Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 20

Although almost everyone was stunned, there were people who started to act.
Theodosia was the first.
From her point of view, neither the barrier nor the Devil existed in her eyes, so she had hardly received any shock.

She didn’t hesitate to use this golden opportunity.
While taking a step forward, she calmly drew her sword to her side.
She beheaded the Sword Saint easily by releasing a shockwave.
The next to move was the blade monster that Tomochika had seen.

“What?” (Vahanato)

The person who had raised the stupid voice was the goddess Vahanato.
She continued to chase the falling Devil Alubagaluma, and when she clearly witnessed him falling into the river with her own eyes, her mind became blank.
She couldn’t accept reality.
Then, she returned to herself and saw a black knife growing from her chest.

“What…is this?” (Vahanato)

She looked back with only her head.
There was a monster with blade-like sharp edges on its entire body.
The edge that had gone through her was growing out of its elbow.
This further confused the goddess.
She couldn’t understand the meaning of it at all.
This was impossible.
It shouldn’t be able to penetrate a god’s flesh.

A glowing pair of red eyes were staring at Vahanato.
She was trying to find its purpose somehow, but Vahanato’s thoughts just became even more disordered.
The monster pierced the side of Vahanato’s head with its fingertips.
A god couldn’t die from this degree.
However, most of her thought had to be done with the brain since she became incarnated.
She couldn’t even think of a way to fight back decently.

She could see that the monster was exploring inside.
And then, a thought came to her.
This was the monster that had broken most of the barrier.
This monster had been caught by the barrier’s defense mechanism, but it was able to escape by breaking it apart haphazardly.
And this monster that had spent most of its energy to escape had been watching Vahanato in stealth mode while looking for a gap.

『It’s not you.』

Its disappointment was transmitted to her.
She understood that it was searching for Rainier for something.
She didn’t understand the definite reason for it, but she didn’t want to, if that was how it was.
The monster was looking for god.
She wondered if it was chasing after the small trace of the presence of god that Rainier had.
The monster’s hand was pulled out with a shoook.
It wasn’t interested anymore and had no inclination to deal the finishing blow.
Vahanato collapsed, and the monster flew away somewhere.

The Sword Saint’s head fell off, the woman was pierced by a monster, the Holy King collapsed on the spot, and the person who was encased in ice started to move.

“Loooooorrrrdddddd!” (Orugein)

The winged kin jumped down from the cliff while screaming.
Several other kin also fly.

“Eh, what is even happening?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika was confused by the events that had happened one after another.
For now, she only saw the woman next to her kill the Sword Saint without warning.

“I thought that I should just kill him now.” (Theodosia)

“That’s scary! That idea in this situation!” (Tomochika)

Theodosia was indifferent.
Her thought patterns are similar to Yogiri in a sense.
Indeed, at that moment, the Sword Saint was certainly unprotected.
Tomochika thought that she had a lot of nerve to take his life in such a small gap.

“So, what’s going on over there?” (Tom


“That is what Dannoura-san saw before. It’s certainly scary. I feel like its entire body is made of knives.” (Theodosia)

The monster who had blades growing on its body had pierced the beautiful woman.
It penetrated her back and head, then casually threw her away.
Then, it had disappeared to somewhere.

“I wonder what’s wrong. I would rather it reappear.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri was still as he usually was.

“But if it comes out secretly……” (Tomochika)

It was a state of confusion.
The monster may not have been noticed.
When she was thinking about such a thing, the winged kin came back with the man who was supposed to be the Devil.
The kin gently laid the Devil down.
The Devil didn’t even twitch.

“Lord! Please wake up! What has been done to you!” (Orugein)

The kin’s voice roared.
However, no matter how much she called out or violently shook him, the Devil didn’t answer.

“Haha……hahahahaha~……that’s right…… the Lord wanted a sacrifice……God wanted a sacrifice……” (Orugein)

The kin grumbles while she stares into the distance somewhere.

“Ah, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” (Tomochika)

The Devil’s existence is one who fulfils wishes in accordance with a sacrifice.
Tomochika remembered what Rick had said.

“I’m sure that you’ve lost your power due to the years of being sealed……so, let’s offer……let’s offer all the human beings!” (Orugein)

The winged kin stood up.
As if responding to it, the other kin became agitated.
She wondered if they no longer knew what to do.
However, she and the others were shown targets for now.
And the convenient people gathered here could be used as victims for a sacrifice.
It was natural for the kin to start roughly striking with resentment.

“There are a lot of them, it’s dangerous. Dannoura-san and Theodosia-san, please get a little closer to me.” (Yogiri)

“Like this?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika threw her arms around Yogiri’s arm.
Whether Theodosia imitated Tomochika or not, she obediently grabbed onto Yogiri’s other arm.

“Die.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri unleashed his power.
The Devil’s kin fell one after another, and soon enough, a scene of heaps of corpses appeared.

“Hey, in what way was it necessary for me to cling to you!?” (Tomochika)

“It’s dangerous when they are all scattered. It’s easier for me to deal with danger in general, so it would be more convenient for us to come together.” (Yogiri)

She wondered if it was like that.
After she had previously heard of Yogiri’s style of enjoying the situation, Tomochika couldn’t help but feel doubtful.

“Well then, let’s leave the tower soon. It bothersome if we were to remain here.” (Yogiri)

“It’s already in a state where I don’t know whether it can be a tower or not.” (Tomochika)

Although various problems seemed to be piling up, they would be trivial since the essential Devil was dead.
Tomochika told herself it would be okay.

“Takatou-dono, is it okay if we abandon that woman?” (Theodosia)

Theodosia pointed to the beautiful woman on the ground.

“There’s no killing intent and she looks like a human, it would be bothersome to purposefully kill her.” (Yogiri)

“I wonder if she is okay.” (Tomochika)

However, she was irrelevant to him no matter how much Yogiri thought about it.
The woman whose head had been crushed and chest had been pierced stood up before he was aware of it.
Her wounds seemed to have already healed.
However, the woman had empty eyes.
He didn’t know where she was looking, but she probably wasn’t sane.

“Ahahahahahahahahaha.” (Vahanato)

The woman raised and brandished her hands while laughing in an out-of-tune voice.
The group of weapons behind her began to shine and emitted rays in every direction.

“Hmph, it’s a mess……what?!” (Tomochika)

The rays penetrated the mountain, evaporated the river, and tore and split the ground.
The candidates who had survived were running away.
She didn’t think that the rays were aiming at anything, but anything that touched the rays disappeared without a trace.

“Rainier-san and the others……” (Tomochika)

It was too late for Tomochika to confirm it.
Rocks were flying around with the destruction, and thanks to all the gravel, she didn’t know for sure, but the Holy King seemed to have stood up and was blocking the rays.
They had created a wall of light forward.

“Huh? The number has increased?” (Tomochika)

Rainier, Rick, the magical girl, the dead Sword Saint, and the Holy King.
That was supposed to be the group, but before she knew it, there were two figures that had been added.

“No more! Send me home!” (Hanakawa)

Hanakawa was shouting.
There was a violent storm destroying, similar to an unspeakable language.
From a single point, there were rays being released in every direction.
It burned everything it touched, then evaporated it in a flash.
It was far from just the tower being destroyed, at this rate even the canyon would be gone.

“It’s okay. We won’t die from such a thing. Here would be like the protagonist not getting shot in an action movie, right? It’s similar to that feeling. There’s nothing interesting about dying to a stray bullet here.” (Aoi)

“The scale of this is too different from a gunfight!” (Hanakawa)

“There would be no choice but to die if we were hit by a ray.” (Aoi)

Aoi somehow knew that if she stayed around here, it would be fine.
She was confident in herself that she wouldn’t die here.
While dragging Hanakawa, Aoi headed towards the center of it.
She thought that perhaps Takatou Yogiri would be there.
She walked to the place where something would likely happen in this area.

In the place she arrived, there was a woman in white robes that had created a light wall to prevent the rays.
In the shadows were a tall man and a small girl; a man similar to a knight who had silver armor, and a girl who’s right arm had become baked like a pastry.
The tall man and girl were crouching while trembling, and the armored man seemed to be at a loss even though he had a sword.

“Which one is Takatou Yogiri……or is he not one of them?” (Hanakawa)

Both of the men had appearances of typical races in this world.
It was quite different from Takatou Yogiri, who was Japanese.
The girl probably wasn’t Dannoura Tomochika.
There was another man who had died from being decapitated, but it was an old man.
They didn’t appear to be high school students.

“And you are? Are you an acquaintance of Yogiri?” (Rick)

The armored man asked in astonishment.
He certainly didn’t think that there would be people arriving in this situation.

“I am Aoi. And if you are talking about acquaintances, this here is pig-kun.” (Aoi)

“I didn’t even know that I was an acquaintance!” (Hanakawa)

“Well, whatever. Do you know where Takatou Yogiri is?” (Aoi)

“No, but right now isn’t a situation to talk about such a thing!” (Rick)

As the armored man seemed to have no idea who Aoi was, he turned to the center of the destruction.
It wasn’t the case where he could be talking carefreely in this state.

“That’s right. It’s typical of fate, however I think about it, this situation will be fixed first.” (Aoi)

Aoi observed her surroundings.
As she read the flow of fate and the circumstances leading up to here, a solution came to her mind.

“Are you aware of the fact you are already a Sword Saint?” (Aoi)

“Eh? Come to think of it, the Sword Saint said something like that!” (Rick)

The armored man was once again showing interest in Aoi.

“There’s nothing to it. If you go into there and kill the goddess, it’s over.” (Aoi)

“But, if I fight against her without a plan……” (Rick)

“It’s okay. She has lost her sanity currently. She is just randomly shooting the rays, and the direction of them can be gleaned if you watch the weapons closely. If you’ve gained the power of the Sword Saint, you can avoid them. Also, the woman is wounded on her head and chest. You can aim there with your sword. It’s impossible to kill a goddess normally, but you can kill the goddess if you thrust the holy sword into a wound that hasn’t been treated.” (Aoi)

“This is a holy sword?!” (Rick)

Anyhow, her credibility seems to have increased.
The man was seemingly motivated.
Swinging the sword several times, he checked his condition.

“I got it. The Holy King’s power won’t last for long, so if we stand and do nothing, we will disappear.” (Rick)

The man found his resolution and passed through the wall of light.
While fending of the rays, he approached the goddess.
Even if he was the Sword Saint, it was impossible to strike down an attack that could be emitted at the speed of light.
However, if he knew the source and direction, he could deal with it.

This wouldn’t have worked if the goddess wasn’t insane.
The man reached the goddess with great difficulty, then pierced his sword straight into her chest.
The rays stopped, and the flock of weapons fall.
Aoi was convinced that the goddess was dead.
It was reasonable for this to occur, as it was the flow of fate.

When the attacks had ceased, Aoi looked around.
Takatou Yogiri was supposed to be here.
Then, she saw three people towards the end of the tower, a man and two women.

“Pig-kun, is that Takatou Yogiri?” (Aoi)

“Eh? Ah, I don’t know for sure with the dust, but because I recognize Tomochika’s figure, it should be him.” (Hanakawa)

“Well, shall we go then?” (Aoi)

“No, I feel like I will be killed if we reunite¹.” (Hanakawa)

“You won’t be killed suddenly without killing intent, right?” (Aoi)

Aoi dragged Hanakawa without saying anything, and headed towards Yogiri.
As they exited the dust, they saw their figures clearly.
Takatou Yogiri, Dannoura Tomochika, and a half-demon woman was accompanying them.
First, they had to measure what Yogiri could do.
Aoi exercised her power to see fate.

The vision was distorted.

She lost her sense of balance and crouched down.
She couldn’t stay standing.²
In addition to the agonizing pain similar to her internal organs being twisted, she couldn’t suppress the nausea that welled up.

Hanakawa was shouting something, but it felt like it was coming from very far away.
Supporting her body with both of her hands on the ground, Aoi vomited.
Although her appearance was unusual, the degree of which she cared about those kinds of things had already disappeared from Aoi.

How can I escape from this place?
She couldn’t think of anything else.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – Was confused by this, but someone in comments reminded me he was the dude from V1C6 who got sent into the forest by Yogiri. 

² – She really couldn’t stand the truth, could she? 

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