Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 88

Chapter 88.  Prove Your Worthiness (2)

The great hall, where the high sorcerers Deckard and Ronan, as the leaders, and all the other sorcerers are gathered.  Yet, it was half of the total population.  Where is the other half?  Everyone has been dispatched to the south west of the Morgrian territory, that is, the border of the Coldwood Empire.

“Any changes in the emperor’s conditions?”

It was the voice Deckard, the gray haired, high ranking sorcerer.  Calm Deckard took charge of the meeting, rather than Ronan, who has a fiery temperament.

“They aren’t even able to determine the cause.  The palace doctors, not to mention the outside doctors that were invited are in the same boat.”

“No trace of poison or magic at all?”

“Both by us, the Ivory Palace, and the palace alchemists have verified it and obtained the same result.  For now, it is assumed that his health has suddenly deteriorated….”

The empire was certainly in crisis.  Within, the Emperor ‘Terry Greenriver’ fell ill to deteriorating health.  It was much earlier than the 6 years of lifespan that Ian had first estimated.

“What is the situation on Coldwood?  Are there any new intel from the military, palace, intelligence network of the Ivory Tower, or any private organizations?”

“We do not have anything new to report at this time.”


The situation in the outside was also concerning.  Not long ago, a letter was unilaterally received from the Coldwood Empire.  It was a letter, informing its intention to exit the alliance operation, as promised in the three nation agreement, to subjugate the monsters that reached the great eastern prairie.

“No, that can’t be!”

Ronan, the high ranking sorcerer spoke with angry voice.

“Even in my thoughts, if I was the leading member of the Coldwood government!  Now would be the chance.  A chance to invade the territory!”

The reason for being able to quickly execute Herbert, the former tower lord, wasn’t because there was no voice of opposition.  The reason wasn’t because Herbert’s crime was just simply atrocious.  It was possible because Ian Page, the great 6th class sorcerer, the sharp weapon, was there.  However now, the whereabouts of Ian, the weapon, has become a mystery.

“They must have sensed it.   All the situations that we have to deal with!   Isn’t Coldwood the clan that bet their lives on intelligence since long time ago?”

The emperor, the 1st in the empire, fell due to illness.  The tower lord of the Ivory Tower, who is like the 2nd in charge, has disappeared.

There are no longer any 5th class and the 6th class sorcerers within the Greenriver Empire.  That is, there is a big void in the empire’s defense.  A gigantic hole, that is.

“What’s going on with the alliance with the Ro Principality?”

“We are expecting a report from the delegation to the Principality soon.  Perhaps, by the time we begin the military meeting this evening.  Everything rides on that.”

Ronan and Deckard, who have been temporarily delegated the powers of the Ivory Tower, had to attend countless meetings each day.  There wasn’t a moment of reprieve from the grilling schedule as they had to attend meetings, dealing with the Ivory Tower, the palace, the government, the military, and the alliance issues.  That’s how much in crisis the going concerns have become in and out.

“If the Principality decides to join hands with us, we would have a breather, but if not ….. Then we must aggressively prepare for the worst.”

Aggressive preparation.

What would that mean?

Greenriver and Coldwood.

The war between two great empires.

It would mean entering wartime state.

“Ivory Tower, do not let down your guards even for a minute.”

It was when Deckard’s warning was being permeated.

“Sir, Deckard!  Sir Ronan!”

A young sorcerer, the go between the Ivory Tower and the outside, came running into the meeting hall, panting.

There must have been an urgent issue.

“What is it?”

“It, it broke down!”

“Broke down?   Tell us the details.”

“A, a word came from the delegate to the Principality, and …..”

Without hearing the nexus, the nexus could be heard.

The most optimal solution at this time.

The alliance between Greenriver and Principality.

That’s what has broken down.

‘Sir Ian…..’

Ultimately, everyone could only imagine one thing.

The only one that can resolve this issue.

The name Ian Page, the tower lord of the Ivory Tower.

As the winds of war whirled over the continent.

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