Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 106

Revolution of the 8th Class MageChapter.106

Trace of Master (4)

It was different from just a few hours ago.

He ran aggressively in handling the assassin when first met, but now he looked at Ian with a dull look and eyes.

“You don’t remember me?”

Clevan rarely opened his mouth.

He was not able to talk as extremely upset before, but now he became a mute and can’t even talk.

Either way, it is still frustrating.

‘It would not be the master who Michell Grinriver met before.’

Despite the flow of about three hundred years, Clevan was completely different from the character of the master described in the diary.

There were no black hair, no pale skin like a dead body.

“Do you understand me?”

Ian lucked in the language of Green River empire.

It was to confirm the description of the diary that he was fluent in several languages.

Of course, Clevan seemed to have never heard of it as just blinking his eyes.

‘I think it’s obvious that something is related.’

Nevertheless, Ian could not dismiss the relationship between the master and Clevan.

The ability to deal with the principles of artifacts, the very certain commonalities, existed between the two.

‘Indirect or direct.’

I surely have a link.

This kid is another master.

Or one of his successors.

Or a third person with other relationships.

There are lots of possibilities.

‘I was lucky from the start.’

Well, was it just luck?

Anyway, I found a clue.

It was easier and quicker than I thought.

“You seem to have a fairly amazing talent …… “

Ian made his eyes squint and chant.

It was the word of the kingdom that Clevan could understand.

“That talent, where did you learn?”

Of course, Clevan’s answer did not come back.

If you stop here, it will not be Ian.

I kept asking questions that I wanted to know.

“Is there any reason to help the town mayor?”

“For example, you are being threatened.”

“There seems to be no sign of assault, is it a drug? if not… … “

” Stop …”

Clanvan grabbed his head because of Ian’s continued question.


Ian touched his chin on the painful face.

It was a waste of time to ask questions like this.

In order to get a clue from this kid Clevan, it should be the first thing to regain normal thinking.

‘I must meet the town mayor.’

How did he find out about Clevan, how he got it, how he knows that he has special abilities, and so on.

‘Perhaps he will not give an answer ……  ‘

This was the moment when we needed the power of force.

In the first place, he used sleeping pills and try to target Ian?

There was no need to hesitate.

“get some sleep.”

Ian helped little Clevan to sleep.

He looked mentally unstable.

It is best to sleep in this case.

“okay, now… … “

Ian came out of the warehouse with the teleport order and it was the destination of the instantaneous movement inside the house where the town mayor informed him.

Sooner or later the message will come from the town mayor or his underlings.

“If you do not mind, let’s have a special service with us.”

After a while, the town mayor Jackson came up and talked about service.

The dragon stone statue has been fixed, and it seemed that the preparation to finish shaking off the ‘traveler Rian’.

“What exactly is the special service?”

“There are several villagers in Bordon village who manage and manage the various problems of the village besides me as the town mayor.

I can explain it as an executive officer.”

Ian swallowed his scornful laugh.

Bloody administrative cadres.

Probably they are who have taken over the town together.

“It is a worship service jointly with those cadres.

It is not only limited to worshiping individual wishes and problems, but also praying for the whole village is the main worship service. “

“Would it be okay to have an outsider in such a place?”

“There is no need.

Oh, instead, special worship does not proceed from the stone statue in the center of the village.

There is a special chapel set up separately.

I do not mean to discriminate, but he prefers quiet worship, not ordinary prayer …… “

Jackson was a village chief who is good at lying.

Ian also noticed that it was a lie.

It was the effect of the interrogation magic, which it set secretly.

“If you do not feel like praying elsewhere, you can wait and attend the evening worship service.

This is just an offer. “

The chief mayor Jackson added to the end to avoid any doubt.

Of course, it would be better if it were followed carefully.

He made them to have gathered all the underlings in a special chapel, in the grotesque forest.


Ian pretended to have a moment of trouble.

“I wonder where that special chapel is.”

“If you do …… “

“Let’s attend. Would you please guide me? “


It’s done now.

Jackson starts to lead with his delight.

The so-called ‘Special Chapel’ was located in the forest, a little away from Bordon village.

It seems like it was not a complete fake story as there was a crude dragon statue standing in the middle of the forest.

There was also the administrative cadres who toem mayor mentioned, the so-called underligs, who were around him.

“Is it here? It’s closer than I thought. “

Ian said to town mayor, Jackson.

Nevertheless, the answer was not heard.

I did not even have to check it out.

It was just up to Jackson ‘s affectation.


What came back instead of the answer was the tingling sensation felt by the club.

At the same time, Ian’s upper body also fell forward.

Is it the aftermath of the pain?

At least the town mayor Jackson and the crowd considered it that way.

“I mean, would have been better to take a pill and get some sleep?

Then we would have been comfortable, and you would have been gone comfortably too.

Anyway, there is no luck at all. “

Jackson’s tone, which confirmed Ian’s wobbling, has completely turned.

The kindness and polite attitude that he showed in the village was not there anymore.

“We did not want to do this either.

Do not you think we just took a village to stop it all?

But why do people have that habit?

Like an occupational disease. “

The town mayor Jackson came to Ian struttingly.

It was with a serpentine smile that could not be seen before.

Even if it was the other person, I would have been deceived.

“Why do you keep on stimulating it?

It’s also with a face showing off of loads of money. Uh?

I can see the oily face!

I should not be able to tolerate it. “

Jackson and his nineteen underlings were human traffickers in the empire who had been active in the past.

Now, he settled in Bordon village and reigned like a king, but occasionally he shakes off the passing travelers.

He took away what they had and secretly killed, and in some cases sold them to current traffickers as his old experience back in time.

It was a kind of ‘hobby’ to borrow the usual expression of Jackson and the crowd.

“Just feel easy, luck was a little bad.”

Jackson pulled out a dagger from the sack.

Then the underlings raised Ian as if it were familiar.

Ian still did not say anything.

His head shivered seemed terrified.

“I thought he was some kind of guy and I kept it all together, but it seems like I did something wrong.”

Jackson turned his dagger in his hand.

He stuck a knife in Ian’s abdomen.

It seemed that there was no hesitation as well as hesitation.

“… … What? “

But Jackson ‘s head turned back.

He feels strange to be told by hand.

There was no distinctive sense of flesh.

“What, what?”

Jackson’s eyes, which had scarred his dagger, fluttered.

It was because the cutlery of the dagger disappeared entirely.

It is said that only the handle was left like the thing which there was not the part of the blade originally.

Jackson could not notice, but it was the effect of Ian’s “Weapon Break” spell.

“This is why … … ? “

Jackson looked at Ian with embarrassed eyes.

Did not you just drop your head off just now?

The person who was obviously was holding his face.

I felt very brital but insensitive eyes.

‘Suddenly the eyes … … . ‘

Jackson deceived Ian.

In the village, it was a young town mayor who seemed to be respectful and sincere, but since he entered the forest, he has revealed his true colors.

By the way … … .

“It’s you who has bad luck.”

“… … What?”

Beginning to reveal the color in this forest.

It seemed that Jackson was not the only one.

“Uh, ah, ah!”

The first to scream was Jackson ‘s underlings.

The reason was simple.

They felt a great deal of pain from the palm that was holding Ian.

It was like a burn, but it was not the effect of fire.

Rather, refined frost rose from the inside of this body.

“Did I get numb or do I have a problem with this head?

I do not get angry these days.

Is there such an absurd enemy that does not make any sense?

Ian stroked his back.

There was red blood.

He knew Jackson’s surprise.

Nevertheless, only minimal defensive spells were unfolded.

It is a spell that only the brain and organs are protected.

There was the painful tingling felt the whole body.

“It hurts.”

Ian, who blew his bloody hand.

Suddenly the dried blood was scattered like powder.

“It seems to get a little hot now.”

I think I’m going to get angry now.

At the same time the quiet voice ends.

Hooooooooooooooo -!

A strong mana of energy spread out all over.

Is it only?

The body of the underlings who caught Ian disappeared in a flash.

It was not that the body was torn apart, nor disappeared after burned.

It evaporated as it was.

I could not scream or leave the blood.

“uh… … uh?”

Jackson opened his mouth opened.

It was hard to grasp the situation yet.

What the hell is going on?

“You did not want to do this?”

Just as Jackson was unaware of his sword, Ian also felt no remorse for a series of acts.

These were beyond Ian’s “categories.”

The Thieves Guild that threatened Ian, the Coldwood empire that was conscripted with the decision of the upper line, and Dragonian Evantus, who struggled to save his children.

I did not kill because they did not exceed the standard.

“That’s also the same as my position.”

But on the other hand, Ian killed those who, such as those from Morgian Gentry’ s soldiers who insulted mother attacked Redio, Cold Walker ‘s assassin, and Ragnare Green River.

They all crossed the Ian’s “categories” and died without exception.

“But I have a habit like you, too.”

The fraudsters of Bordon village, including town mayor Jackson, belonged to the latter.

There was not a little bit of an ambiguity, but it became clear from a moment ago.

Now they are beyond the category.

“If the garbage is visible, try to clean as much as possible.”

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