor, he heard the sound of something similar to something going down.

He slowly raised his face and looked towards in front of him.
A sight similar to hell was in view.
He was looking at an army of strange monsters, and they were coming one after another.

“I wonder if the barrier has been destroyed except for the center part of it. I think it will be just a little bit more, it indeed seems that the essential part isn’t so easy to complete.” (Ryouto)

The one with the boyish appearance, Ryouto, says.
The kin of the Devil had been released from the barrier and were gathering here.

“Well, because we are just waiting for him to come here, I’ll go look and examine it for a bit.” (Vahanato)

As Vahanato said that, she displayed the manner of thinking while holding her forehead.
Such a gesture was similar to a human’s.
After the goddess had been doing it for a while, she suddenly burst into laughter.
While she had the appearance as if she couldn’t stop laughing, she looked at Rainier with watery eyes.

“No, you truly have the worst fortune. There isn’t any choice except to laugh. You know what, as a matter of fact, the creator of the barrier is coming here. When that person comes, you can restore the barrier to how it was before.” (Vahanato)

What was wrong with that?
Rainier didn’t understand.

“Whether or not such a thing exists, fate has brought them here. But, that person is dead! I didn’t know something like that! And, the goddess killer has also come! He is quite a nice criminal. They are cautious, but that person is able to kill me if I am untactful, so naturally I’ll die. Sugoine-kun, I didn’t think that you would be sent here. Didn’t you say that you were an enemy of the world?” (Vahanato)

Rainier couldn’t bring himself to say anything anymore.

“So, how’s the barrier?” (Ryouto)

Ryouto asked when he was out of limbs that weren’t numb.

“Ah. All of it has scattered and the core of the barrier is now visible.” (Vahanato)

The goddess threw back the sword that she had in her hands, and the sword joined the flock of floating armaments behind her.
Then, she stretched her right hand forward.
Space waved like the surface of the water, and her hand disappeared into it.

And after she finished looking like she was searching for something in it, she pulled back her hand.
A pulsating reddish-purple mass was held in her hand that appeared.
There were many tubes that were torn off after it, and it dripped a dull black liquid.
From her previous speech, it was probably the important core of the barrier.

“Why do you have it? You can just crush it.” (Ryouto)

“Look at it. The barrier has disappeared while you were unaware. That is because the people guarding it were so pathetic. Because it has been long-awaited, I thought I would let you see the moment when Darling is resurrected.” (Vahanato)

Rainier looked at Rick and the Sword Saint who were next to him.
Both of them had expressions like they were blown away by despair.

The Sword Saint had said that they would be able to strike back if he absorbed the power of the tower.
However, could he say the same thing about the Devil’s army?
No matter how much was accumulated, the core of the barrier was already in the enemy’s hands.
In other words, as soon as the goddess came out, they couldn’t do anything.

“What are you going to do about the Holy King? You would have to fight with Lord-sama in someway or another. Isn’t she strong?” (Ryouto)

“She, controlling the power of mass sacrifice, held down Lord-sama for a moment using all of his strength. She won’t have any strength left if the barrier is broken.” (Orugein)

Orugein replied to Ryouto’s question.

“But, I can interpret this as me looking at that woman flirting with Darling for 1,000 years while she’s frozen². I’m a little irritated, so I shall take her as a reward. Let’s capture that Holy King woman alive. Ah, you are a bit in the way, so please make some room. Look, from here I can’t see the young woman.” (Vahanato)

The kin of the Devil made room in accordance to the goddess.
The goddess lightly shook her hand that had the treasure ring.
With that alone, the walls and rooms that remained on the 1st floor changed into an empty plot of land.
Beyond that, in the canyon, the barrier is visible.
The goddess and the kin approached closer to the tower.
They headed to a location where the barrier was well within sight.

“Look, look. Is that distance really okay? Why don’t you approach it just a bit closer already?” (Vahanato)

Rainier and the others were walking naturally, but it wasn’t because they were invited.
They couldn’t idly just stay where they were.
They came to a position that looked down on 1st floor of the tower.
The center of the cliff had been hollowed out in a sphere.

Two figures were floating there.
The black one was the Devil.
The white one was the Holy King.
Both were facing each other, and they continued to rest in the same position.

When Tomochika and the others had started to climb up the stairs out of the small room, the 1st floor had become an empty lot.

“Ahh! I feel like the situation has gotten worse!” (Tomochika)

The scene looked like hell.
The monsters that were crowding there seemed similar to the Devil.
When Tomochika looked around, she instantly understood the center of the matter.
One woman, a woman with a different atmosphere, stood majestically on the side of the cliff.
She isn’t a monster, but although she doesn’t seem to be a kin of the Devil, everyone would know that the woman was a part of the situation.

There were humanoid monsters around the woman.
In the middle, there was also the winged man that Tomochika had called the last boss.
They were the higher class among the monsters.
And, facing those monsters was the Sword Saint and the others.

The Sword Saint, Rick, and Rainier.
There were only three people, the others were killed or seriously injured, and they were kneeling and couldn’t move.
If she thought about it, it was an atmosphere that said they most likely had lost.

“What’s wrong with this……” (Tomochika)

“It’s a scene similar to the end of the world. I feel that I couldn’t win against even one of the monsters in the surroundings.” (Theodosia)

“It seems so, but what about the monster that Dannoura-san saw?” (Yogiri)

“Ah, that’s right. It’s been quite a while, and it should’ve come here……” (Tomochika)

However, its figure could not be found.

“Come now! It’s time to unlock the seal after so long! It’s time for the resurrection of Darling!” (Vahanato)

It wasn’t very dignified, but the woman declared so with a clear resounding voice.
The detestable lump she had in hand is put overhead with ominous feeling, and then she crushed it as she showed it off.


There was a sound similar to a heartbeat.
The space that was frozen around the devil pulsed.
Then space shook.
And suddenly, the space cracked apart like it was nothing.


The space that was hardened like glass was filled with infinitesimal cracks.
Cracks flickered and spread out in the space, and it soon reached its limit.
Along with an intense shine, the space flew out.
And, the barrier disappeared.
What had been frozen was released.

“Ufufufufufu~! Ah, Darling! I missed you! Were you waiting for me? I feel like flying now!” (Vahanato)

The goddess was ecstatic, and she raised her voice in joy.

A white woman swiftly flew from inside the center of the barrier and went to the side of the Sword Saint.
From the story that was heard from Rick, that person was called the Holy King.
Then, there the one other person left in the barrier.

Speaking of the Devil, he had fallen.

“Wha?” (???)

Tomochika didn’t know whose voice it was.
But, it would be impossible for most people to say that in there.

The Devil fell straight down due to gravity.


She felt that it was this such sound that was heard.
The Devil fell into the river that was running through the canyon.

“Huh?” (Tomochika)

Everyone had solidified.

“Somehow, I’m sorry.” (Yogiri)³

Yogiri somehow was unapologetic even though he was apologizing.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – This is….quite a… err…. unique name? ;-; 

² – Well, it’s kind of obvious now, but she’s just a bit of a yandere… 

³ – For anyone who doesn’t remember, he had killed it the instant he saw it. 

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