Instant Death / Instant Death Vol 3 Chapter 4

Yogiri took a long hard look at the pendant he had in his hand.
There was a round pendant top around the size of a coin attached to the end of the golden chain.
A motif with a lion, sword, and dragon stood out to him. They were delicately engraved, so it certainly might have been an expensive object. Even if that were true, Yogiri thought the situation was strange.
The knights who had been interrogating Yogiri were now kneeling in respect to him after seeing the pendant. However, the design on such a small pendant could not have been seen accurately from that distance.

“Umm, what is this?” (Tomochika)

Naturally, the situation was difficult for Tomochika to understand.

“Let’s ask because I don’t know either. Hey, what is this?” (Yogiri)

Yogiri asked Torx, the leader of defense of the southern central gate.

“That is an amulet which has the royal family’s crest engraved into it. Because it symbolizes the imperial authority, it shows that a person has pledged their loyalty to the royal family.” (Torx)

“You were saying that I could fake the appraisal results, so couldn’t I fake the amulet as well?” (Yogiri)

“We cannot mistake the imperial authority for something else.” (Torx)

Torx declared.
Yogiri didn’t know the reason why, but the guards completely believed them.

“Did you not know what the amulet meant?” (Tomochika)

“I didn’t. As one would expect, I didn’t understand the circumstances when it was in my pocket.” (Yogiri)

“Well then, I think they’ll let us pass.” (Tomochika)

“Of course—” (Torx)

“Can you wait for just a moment?” (???)

A voice was heard from behind Yogiri and the others.
When Yogiri turned around, a man emerged from behind of the armoured vehicle.
He looked like a guard because he was wearing the same uniform, but his atmosphere was different for some reason.
Yogiri displayed the amulet to the sentinel. It seemed he hadn’t seen it because he was on the other side of the armoured vehicle. He thought there would no trouble if the amulet could subdue the sentinels.

“It appears you are misunderstanding something. That amulet only conveys the intention of a person in the royal family; it can’t just silence sentinels.” (???)

He was surprisingly self-confident, as he spoke with disdain.

“Is that so?” (Yogiri)

“Yes. However, that does convey the intention of a person of the royal family. We kneeled to show our respect to Richard-sama. Please do not think that amulet is a luxury permitting you to do whatever.” (Torx)

After Yogiri confirmed this, Torx gave him a warning. It appeared that the amulet wasn’t that convenient.

“My name is David. I stand at the lowest seat of the royal family. Therefore, well, I don’t particularly feel we have to fear troubling Richard.” (David)

“David! You’re being impolite!” (Torx)

Howled Torx. Yogiri didn’t understand what kind of relationship they had.

“Aren’t I the vice-commanding officer? Am I not obligated to warn them against doing whatever when the commanding officer clearly made a strange decision? Indeed, that amulet is from Richard, and it conveys two meanings. One is that they are aiming for the accommodations of the Imperial City. Well, I think that is fine. It seems they got to know Richard somewhere and even hit it off with him. But, what is the other meaning? Those two people have become the Holy Queen’s knights.” (David)


of the Holy Queen.
That was a title bestowed to people who passed the trial of the tower.
Yogiri and Tomochika had become knights of the Holy Queen when they reached the first floor of the tower.

“If you are knights of the Holy Queen, aren’t you supposed to be wearing the holy sword you were given by the Sword Saint at all times? Could you let me see that? Even I will believe you if you have one.” (David)

“Even if you say so, I didn’t receive such a thing but… ah, it’s just, did he say that?” (Yogiri)

“Remember it correctly, because this is important!” (Tomochika)

“Ahh, so although Rick became the Sword Saint, since the tower collapsed, he wasn’t able to prepare a holy sword immediately. For the time being, it seems this is a replacement.” (Yogiri)

Yogiri’s memory was good, but it was limited to the things he tried to remember. He had just taken the amulet for some reason when it was handed to him.

“Ha, you failed to speak the truth. Richard is a Sword Saint? Don’t say such stupid things.” (David)

“Even if that is the case, what should I do?” (Yogiri)

Yogiri scratched his head.
Thanks to the amulet, this situation became how he thought it would end up.¹
He wasn’t lying, but he couldn’t prove what he said. Honest stories were gradually becoming troublesome.

“Prove it to me. If you are a ‘knight of the Holy Queen’, then show me by the skill of your swords.” (David)

Saying that, David drew his sword.

“David! What do you intend to do!” (Torx)

“It’s simple. Anyone who loses to a person like me without a sword rank isn’t a knight of the Holy Queen. Well, what will you do?” (David)

David didn’t care. Whether or not he agreed with David, Torx stayed silent after that.
Yogiri and Tomochika looked at each other.

“What can we do?” (Yogiri)

“For now, we shouldn’t repeat what we did before here. Let’s think of a way to settle it peacefully.” (Tomochika)

『Tomochika, isn’t it fine if you fight him?』(Mokomoko)

“That’s right, it’s simple if I fight… I don’t think there’s any reason I could win against people with beams coming from their swords!” (Tomochika)

『It’s all right. Beams won’t leave from this person’s sword.』(Mokomoko)

“Ehhh? Well, even you say so…” (Tomochika)

“Why not just try it for the time being? I’ll intervene if it looks dangerous. It looks to me like there will be trouble after this, as we must enter the Imperial City. Even though I have been searching for other ways, none have come to mind yet.” (Yogiri)

It seemed Tomochika was a little troubled, but she reluctantly agreed to fight.

Tomochika faced David from about five meters away.
David wielded a double-edged longsword that was a meter long.
Tomochika wielded a single-edged Japanese sword called a kodachi² that was fifty centimeters long. It had come from inside the armoured vehicle.
The two opponents were surrounded by the knights and Yogiri.
The situation didn’t seem to be a trap, as David was the only person with killing intent.

“If she wins here, we’ll be recognized as knights of the Holy Queen, so we’ll be able to enter the Imperial City as promised, right?” (Yogiri)

Yogiri asked Torx who was next to him.

“That is… but of course. We didn’t do the inspections originally because for us, Richard-sama’s amulet is enough confirmation. However, the vice-commanding officer is objecting, so just overlooking

overlooking it is impossible… ” (Torx)

It seemed David hardly had any royal family blood, so their relationship appeared to be complicated.

“Takatou-kun, why are you just spectating like it’s not your problem?! A second, yeah, just a second!” (Tomochika)

Tomochika shouted toward Yogiri who was doing nothing. Yogiri entered the ring, and approached Tomochika.

“If you’d like, I could change places with you.” (Yogiri)

Tomochika had hardly any composure. Yogiri considered if trying to make her do it would be in vain.

“Is Takatou-kun able fight with a sword, though?” (Tomochika)

“I’ll pretend if possible. Couldn’t I kill the appropriate places and then stab them once they’re dead?” (Yogiri)

“What is that, some sort of time-murder trick!?” (Tomochika)

『No, I want Tomochika to do this. She is relying on the youngster too much. Don’t you think you’re unsatisfactory as is?』(Mokomoko)

“That’s right, but can I win? Ah, couldn’t I use the weapon I received from that robot?” (Tomochika)

Tomochika was wearing the transforming metal. If she used that, it would surely be an easy victory against an opponent who only had a long sword.

『Don’t use that this time. He isn’t important enough for you to use it.』(Mokomoko)

Mokomoko declared. She seemed to be fairly self-confident.

“Still, don’t the people of this world use gifts or something like that?” (Tomochika)

『That person is just a human. Even in this world, the people who can use gifts are anomalies. Even I wasn’t just doing nothing; I was investigating the area. I didn’t use he appraisal ability they spoke of, but I’ve become able to loosely determine the other party’s strength.』(Mokomoko)

“Although I didn’t care very much until now, aren’t this parallel world’s people different from us?” (Tomochika)

『Speaking from my experience, the people of this parallel world are completely different from the people of your world. As a result, the Dannoura Flow is popularly used.』(Mokomoko)

“How?” (Yogiri)

Asked Yogiri, as it was on his mind.

『Hmm. The Dannoura Style is basically a personal technique. It applies techniques which use mentality, reflexes, the human body structure, and so forth, so I investigated that area at first. If the people of this world are extremely different, I can change the technique to match them. The Dannoura Style is a school which unceasingly evolves and advances!』(Mokomoko)

“But what if the opponent is a beastman or something like that?” (Yogiri)

『Those are roughly human, so most of the techniques will be popularly used. After all, the genetic information of chimeras is part human and part animal… well, that probably isn’t relevant now.』(Mokomoko)

“But you’re saying something so worrying on purpose!” (Tomochika)

“Now, is the match going to start soon? Hey, somebody signal the start!” (David)

David had grown impatient while they were chatting.
Shortly after David spoke, the commanding officer Torx took a step forward.

“The match will be one-on-one and the surrounding people won’t interfere. The winner will be determined by their opponent giving up or being unable to fight. There won’t be any need to kill each other at all. It’s alright to stop once I judge the winner or loser.” (Torx)

Torx briefly explained the rules. The match had to be one-on-one, but other than that, it seemed that nothing was off-limits.
The two opponents nodded. It appeared Tomochika had also prepared herself.

“Start!” (Torx)

At Torx’s signal, Yogiri moved to a place where he wouldn’t hinder the match.
The battle began quietly.
Holding it with both hands, David raised the sword high in the sky.

『Hmm. It resembles the roof stance of

stance of western fencing. Well, to put it simply, it’s the jōdan stance.』(Mokomoko)

Tomochika spread her legs approximately shoulder length apart and went into the hanmi³ stance. She pushed the sword straight towards her opponent’s face, then moved her left hand close to the back of her waist.
And then the point of her sword started to tremble.

“In the worst case, you shouldn’t have to worry that much because I could just kill that guy, but can she win against him?” (Yogiri)

Yogiri honestly didn’t think it was necessary to foolishly participate in such a match. He didn’t need to restrain himself because David had charged from over there. It would all be over if he killed David in the right place.

『It’s all right. Don’t try to intrude because this is a good opportunity for her.』(Mokomoko)

“But the opponent seems to be confident.” (Yogiri)

『It seems he has confidence in his abilities. And, he has probably also seen through you not having gifts.』(Mokomoko)

“In spite of it being disguised? Even though we should have been seen as sage candidates?” (Yogiri)

The hotel concierge had given Yogiri and others a ring which disguised their statuses.
It was able to change their statuses to appear as a sage candidate or an ordinary person, and it was currently configured to look like sage candidate.

『That’s why. Although you appear as a sage candidate in your status, it says you do not have gifts. In other words, there’s no change in the aspects that seem to be extremely weak.』(Mokomoko)

“Is that so. It’s also puzzling for it to become something that can use abilities without being able to do it.” (Yogiri)

It would be a problem if that was the case. It was necessary to investigate their method of disguise.

“Although the other person uses an orthodox, school-like fighting method, the Dannoura Style is different, right?” (Yogiri)

Tomochika’s stance looked unusual to Yogiri. He didn’t know how she would fight with that stance.

『Hou~?ᴬ Youngster, are you interested in the Dannoura Style as well? Okay! Let me teach you!』(Mokomoko)

“Well, somewhat.” (Yogiri)

『The motto of the Dannoura Style is that unfairness is first class! Showing off is weird anyway! Or something like that. When you fight, find the most cowardly methods and apply them without hesitation. Defeat enemies with unexpected actions. That’s how you’re taught. It’s absurd do things like killing fairly, as nothing remains of you when you die.』(Mokomoko)

“Then isn’t it impossible for Dannoursan to be the successor or something like that?” (Yogiri)

Yogiri recalled Tomochika’s behavior up until now. She wasn’t fit for it any way you thought about it.

『Hmm. Since her nature is docile, she is suited for deceiving as a result of her frankness. Yet she is anticipated to be the successor… Hmm, it looks to me like the situation will change soon.』(Mokomoko)

“But, it looks like they are only keeping an eye on each other?” (Yogiri)

『It seems her opponent is going to make use of his reach. He doesn’t need to move, as he intends to swing his sword down if she approaches. However, isn’t Tomochika already moving?』(Mokomoko)

He examined Tomochika when she said that. He noticed that her legs were spread about shoulder length apart, and she was slowly moving forward.

『She’s concealing her left foot so that it isn’t seen by her opponent. She’s also moving slowly to reduce the distance between herself and her opponent. The sword she’s holding out is also gradually drawing back. As I explained, there
I explained, there is no such thing as a simple, dirty trick. Because of this, he will misread the distance between them. She’ll move before long.』(Mokomoko)

Mokomoko made a preparatory announcement. Tomochika’s opponent would faint in agony soon after.

Tomochika felt terrified as she stood in front of her opponent, who was preparing to bring down his raised sword.
She only held the kodachi for defense, so it was uncertain if she could receive a direct hit if she took into account the difference in weight.
In other words, she’d die if she received an attack. It was something obvious, and it was a natural fear.

However, Tomochika wasn’t cowering in fear.
Because it was natural to take her opponent seriously.
Even now, Tomochika was gradually reducing the distance between herself and her opponent.
She was moving her feet slowly enough that it wouldn’t discovered at a glance.
Tomochika looked straight into her opponent’s eyes.
She was measuring the timing. The thing Tomochika was trying to do was simple.
Tomochika only moved when her opponent blinked.
She threw the kodachi in her right hand only slightly above and made it stay in the air using momentum. She fell forward from exhaustion at the same time.
She kicked the ground when her body was almost level with the floor, shortening the distance as if she was sliding.

She then activated a reaction in his body by brushing the back of her opponent’s knee with her left hand. It would have fine if she tripped him up because of that, but her opponent stood firmly. Using that opportunity, Tomochika went around and cut into the opponent’s back.
The rest was simple once she got to this point. There were many vital points on a person’s back she could reach even with her bare hands.
The enemy had widened his crotch when his leg was brushed. Tomochika kicked the gap of his nether regions with all of her might.

“N?” (Yogiri)ᴮ

Yogiri didn’t quite understand what happened.
Once he realized it, Tomochika’s sword was laid on the ground, and her opponent was crouching down holding his nether regions.
Tomochika was looking over all of that as she stood behind the man.

『It was a pseudo-ground contraction. Tomochika appeared to have vanished to the opponent.』(Mokomoko)

“I have heard about the name. But, ‘pseudo’?” (Yogiri)

『That is because there are many techniques that she used to disappear. As she matched the time the opponent blinked, she guided his eyes to the kodachi she set free. It is called ‘pseudo’ because she used a trick of moving into low posture. Those weren’t originally necessary. Although it’s regrettable that you aren’t a Dannoura, you could vanish before someone’s eyes for several seconds without tricks if you were an expert of the technique.』(Mokomoko)

Yogiri was admiring it. He was trying to decide whether or not the Dannoura Style was just one of Mokomoko’s mischievous tricks, but it appeared it could be used effectively.

“It’s my win. Though I will deal the finishing blow if it isn’t?” (Tomochika)

“It-, it’s her victory!” (Torx)

When Tomochika asked for a verdict, Torx flusteredly informed her of his decision.
Immediately after, the guards raised voices of applause.
The man called David did not seem to be very popular.

Translator’s Notes

¹ – Not entirely sure what he meant by this. 

² – A Japanese short sword. 

³ – A defensive position in which you have one leg bent in front of the other and the other extended behind. 

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