Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 87

Chapter 87.  Prove your worthiness (1)

(You’re not my kind.)

“Yes.  That is true.”

(Not even my race.)

“Probably so, as I’m a human.”

The face of a dragon was like a beast.  Yet, it was possible to see.  The twisted expression, the doubts it had in its eyes towards a little human, Ian Page.

(The human entity that was able to speak the language.  Such existence is unique.  There was no way that he couldn’t recognize me, as I could not, not recognize him.)

“I am not the being that you are speaking of.”

(Therefore, your existence is a paradox.)

The dragon continued with certainty.

(If you are not that, you must be my kind or a member of my race.  That is the only way for it to be logical.  The power that you have just displayed isn’t something that can be easily imitated.)

The dragon’s logic was simple.

A human cannot speak the dragon language.

There was only one, who was capable of doing so.

But you are not the one.  I am certain.

Therefore, you must be a dragon.

‘Why is he so stubborn?’

That troubled Ian greatly.

How should I respond?

To that stubborn dragon.

“….. I do not know what this place is, but all the dragons have been extinct from the world that I belong to.  Do you know that?”


The dragon’s continence changed when he heard Ian.

It appears to be in agony.

(I have had a feeling as I have not been visited for a while.)

It has been over hundreds, or even thousand years since the dragons have disappeared, but ‘only for a while’?

‘The concept of time has completely been dismantled.’

If that was so, then it would be possible to equate hundreds or even thousands of years as ‘a while’.  Especially, by a dragon who has no concept of time.

(But that fact and your existence do not have a connection.)

“Yes, there is a connection.”

Ian’s voice sounded confident.

It is because what he had thought has become true.

‘It has no knowledge of the outside world.’

What does that mean?  It means that it has no knowledge of anything that had happened for at least the past hundreds of years.  That is.

‘It must have been confined here for hundreds of years since.’

Of course, I am not sure where this place is.

‘Repository of memory’ was the only name that he had heard.

There was one truth that he could be certain of.

All of this dragon’s words and knowledge

‘Have been stalled in the memory of the time since long ago.’

Before the disappearance of the dragons.

The retained memory of only those times.

The being that holds those memories intact.

(What is the connection that you are speaking of?)

That old being opened its mouth.

Ian also replied calmly.

“By any chance, do you know the queen of the fairies?”

(Of course.  It’s part of my race and of the same race.  It had a heart of a gentle little child.  Why are you asking?)

Not so sure about having a gentle heart.

It’s long time ago, so that could have been possible.

“She has been waiting for the dragons that disappeared for nearly one thousand years.  They even set up a permanent home for the family at what used to be their nest.

(Thousand years…..?)

Dragon murmured confusingly.  Even to the dragon race that lives forever, a thousand years of time is rather long.

“May not be exactly one thousand years, but us, humans consider dragons as only as legends, or perhaps as a creature of imagination.”

The dragon has lost for words for a while.

It appeared to have been in great shock.

That was obvious from its continence.

“I have also thought so, like all the others.  However, I am, somehow, in the middle of all the traces that were left by you.  Ah, rather than traces, could be all planned, perhaps.”

Ian continued like flowing water.

He chose the truth rather than a lie.

“The dragon speech magic that I had used, along with it, I have obtained the book of the dragon language, and obtained the power of being the family.  The fairy queen that I have spoken of is with me.  The liquid, Elixir, which had sent me here, has also been produced with the help of a Dragonian.”

Of course, only parts of truths were revealed.

The fact that he has returned from a previous life,

The fact that he has used the golden dragon race’s language,

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