Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 2 Chapter 22

“Well, he’s not going to settle down!” (Hanakawa)

Yogiri and others had refused to accompany them.
And for Rick and the others, there wasn’t any obligation to bring Hanakawa, who had appeared suddenly.

“Uuu……we-, well, it seems that the dangers to life have left for the time being, maybe he is trying to find a place to calm down……” (Hanakawa)

Hanakawa holds great abilities when compared to normal people.
His basic ability values exceed those of normal people, and he has a recovery ability to heal any wounds instantaneously.
If he desired so, he could have been able to do great efforts as a pseudo-hero.

If he were to eliminate the demons surrounding a poor village somewhere, he had the potential to guarantee himself a standing position.
It wasn’t just a dream that he could act as he pleases and flirt while building a harem if he wanted one.

“That seems about right. I was a member of the party that killed the Demon King. It should be expected that it’s okay to aim for rank one! ……That’s right. We should first start by exploring the basement of this tower. It seems like Takatou wasn’t interested in rare items.” (Hanakawa)

It was the tower that had sealed the Devil.
Something might have been left.
Hanakawa had the item box skill that could store anything.
There wasn’t any inconvenience for carrying treasure.

As he was about to go towards the basement, Hanakawa felt someone’s presence and turned around.
A boy was standing there.
He looked extremely worn out, his atmosphere l seemed exhausted, but his eyes were glaring while being full of and radiating insanity.

“Eh? Ah, that.” (Hanakawa)

Hanakawa immediately performs the decisive action of doing dogeza on the spot.
Because he had been doing this several times, his movements were starting to become frightfully smooth.
His instinct was telling him.
Since this is a dangerous guy no matter how you look at it, do not defy him.
Hanakawa obediently listened to his instinct’s appeal.

“Hey? What about this?” (Ryouto)

When the boy stepped forward once, the floor of the tower crumbled.
Hanakawa wondered if it was an outburst of anger.
He had no choice but to pray that his outburst of anger wouldn’t be directed towards him now.

“Oh, yea. Yep! The man named Takatou Yogiri is entirely bad! Everything, every~thing, it truly is entirely Takatou’s fault! It’s the truth!” (Hanakawa)

The boy was a surviving kin.
Since he looked like a human being no matter how you looked at him, Yogiri probably didn’t kill him.
The kin who had died were only the ones who looked like monsters.

“Is Orugein dead?” (Ryouto)

“Yes!” (Hanakawa)

“Have all of my friends died?” (Ryouto)

“Yes!” (Hanakawa)

“Did my Lord die as well?” (Ryouto)

“Yes, yes! That’s right! It is all because of him! I have nothing to do with it at all, I just happened to have been brought here!” (Hanakawa)

He miserably hung on to appealing.
It was absurd to fight, and he didn’t feel like running away.
Hanakawa thought it was absolutely necessary to weep here.

“I can’t believe it.” (Ryouto)

“I am really saying so!” (Hanakawa)

“However, I don’t understand right now. I would like to hear more of this story in detail.” (Ryouto)

“I understand!” (Hanakawa)

Hanakawa rubbed his head against the floor.
He was taken by Aoi after he h

ad escaped the cheat harem bastard Rikuto, and if he had thought he was finally safe, he was being worked hard by the Devil’s kin now.

However, because it had happened twice, it could happen three or four times.
There was a chance if he lived through it before.
Hanakawa was obedient for the time being, and decided to let the course of events progress as is.
He was sure that he would come through one way or another.
He had faith it would be so.

In one room of the sage Shion’s mansion.
Four sages were gathered there while surrounding a round table.

“Contact from Aoi has been cut off.” (Shion)

Shion reported so.
At the previous meeting, the existence of Takatou Yogiri which Shion had summoned had become a problem.
It’s likely that Lain having unknown whereabouts and Santarou’s death were because of him.
Although they weren’t sure, he was only a sage candidate.¹
First of all, it was said that they needed to get rid of him.

Just in case, it was assumed he had the war potential to be able to oppose sages.
It was decided that Aoi, the stray killer², would take responsibility for him.
Aoi would be suitable if the remnant had accidentally gotten an improper power.
It had become such a thing, but contact with Hanabusa had been cut off from the latest message to go towards the canyon.

“Even so, I don’t think that they have died if it is Lain or Aoi. Well, I guess Santarou has because there was a corpse.” (Yoshifumi)

It was Yoshifumi, a man with a thin physique, to say so.
Although it seems like he is a delinquent wearing a jacket with rivets and leather trousers, he is one of the sages.
He was the emperor who ruled over the region called Ento.
Unlike the other sages, he was directly managing his territory.

“It appears that massive destruction has occurred in the canyon. The terrain has changed. There is a rumor that the Sword Saint is living in that area, but it’s hard to think that Aoi would be hostile. So then, even without her death, I think there is something inside of Aoi’s body……” (Yoshifumi)

“So we don’t know where Takatou Yogiri is? Well, I guess I should be relieved for the time being if that’s the case.” (Shion)

“Or rather, Shion summoned him, that Takatou. Isn’t this a case where you’re leaving it to others? Isn’t it absolutely necessary that you take responsibility here?” (Alice)

The girl who was complaining was wearing a pink dress, it was the sage Alice.
She is a self-proclaimed princess, but unlike Yoshifumi, she doesn’t belong to either the country nor the royal family.
Shion can’t understand it, but her ordinary speech is eternally like a princess as is her entire being.

“That’s right. Fortunately, I know if that person was summoned together, so there may be contact with them. I understand. I will share information, but I will support and focus on it from now on.” (Shion)

Shion had no idea that it would be so much trouble or that Aoi would fail.
Shion had been completely caught off guard, and as soon as they wanted to deal with him, he had disappeared.

“Ah, that’s right, they have considerably decreased, haven’t they?” (???)

She recalled the discussion about the young man with blonde hair and blue eyes who had participated.
It was clear from his appearance that he wasn’t a former Japanese like Shion.
His name was Van.
He was the seed of the Great Sage.
The grandchildren of the Great Sage who Shion and others belonged to was merely a title, but he inherited the blood of the Great Sage, and he was a person who was born and raised in this world.

“Hmm. I summoned them in succession to fill in the gaps of the decreasing number of sages. Although, there wasn’t much results……” (Shion)

“Why is this such a tiresome thing? Isn’t it easy enough to increase their numbers?” (???->Van)

Van had a face filled with astonishment.
She guessed he thought it was really easy to do so.

“I am doing a lot of work because the sages don’t increase easily. Could Van be saying that you could increase the number of sages?” (Shion)

“I’ll try it then. Is it okay if I fill up Lain and Santarou’s roles?” (Van)

“Two people can’t be done without many more people. The recent aggressors seem to be tougher.” (Shion)

“It would seem so. Well, then I’ll choose some people for replacing them.” (Van)

As Van replied quickly, Shion made a complex face.
If such a thing could be done easily, although she wants to say that she herself is the one who summons candidates from another world specially, that is how they see their skills.

“Well then, I’m sure that you guys can do it in some way or another. I wonder why you guys are in such high spirits? Wouldn’t it be nice if you were to leave the aggressors alone, at least until they come to your areas? Our only responsibility is to repel the aggressors in the region. Don’t you agree that we know about everything except for that?” (Yoshifumi)³

Yoshifumi stated so.
However, that would come sooner or later if the sages continued to fall.
She wondered if they couldn’t help but have to pay money to get him into their hands fast.

“Although it can surely be said that we will be troubled to ignore the aggressors that appear in the unclaimed area. Nevertheless, they are nearby.” (Shion)

Even if they are outside of their territory, there will still be an impact if they appear in the vicinity.
They shouldn’t be ignored.

“Oh yeah, it’s a unclaimed area. I was stopped the last time. I will clearly take it this time. The point is that I will tell Lain to hand over the area.” (Yoshifumi)

“Yes, ye~es! I also want Hanabusa!” (Alice)

Alice cheerfully raised her hand.

“Fuck you, you female brat! That’s too far away from your area!” (Yoshifumi)

“What? Isn’t it an island-like area, Yoshifumi! Isn’t it completely exiled and isolated by the sea!” (Alice)

In this world, Hanabusa was the city that appeared to be the most modern Japan.
The location of it would be worth it alone for most of the former Japanese sages.

“What’s with that underling fashion! You’re a small fry! You are someone who would suffer damage for a few seconds then leave!” (Alice)

“This generation surely has brats spurring on my true nature of good merit. Hey, are you really that frilly? To what extent is such a princess hated!” (Yoshifumi)

“Are you selling a fight!? My chivalric Imperial Knight Order won’t remain silent after that!” (Alice)

“Bring it on! My Four Heavenly Kings will be your opponent!” (Yoshifumi)

“Bufufu~! What are the Four Heavenly Kings? The boss is like a small fry, and the subordinates are also small fries! They will all easily die!” (Alice)

The argument between Yoshifumi and Alice wasn’t arriving at a conclusion.

“I understand. Let’s decide on our own with the authority of the organizer. We should split it. It would be fine if we halved it exactly. Please choose and say which half you want.” (Alice)

The two people then began to argue again about where they were going to take.

“Well, please decide on your choice later, you two.” (Shion)

Shion thought that this was too much trouble for this, and she forcibly removed the two people from the room.
The sages here were illusions except for Shion.
Shion was the lord of the room and had authority to cut off communication.

“Well, I will contact you again after I increase the number of sages.” (Van)

Van disappeared as he said so.
Van didn’t seem to be interested in the empty areas.
She didn’t know what purpose he came for, but maybe he came to this place on a whim.
He may have just been simply killing time.
And then, Shion was the only one remaining in the room.

“The sages always do as much as they want to every time, but why do you have to manage the number of sages and the empty space, Shion?” (???)

Whether it seemed that the meeting was over or not, the attendant Youichi entered the room.

“It’s our nature. We do whatever we think. Grandfather said that, and I want to do this. I wish to follow this fixed system after all.” (Shion)

“So, what are you going to do about Yogiri?” (???->Youichi)

“That’s right. I don’t properly understand what that guy is. Whether he is using instant death magic or not, it was Youichi-san who suggested that, however.” (Shion)

“I tried talking to the lord of Hanabusa, but it seems he was doing something and didn’t properly understand, and he only said things that didn’t matter. Why don’t you ask those who were in the same class?” (Youichi)

“I don’t want to interfere a lot with anything other than a mission……ah! Then how about this? I’ll summon someone from Japan who knows Takatou Yogiri!” (Shion)⁴

Shion clapped her hands.
It appeared to be a very good idea to her.

“Can you even do that?” (Youichi)

“Since the data from the time of the summoning is left, I think that it’s possible to narrow it down a certain extent. Let’s do it right away.” (Shion)

Large summoning magic normally wouldn’t be used easily, but it wasn’t difficult for Shion.
At any rate, her magical power continues to increase even just by breathing, so she was always in a state of having too much of it.

When Shion extended her hand forward, a magic square emerged on top of the round table.
And then, she linked that spot to the other world.
It was an act similar to making a pitfall in that world.
The object created was similar to a tunnel to this world at the lowest point, similar to energy.

After that, she just waited until someone fell for the trick.
Just in case, she tried to set it so that only people related to Takatou Yogiri would likely go to that place based on the information she had, but there was a low chance that the person she summoned would be who she wished for.
There was a high chance that it would be in vain, but her magical power was abundant.
It was close to killing time for her, as it was merely just an idea.

“Shion, can’t you summon Takatou Yogiri himself? It would be easy to get settle this in that case.” (Youichi)

“It’s difficult if I am in the same world as them. This is only possible because it is connecting worlds with different potential. Oh, it’s coming out.” (Shion)

A sound similar to popping occurred, and a person appeared on the round table.
It was a man with a white coat.⁵

“It’s a success?” (Youichi)

“Who knows, I won’t know until I listen to his story.” (Shion)

The man with the white coat was confused.
That was expected.
The scenery in front of the man’s eyes suddenly changed, and he had come to a place unfamiliar to him.

“Hello. I am Shion, the sage. I am the one who summoned you.” (Shion)

“Sage? Summoned? What are you talking about?” (White-Coat)

The man regained a little composure after talking.

“I summoned you because I want to ask about Takatou Yogiri.” (Shion)

The man panicked as soon as he heard the name.
He was in more of a panic then when he had first appeared.

“A summoning? No way, is that why ΑΩ⁶ disappeared? Another world? No, it could be possible. His origins were a mystery from the start. If it can be said that there is another world, the source of his ability must be there……the energy source……” (White-Coat)

The man was in a hurry, as if convinced of something, took out a handheld terminal from his pocket while muttering in excitement.

“Ahahahahahaha~!” (White-Coat)

Then, when the man saw the screen of the terminal, he began to laugh for some reason.

“Is this really a different world!?” (White-Coat)

“That’s correct.” (Shion)

It was a different reaction from the one that Shion had thought he would have.
They wouldn’t normally believe it this fast, she had thought it would be more confusing.

“His-, his presence is here! That’s right, it’s impossible for that guy to die! It was you who brought him here, wasn’t it! If so, you are a savior! You literally saved my world! On behalf of my world, no, on behalf of humanity, allow me to convey my gratitude to you!” (White-Coat)

“What do you mean?” (Youichi)

Youichi’s face had become dubious.
He didn’t seem to be confused, but what he was saying made no sense.

“But then!  This world has been exposed to the crisis! Damn it! Come on! Even though my world was saved, only I won’t experience such a thing! Oh no, his seal has been solved and has disappeared! Do you understand me? Always continue to watch the monitoring tool and continue to feel frightened in fear when he begins to move!” (White-Coat)

『ΑΩ’s first seal has been confirmed to be released. A self destruct sequence has been put into motion for the subject of level C. Warning. People in the vicinity are recommended to move away at least five meters. Starting the countdown. 10, 9, 8……』(???)

The mechanical voice emitted from somewhere within the man.

“No, please help me! I don’t want to die! Please return me to my original world!” (White-Coat)

While Shion and the others were dumbfounded and continued to stare at him, the countdown reaches zero smoothly.
And then, the man’s head exploded.
He fell on top of the round table while scattering pieces of gray matter and his skull.
Of course, he was killed instantly.

“What the hell happened, that guy……” (Youichi)

Youichi was in a daze from the sudden event.

“I don’t understand it at all……but it would be useless to mull over it any more.” (Shion)

Although Shion hadn’t been very wary of Yogiri so far, she was beginning to feel something was extremely eerie in this situation.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – Yep, just like he’s only a regular high school student…… 

² – This is talking about how she was the one who dealt with the sage candidates who strayed away from what they were supposed to do. 

³ – In case anyone is wondering, the sages are referring to Yogiri as “that” or “him”. 

⁴ – I….I………..I honestly don’t even know what to say to this. 

⁵ – ….so, does anyone remember how Yogiri was being tracked by the government? Well, I don’t think it was specifically mentioned that it was the government, but they had satellites on him, so I’m thinking it is the government. 

⁶ – Holy shit, Yogiri is referred as “ΑΩ”, aka “Alpha Omega”. He truly is amazing. 

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