Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 21

I need to escape, I need to escape, I need to escape.
Such things were going around in her head.
However, her body didn’t listen to what was said.

Once she had become aware of it, she wasn’t able to divert her consciousness, but just kept being exposed to the fear.
It was a dead end.
It was the destination where fate would always end up, there was nothing ahead there.
Everything was taking the form of that man there in the end.

That person stands until the end, as it is his demise.
No one is able to do anything beyond that person.
To oppose such a person, it is fate, it’s an outline which couldn’t not be a joke.
It’s absurd to even consider fighting that.
Just by him thinking he wants to kill, it’s said that the one opposing will die.

When she heard it in the beginning, she had thought it was somewhat stupid.
As there was too much of a difference between their abilities, she seemingly thought that his powers would be seen through.
She had wondered if there was some type of mechanism in the ability.
If they analyzed and analyzed, counter measures could be made.
Aoi thought the same, since she could freely use her ability.

It was naive.
Perhaps everything was naive.
She understood that by what she saw.
If he desired it, anyone would die.
If he denied it, no phenomenon or existence would be allowed to exist.

And then she suddenly arrived at a thought.
The attacks from the goddess weren’t turned toward Yogiri at all.
The goddess had lost her sanity, but she was instinctively afraid.
If she attacked him, she knew she couldn’t stay safe.

――Shion……what the hell have you summoned!?¹

He wasn’t just an existence.
He was a phenomenon similar to a curse or calamity that was hard to describe.
He had a personality, it wasn’t the case where he was pretending to be a human being.
And even if there was such a person was somewhere, there was no way that Shion could summon him by chance.

It was the worst.
Shion and the sages were too simple-minded.
Why were we under the impression that we could always manage summoned beings because they were always weak people?
Just because the method seemed to be like that, it can’t be said it is going to work in the future after this.

Aoi was looking at the ground that was somehow covered in vomit.
She didn’t feel like she was able to raise her face anymore.
However, even if Yogiri didn’t do anything, she wouldn’t be sane.

It’s still good if only to that extent.
What she is truly afraid of is not knowing what she would do with her sanity gone.
In the worst case, if something similar to Yogiri being attacked happens, death will truly come to Aoi at that time.

There is a need to do something in some way or another.
She needs to become calm first.
She can’t run away and escape from him while she’s cowering in fear, and she couldn’t finish herself with suicide.

“Gufufufu~! I wasn’t interested in “boku” girls, but suddenly vomiting and leaking piss, and seeing your appearance that has your usual composure thrown off, I was completely spoiled by your mistake!” (Hanakawa)

As she was frantically trying to become calm, Hanakawa’s voice was heard.
As she thought about what was said just now, that worthless and absurd remark, Aoi regained a little composure from the absurdity of that.
Then, she calmed down.
She realized that there was no reason that she should despair for anything.
She hadn’t been hostile to Yogiri just yet.

In that case, Aoi is just merely

a woman to Yogiri, and he doesn’t understand why she had suddenly crouched down while vomiting.
She still might be able to manage some way or another.
Aoi clung to that small hope, and her face slowly rose.

“Eh? Hanakawa-kun?” (Tomochika)

“It’s true.” (Hanakawa)

As Tomochika and others noticed him, Hanakawa immediately did a dogeza.

“I didn’t want to come as an enemy! Aoi-dono forcibly took me……Aoi-dono!?” (Hanakawa)

Tomochika tried to ask him why he had come to such a place, but the girl who had been crouching suddenly kneeled at the same time, so the question was lost as she vomited downwards with both of her hands.

“Eh, what? Are you all right?” (Tomochika)

She seemed like a human being, and as she was vomiting in such a place, so she probably wasn’t a kin of the Devil.

“I am fine?” (Hanakawa)

“Sorry, I don’t care about the fragments of Hanakawa-kun.” (Yogiri)

“That’s right, I thought you went into the forest while wearing the slavery collar where you couldn’t defy no matter what.” (Tomochika)

Hanakawa wasn’t wearing a collar.
It was a collar of slavery to those who had first saw him wearing it, and Hanakawa had attached it to himself while Tomochika watched him.
Tomochika felt that he was bad and handed over the owner’s rights to Yogiri, and Yogiri had commanded Hanakawa to wait in the monster forest.
But he couldn’t have come to such a place if the order had been kept.

“Oh, that is……” (Hanakawa)

“As I thought, it was a lie.” (Yogiri)

“It wasn’t a lie! It certainly seems like so at the moment! However, I didn’t say that the effects would last forever. I would like you to please remember that!” (Hanakawa)

“Well, I thought that it would be like that.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri certainly had doubts about the permanence of the effect at that time when he heard Hanakawa talking.

“So, what’s going on? Who is she?” (Tomochika)

“I was lead this way! It was Aoi-dono, but if you ask Aoi-dono for her reason……” (Hanakawa)

Hanakawa remained in dogeza, but he looked at the girl in pain who was next to him with a quick glance.

“Gufufu~! I wasn’t interested in “boku” girls, but to suddenly vomit and leak piss, and to see your appearance that has your usual composure thrown off, I was completely spoiled by your mistake! And another thing, even though you didn’t care about me in particular, why is there the feeling that you’re looking down on me! I think it will be good if I start calling you Aoi-tan after this!” (Hanakawa)

“Uwah……gross……” (Tomochika)

Tomochika unconsciously took a step back.

“Hanakawa is fine, but that girl seems to be in a very bad condition.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri was concerned about the girl, so he approached her.
Tomochika also tried to follow along with him, but the girl looked up.

“I-, I’m alright!” (Aoi)

The girl held one arm out to stop Yogiri.

“Is that so? I thought I should gently pat your back.” (Yogiri)

“You would get dirty! I can’t allow you do to such a thing! It would be unreasonable to approach a woman covered in this!” (Aoi)

“You were very abject from the start, eh……” (Yogiri)

“I’m all right. My internal organs seem to be twisted a little, and it seems my brain was completely burned by stress, but I’m completely okay.” (Aoi)

“That doesn’t seem to be okay at all!?” (Tomochika)

“I’m truly okay! So do not approach me, sorry. If you’d like to, you’ll eat some vomit!” (Aoi)

“Ah, no, as expected I won’t approach you if you have said that.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika was a little drawn to her very desperate appearance, but decided to respect her will.
The girl’s complexion was really bad, she seems insecure if you look over her, so she was quite reluctant to approach her.

“Fine, I’m fine. I’ll be fine if I take a short break.” (Aoi)

“I understand. Take it easy. Okay?” (Yogiri)

“Yes, I have calmed down. I came here, and I’m delivering pig-kun, because he is your school friend.” (Aoi)²

“Hmm? Aoi-tan, I’m just hearing this for the first time?” (Hanakawa)

“Fufu~. I’ll kill you, bastard pig. I found you wandering around in the forest after you separated from your classmates, and you clung to me while wanting to join your friends. Wasn’t it like that?” (Aoi)

“Ah, yes. I feel like that was the case. Somewhat……” (Hanakawa)

The girl displayed a facial expression of urging him dreadfully, and Hanakawa broke instantaneously.
It seems that it has become such a thing.

“Because it’s like that, I will pass him over to you.” (Aoi)

“Eh, he’s not needed.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri refused her frankly.

“Ah, I understand. Then, I shall dispose of him here!” (Aoi)³

“This is unacceptable, stop treating me like a book that wasn’t priced at a second-hand bookstore!” (Hanakawa)

“Th-, then I’ll be going now.” (Aoi)

The girl crawls as her figure retreats into the distance.
He was concerned, but it couldn’t be helped if the person herself is too obstinate to be looked after.
Her condition seemed to get better as she got further away, standing up and walking before eventually running towards the forest.

“Ah, that, how should I……” (Hanakawa)

Hanakawa says that while having a loss of reasoning.

“Well then, wait in the forest again.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri declared so while uninterested.

“It’s happening again! I want you to forgive me already!” (Hanakawa)

As Hanakawa grieved, Rick and others came to them.

Rick, the Holy King, Rainier, and Frederica.
It seemed that they were the only survivors besides Yogiri and others.
The candidates seem to have been killed by the attack from the goddess.

“There are many different things I want to ask you, but before that, there is her.” (Rick)

Rick looked at Theodosia with a stiff facial expression.
To Rick, she is the woman who suddenly killed the Sword Saint.
It was natural to be cautious.

“I was attacking my enemy, the Sword Saint, under my own circumstances. I don’t think that you have any involvement in it.” (Theodosia)

“Even if you say that, I am the Sword Saint now. It’s hard to say that I’m uninvolved.” (Rick)

“If you have become the Sword Saint just now, it’s irrelevant. Or are you going to take over the wrongdoings of the former Sword Saint?” (Theodosia)

The atmosphere between the two became dangerous.
Yogiri would have to intervene between them how it was now.

“It would be better if you were to see the basement, Rick-san. Nonetheless, if you are still going to avenge him, as these are Theodosia-san’s feelings, I will become your enemy.” (Yogiri)

If Rick is saying that he has become the Sword Saint, he still won’t win against Theodosia.
However, he didn’t feel like overlooking him being killed.

“Takatou-san, I shouldn’t be saying this, but I’m the Sword Saint now. You originally didn’t have a lot of power――” (Rick)

“Being impolite is wrong.” (Holy King)

The Holy King stopped Rick there.

“But, I won’t ignore someone who is standing up for the one who killed the Sword Saint.” (Rick)

“Don’t be conceited now that you’ve become the Sword Saint. You can’t win against this one. After all, he was strong enough to defeat the Devil.” (Holy King)

“Wha!?” (Rick)

Rick froze in astonishment.

“The same is true for all of the kin that died. All of this was done by him.” (Holy King)

As the Holy King seemed to be convinced, he wasn’t able to fake his amazement.
Yogiri decided to reluctantly admit to it.

“I thought he was really ugly. I didn’t mean to kill him though……” (Yogiri)

Yogiri was reflecting.
These thousand-year traditions shouldn’t be affected by others, it should have been those who live in this world that were supposed to settle it with their own hands.

“No, I’m thankful. After all, there was a limit on continuing to seal it. The distortion might have led to the victory of that man.” (Holy King)

Rick looked around at the surroundings again.
The main culprit, the Devil, forced the world to the verge of destruction in the past.
All of the kin that worshipped the Devil had irregular appearances.
He guessed that he had just recognized the current situation where all of them had fallen down.
His expression became even more frozen.

“Takatou-san, what on earth are you?” (Rick)

“I merely came along with the summons from the sage, just a high school student.” (Yogiri)

“This is the first time I’ve heard such nonsense remarks from an ordinary high school student!” (Tomochika)

Tomochika said a complaint about whether there was a part to think about.
However, Yogiri wanted to believe that he was a high school student with a peculiar power.

“I understand. Let’s put the matter of the former Sword Saint on hold for now. Well, we need to consider what we’re going to do after this.” (Rick)

“Because we were headed to the Kingdom, we will head to the Kingdom.” (Yogiri)

“Ah, that would be the same as me. There isn’t anything we can do here anymore, let’s go back to the Kingdom. It should also be the same for Rainier-san and Frederica-san.” (Rick)

Rick seems to have come from the Kingdom, and Rainier and Frederica were also the same as him.

“I also thought it would be better to head to the Kingdom to gather information.” (Theodosia)

It seems that Theodosia was going to continue to look for her little sister.

“Yes, I will also head to the Kingdom. It’s been a thousand years. Although I don’t know if my descendents have ceased, we should head to the temple.” (Holy King)

The Holy King seemingly also wanted to head to the Kingdom; it seemed almost everyone was heading towards the Kingdom.

“Wait, tell me the way out. I roughly know it, but I would be saved if I had a detailed map.” (Hanakawa)

“A map? I can lead you to a group of people who are stuck camping a little bit in the distance if we turn back I think, but isn’t it okay if we travel together?” (Rick)

“Th-, that’s right! I’m making a lot of friends here! Just like this, let’s depart towards the Kingdom with a harmonious atmosphere! It’s such a circumstance!” (Hanakawa)

Hanakawa was shouting while unexpectedly joining in on the discussion between the companions.

“No way. I’m travelling alone with Dannoura-san.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri said so shamelessly.

“Ah, oh.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika was at a loss for words.

Yogiri truly refused on them accompanying him, and the two went back to the armored car.
Although the goddess was shooting rays of light that destroyed everything they hit, the armored car itself seemed to be fine.

“Hey. I think that it would perhaps be easier to follow them.” (Tomochika)

“I’m not good with having too many people. It’s annoying.” (Yogiri)

“Well, it’s fine if that’s the case.” (Tomochika)

Tomochika didn’t wish to travel together to that extent as well.
If it was said that just two people were good, she thought it was fine.

“Come to think of it, what happened the dragon girl? She said she was Atila. Didn’t you ask her to guide us?” (Tomochika)

“I know the way so it’s fine. Moreover, it would be difficult to face her now that the Sword Saint is dead.” (Yogiri)

“Well, I think it might be……” (Tomochika)

If he let her guide them, she would accompany them.
She guessed that Yogiri wished for just the two of them.

――Wait, what is this situation?!
She had come with just the two of them up until now, and that was clearly said.

Tomochika was perplexed.
And as usual, Yogiri quickly sat down in the passenger seat.
As Tomochika didn’t want Yogiri to drive, she obediently sat in the driver’s seat.

“Well then, now it’s time to depart towards the Kingdom! Which way would be good to go?” (Tomochika)

『I have understood the way in general.』(Mokomoko)

“Ah, Mokomoko-san, you’re okay. I haven’t seen you recently, so I surely thought you had died peacefully.” (Tomochika)

『That……no, I certainly didn’t play a role in that situation.』(Mokomoko)

“Well, I’ll be counting on you. Please guide us. Well then, let’s depart this time!” (Tomochika)

“Yawn.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri stretched his arms while out of energy.
Although he wasn’t playing a game, he looked quite sleepy.
Tomochika stepped on the accelerator, and the armored car slowly began to move forward.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – *is currently rolling on the floor with laughter* 

² – A: Making a loooooot of assumptions there, B: I swear to god, if by some MIRACLE Hanakawa joins, I’m going to cry. 

² – Wow, the first useful thing she’s said. 

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