Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 107

Revolution of 8th Class Mage Chapter 107

Trace of Master (5)

“What… “

Suddenly, three underlings who caught the outsider became a chunk of flesh. It was like blowing the wind but then pop! And exploded.

Jackson, of course, was embarrassed the same as the rest of the underlings.

“Re, re, really…! “

However, the embarrassment was only a short time, and the more the perceived situation, the more the fear panicked the five senses. It was not a situation that could confine itself to expressing embarrassment in the first place.

“Wi, wi, wizard…? “

Only one word that could explain this unrealistic phenomenon was ‘magic’. So, the outsider who has light brown hair means “wizard”.

“Uh, uh, uh ah!”

Everyone realized that. The leader, Jackson also noticed. But what are they going to do now even if they realized? They already have all been trapped in the area of the wizard Ian’s page.

“If you do not want to die.”

Ian’s voice went into everyone’s ears.

There was no choice but only full of mana.

“Do not move.”

That was enough.

Everyone stopped in place.

Jackson and other sixteen underlings.

They did not want to die yet.

“From now on, I will start asking questions, but it does not matter who answers. Just give me an answer as you know it. You know what I’m talking about? “

When Ian asked for consent, the heads of the men who were terrified were nodded at once.

“Clevan, tell me what you know about the child. Where did you meet, why he is helping you guys, how did you find out that he had a special talent. Anything is good.”

The answer to the question came out like a bombardment. They have begun to give away all the memories they know. I felt a desire to live.

“Uh, he was a street kid who lost original memory.”

“Personality is different from one day to another.”

“At first, he was comely and young, I tried to sell to a nobleman who had a taste for it. … “

“This is a guy who has a mental flaw, so he did not get to sell…”

“And he just started making sculptures…”

“He only made dragon shapes as he obsessed with it.”

“The sculptures made by him were a little wondrous.”

“The light comes out from the sculpture, the sound is heard…”

“That, so…”

The answer was really varied.

But it seemed to be true.

The story has flowed into a big trunk.

‘To summarize…’

To summarize what they say.

Jackson and his gang were traffickers who supplied slaves for all sorts of uses to nobles in the country.

While searching for a man to sell as always, they caught a drifting boy, Clevan who lost his memory. At first, they tried to sell him to a nobleman for their own taste but had an issue for disposal because of his multi-personality.

‘Then he started to make a dragon statue.’

But the result was more than they imagined.

A magical sculpture that emits light and sounds itself, Jackson thought it is something.

Jackson was tired of living like a dog in line with the patronage of the nobles anyway, he came up with a way to live like a noble or a king.

‘He planned it right away.’

Since then, Jackson and the gang have made plans.

First of all, they settled in the village of outskirts based on the pseudo-religion. The town was the village of Bordon, which suffered from famine and plundering. They introduced themselves as “dragon priests” and showed a dragon statue, and supported them with food and clothing.

‘From then, everything would have been the best.’

They took control of the town. Even the middle management of the noble family commanded the village administration had bribed it, of course, it was an independent autonomous village was born.


Ian thought with his arms folded.

The story of them was just there.

They did not seem to know the origin of Clevan.

“Please be kind with us…”

“Please save me! Please…”

“Once, only once… If you could save us”

As their begging continues.

Ian’s quiet voice followed.

“Not enough.”

It was like a thunderbolt from the blue to Jackson and the crowd. As he said that is not enough, but they sincerely told everything. They have not spoken even a lie of one word with their willingness to live.

“I feel like I’m missing something important.”

“No more, no more to tell…”

“Say it. Try to squeeze once. “

“Uh, uh, uh, uh…”

Jackson and the gang start to mumble.

All eyes were focused on Jackson.

Is not he the leader?

He looks at and wishing like please do something.

“So… … That… … “

“There must be nothing.”

“Uh, uh, Fran! Fran!”

Ian’s expression solidified for a moment at Jackson’s end.

Fran was obviously a familiar word.

The question is, why did the word pop out here? It’s a word I never thought of.


“Uh, he sometimes speaks in normal personality. I’ve seen it once, and then he did it! Where is Fran, and he does not need eternal life any more. I was ignoring what he said as sounds silly…”

It is even the name of a person.

Of course, the name Fran is common.

It can be easily seen in any country.

If there is a problem even if how common the name is.

‘ He passed away… Father’s name. ‘

If that’s the name of your passed away father, its story will be different. Obviously, the father’s name was ‘Fran Page’.

He was a guy who believes the name of the man has to be easy and he named me as Ian, which was also one of the common names.

‘Why is my father’s name…? ‘

Of course, the possibility of coincidence was high. Again, it’s a common name. Nevertheless, my heart pounded.

Is it because I suddenly hear the name of the father who I had forgotten? It was not so easy to calm down.

‘The father obviously…’

Ian knew a little about his father.

He had a name called Fran Page, not a royal family but he emphasized the Fran as his first name, and he was a seasoned adventurer but met his mother and settled down, and… Oke was his nicknamed that shows the level of looking is low as his disadvantage.

When Ian was silent for a while, it was Jackson and the gangsters who started to look into their eyes. Is he saving us now? That hope begins slowly.

“Any more?”

“There is really nothing, now. We’ve squeezed everything we can tell you to the fullest! Really! Please believe me! “

Jackson was down on his knees and begged.

The rest of the underlings were the same.

They did their best to live.


“I’ll let myself to believe you.”

“Thank you! Thank you very much…”

“I’ve never said to save you.”

Jackson and the underlings were in a little confusion.

Soon, they understood the meaning of what Ian said.

He had no intention of saving them from the beginning.

“This, this guy to kill by ripping off the body…! “

“That’s you guys.”

It was just there.

It was arranged very neatly.

Jackson and the remaining sixteen underlings.

Their long and dirty life.

One drop of blood, one piece of flesh. They did not leave anything.


Ian, who started to get out of the woods with a sullen look, his mind was complicated even his face looks different. It is my father ‘s name, it is a coincidence, but I could not easily forget about it.

‘Clevan, it’s the first thing that makes the kid’s mind complete.’

I have to listen to him that comes from his mouth.

It seemed that is the only way to get rid of complexity.


Ian came out of the woods like that.

A strange sight was unfolded in front of eyes.

‘Villagers…? ‘

The border of the forest and Bordon village where the special chapel was located, where the villagers were rushed. They were holding anything that would be a weapon, for example, crude ironware, daggers, and sticks.

“What did you do to the town mayor, our deputies, and executives?”

The oldest inhabitants asked ahead.

He sounded shivering his voice, but he looked like squeezing the courage to the maximum.


Also, because of that question, Ian was able to realize why did the inhabitants of the Bordon village come and carry weapons? First of all, it was very likely that the sound of the Jackson gang reached the village. It was difficult to block the screams that had leaked in the middle even if how clean I was.

‘And they were so intoxicated. It is likely to have been assimilated. ‘

They are all people who have been deceived for a long time in the patriotism of the Jackson gang. Perhaps there is no recognition that they would be deceived.

To them, Jackson gang would have been the savior and protectors themselves.

“They are traffickers and they tricked you into the town of Bordon with a magical stone statue. Very deliberately. “

“Do not be ridiculous…! “

Ian tried to explain.

But it didn’t work at all.

This was the power of the pseudo-denomination.

The blind faith of the residents became harder than steel. It was impossible to break the wrong blindness.

Especially people like those who were driven out to the outside of the village, and more likely for those who have lots of hard life of stories to tell.

‘It’s unbearable.’

Ian also did not seek to save the people of Bordon village. However, the situation went down so much, and the rubbish was also removed. Only that is it.

“What should I do?”

How do we cope?

Just ignore it and go?

As Ian’s worries deepen.

One solution emerged suddenly.

‘Yes, there is no fundamental solution anyway.’

They are already obsessed with pseudo-religion.

It was almost impossible to find a solution, and Ian had no obligation to fix it. Instead…

‘Maybe I can keep it in the better direction.’

When Ian decides his mind, the white light stalks spurted horribly. It was the effect of the teleport order. The ultimate goal of the space movement was Evanthus’ home, ‘Dragon Lair’.


Ian quickly found Evanthus, but he did not, nor his son. Instead, Evanthus’ daughter was lying in a nest in the far corner. It looked relaxing.


She found Ian in the middle of the nest. She woke up in bed with a sense of embarrassment. She has dropped the book of the human world that she had been reading without knowing how much time had passed since. The title of the book was “The Wizard of Greenriver,” and the author was “Luca Luca.”

If Ian saw it, he would have thought of someone, but unfortunately, it was far away. (You, you?)

“Where is Evanthus?”

(That’s where the elder brother and the Gargoyle are…)

“Oh, right.”

Ian nodded as seemed to come up with something later.

He told Evanthus’ daughter.

“Maybe when Evanthus is running the Dragon’s denomination. Do you have any experience in helping or working in front? “

(Sometimes, I have managed senior members).

“That’s nice. What’s your name? “

(Why is my name…?)

“I need it.”

In that simple and clear answer, Evanthus’ daughter bites her lips. It is indeed a cheeky person. But she cannot disobey.

He is a wizard even control father, Evanthus, moreover, he saved herself and brother. How would she treat such a person like him?

(…… Hernelia.)

She mentioned her name in a small voice.

It was a name which is easier to pronounce than Evans.

At least on the tongue of Ian.

“Hernelia. good. Hernelia, you should help me as I am in a rush, would you mind? ” (What, suddenly …?)

Ian reached out his hand instead of an answer.

It was to catch Hernelia’s shoulder.

“You will know when you get there.”

Why did he ask if it would be okay?

Anyway, pure white light swallowed Hernelia and Ian. Of course, the destination was in front of the residents of Bordon village.


The residents who were gathered in the re-appearance of Ian were greatly surprised. Suddenly disappeared, but suddenly appeared again. He even brought someone. Did he bring a colleague? But the appearance of the colleague was strange.

It looked like a person, but it never looked like a person. Red wings, red tails, two horns that rise above the head, eyes that make to think of reptiles, and all the features and contrasting beauty. Is that really a person? Rather than human beings …

“De, dragon…? “

One of the villagers muttered as looks like to get possessed. It was different from what was commonly known as a dragon, but a few features were enough to remind the dragon.

‘Good. As you can guess. ‘

The reaction of the residents was as Ian expected. Now, if I put in the last wedge, I can solve complex situations.

“Her name is Hernelia.”

Ian’s first speech began which was not scheduled.

“She is the descendants of the dragon who gives you answers. Hernelia came down directly to you for those are not able to see clearly as being used by the false ones. ” (Wh, what a bull ……!)

“Now do you know? I just condemned the fraudsters. From now on, Hernelia, a descendant of the dragon, will lead you directly, so quickly throw away your false beliefs and awaken a new faith. “

Hernelia ‘s face was baffled.

What is he talking about after taking me in front of total strangers? If there was a problem, it was those humans. Their eyes looking at her were suddenly changing. “Oh, oh …! “

“The descendants of the dragon!”

“You finally came down!”

“To save us!”

“Please save us!”

Hernelia began to panic in a frenzied reaction.

Though she tried to spell out what he said.

“I have a little experience, so I will only ask for only a while.”

(What? My, why am I …?)

“Do not you have anything to do?”

(You say there is nothing to do!)

“You read a book while you’re rolling around.”

(That, that…)

Hernelia’s face was shattered.

Her hair is red, wings are red, and a tail is red, eyes are red, and now her whole body is going to be red.

“I will come when the time comes.”

(Now, wait!)

“But they are purely dragons, so they believe in Hernelia’s great-grandfather. As a descendant, you have to take responsibility. I think it deserves it. “

(What kind of deterrent …….)

“I believe and off here now. I do not believe in Hernelia, but I trust Evanthus’ home education and the sublime nature of the red dragon’s bloodline. then.”

Hernelia tried to keep up.

But there was no way.

Ian, which should be the target, has disappeared with the light stalk. Even she could not even use teleport.

(How, how is this…)

She mumbles like she was lost.

There will be no lightning in the dry skies.




Whether they know or not of how Hernelia feels.

Only the cries of the residents resonated.

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