Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 108

Revolution of 8th Class Mage Chapter 108

Artifact enhancement (1)

Ian has left the villagers to Evanthus’s daughter, Hernelia, he came back into this trapped warehouse.

Originally planned as after returning to the mansion with Clevan, Ian wanted to try to find a way to revive his memories and mentality.

But the situation has changed a bit. Clevan, he was woken up who fell asleep by sleep spell and he was making a wooden sculpture with a few tools and materials in the warehouse.

“Oh, you here? master!”

I felt a different personality in the glance. He calls Ian “master” It was just that age of child’s voice and speech.

“uh…… Yes.”

Ian has settled first of all. As long as he has a mental problem, he had to look as carefully as possible. Particularly, when he is able to communicate like now.

“Are you making a statue?”

“Yeah. It’s a dragon, you master likes. “

“Master…… Do I like? “

“Yeah. You always did that, did not you? Dragon is the most perfect creature on earth. “

The wooden sculpture being produced by him had a different aspect than I thought. It was different like between heaven and earth compared to the rough stone statue installed in the center. Because this looks like real as a living sculpture that resembled the dragons Ian saw.

“You are great.”

“Haha, thanks to you, master.”

My master, in front of the town mayor Jackson, he definitely mentioned the name “Fran.” I wonder if he and the master are the same person? Or is it a different character?

‘Let’s swing it off?’

It is time for such a thought to come up.


Clevan stopped his carving hand and gazed at him. Exactly he was looking at Ian’s hands. Why would he do that all of a sudden?

“That… … The ring. “


Ian was wearing a total of two rings. The left hand is shared with the princess, the ring is the artifact which he received as a token of the VIP from the Morgrian family on the right hand, Morgrian ring was the identity.

“The ring on your right hand.”

The ring that attracted Clevan’s gaze was the Morgrian Ring. Is it because it is a skillful artifact? If anybody is an artifact-related artisan, maybe get interests in……  “Is it too crude?”

“… … Huh?”

Ian ‘s expectation didn’t go well. He didn’t look at Morgrian Ring with interest. He regarded it as just a rough ring instead of one or two handballs.

“Master, wait a minute, would you take off the ring?”

“Take it out? Why?”

“Come on. It only takes a moment. “

The tone was like a child who was wondering. What is the personality of today? Is it personality with background and reason? Ian took off the Morgrian ring from his finger with a little imagination.

“You don’t break it?”

“Absolutely. Did you see I made a mistake? “

“…… I have never seen it before. “

Because I just met him a few hours ago.

Ian gave the ring.

“Well…… “

Then his eyes turned out.

The expression that looked like a child was gone.

He seemed like a professional.

“This has a lot more problems than I thought.”

“What’s the problem?”

“It’s hard to explain … … I think it will take a while. “

Clevan, who didn’t say much.

He picked up the sculpting knife.

Ian was wondering by his appearance.

What is he going to do with that poor knife?

It can not even scratch the ring.

Woo Woong -!

But the question was quickly resolved.

Because he put mana on the sculpting knife.

And then, Ian’s eyes became big.

‘Was he a wizard?’

Ian’s common sense had no choice but to do so.

The act of putting mana on objects is only a matter of having Mana Brain and Mana Heart, which is the only mage owns?

In the face of common sense, he was a wizard.

‘No, as a wizard …… ‘

Ian, who thought for a moment, shook his head. It’s a question of mystery.

If he is a wizard who is capable of operating that level of mana, he must have at least three classes, however, he fell asleep by Ian’s sleep spell. It was a very weak level that targeted purely ordinary kids, but he couldn’t even resist.

‘If he has 3 class level mana, he could’ve resisted?’

It had nothing to do with the loss of memory.

Because the body’s mana will resist by itself.


Ian looked at Clevan.

It was a questionable little boy indeed.

Maybe it’s not a kid.

‘I’ll have to watch more.’

Soon, Clevan’s work began.

Mana from the end of carving knife touched the ring.

As detailed as it is realistic, bold and handsome.

How long has it been in that tension?

It seemed to be finished soon.

“Hooray! Now, get it. “

“Are you done?”

“I do not know if you’ll be satisfied.”

Ian has received the Morgrian Ring.

‘Nothing much different ……’

It seems like there was no difference.

He thinks he will know after wearing it.

‘Uh…… ? ‘

Ian wearing a Morgrian ring.

His complexion began to change rapidly.

Different feeling to feel while wearing.

To define that different feeling.

‘The dimensions are different.’

The Morgrian Ring’s ability can be determined to be an ‘increase in mana resilience’. But the extent of the rise has changed the dimension. Not only mention resilience but also to the limits of the underlying mana.

‘The rating has changed.’

Old ivory towers were rated for identifiable artifacts. Depending on ability in the case of Morgrian Ring, it is classified as ‘subordinate’ it surely did.

‘This is a minimum, but it is more than a reward.’

It feels weaker because Ian was wearing it. What if someone wears this ring who is a wizard of 3 classes?

‘The class itself will be different.’

At least for the total amount of mana and resilience, the class itself goes up a notch as will be able to enjoy the effect, and it will be a brilliant ability indeed.

“It’s huge.”

Ian enjoyed the efficacy of the ring for a while.

He hurriedly pulled his necklace out of his clothes. Now for Ian, there were no sticks in the meadow or Mitchell Greenriver’s robe. Morgrian Ring and Empress Mullet was everything, so he took out the necklace as he rushed.

“How about this?”

“Uh? Necklace? “

Ian loosened his necklace and handed it to Clevan.

“Maybe this is also somewhat crude …… “

Ian’s voice was careful.

However, the expectation was full.

It was unbearable.

“Woah, this is okay?”

“Is it okay?”

“Yeah. If this is so, it’s close to perfection. “

“…… Yes?”

“Who made it?”

“Well, I do not know.”

Ian hid the effortless disappointment.

At the same time, I felt a sense of doubt.

Is the emperor’s necklace perfect?

‘Is this enough to say it’s perfect?’

Of course, it was a well-made artifact necklace.

The ability was good and the appearance was neat.

However, there was a question about whether it would be expressed as “perfect.” Morgrian Ring which just came from the hands of Clevan compare to this ability is far different. Why?

‘Could be different standards.’

Everything can see as you know. Ian pulled out the space bag lightly to see a gift from Hector Coldwood, silk of artifact material.

“So, this silk is …… “

Ian showed blue silk to Clevan.

Maybe he can make something with this silk? If possible, he does not need to look for the craftsmen who are written on in diary.

However, he felt a little strange feeling.

Clevan’s eyes and look changed.

Ian saw also that familiar face.

He remembers that eyes and look.

I mean, obviously ……

‘When I first met …… ‘

The moment when Ian’s idea reached there.

“Assassin! Did you come again? “


Ian’s head was pounded.

It turned out to be a crazy kid.

This is why it was hard to dispose for the Jackson gang.

“This assassin! This time I’ll break you down! “

“Hoo … … Once you get some sleep. “


“When you wake up, come back as him.”

The sleep spell has made Clevan fall asleep.

It is sure the mage would have resisted.

Even if he pretends to do it, then it is normal.

“Snore…… snore …… “

It was the same.

Not even resistance but falls asleep immediately.

The more I looked, the more he was crazy.

“Okay, now…… “

He put the magic silk into his space pocket. Just in case, he packed up all the carving tool and some of the material.

‘Is there anything else left?’

Ian looked around the warehouse.

But there was something.

It was a stone that was rolling around in the corner.

‘Letter……? ‘

The surface of the stone was engraved with letters. It was the character of the Ro empire, it seemed like it was carved in the same way as it used to be. There was a mix of archaic words, but It did not matter to Ian who studied before.

‘Someone sent this message …… ‘

[If anyone sees this message, please take me to the island across the western sea before I die. I want to sleep forever now. But I can not. You will realize if you see this message. So, I have to go to the island. My colleagues may have left a record at this point. If you listen to my request, I will compensate you when my memory comes back. It will be more than enough. At least a thousand times more than selling or using my body. I bet you will be able to profit by tens of thousands of times.]

Spartoy, a dragon who found the land of affluence led by a strange dream, he was there. The dragons buried under the land of affluence, their bones were with the numerous flesh that they had. The number is much higher than at the beginning. (……)

The body, which is the biggest body in the body, Spartoy was standing in front of the floodplain of the rich. Only with closing the mouth tightly, he looked at the sky. (soon…….)

However, Antarctic of Spartoy to look up at the sky was different from the past. Clearly, Spartoy’s eyes were ‘blue’. But, now he pours the ‘golden color’. The ‘golden aphorism’ is flickering from the circle of snowballs respectively.

(Your … according to your will ……)

After the slow voice of the Spartoy gets quiet, tens of thousands of dragons raised the light from the eyes. It was the same golden light as the body.


They looked up at the sky at the same time and pounded it. It means like the yelling of a dragon’s unit. How big is the sound, the land was shaking.


Then an alarming incident arose.

Strong vibrations hit the land of affluence.

Is it going to break down?

No, it was not.

It just moved rather.

Kuma! Kuguguu! Kugugugugugu……

A land of riches that supposed to stop in the sky. That huge land has just begun to move. Although the speed of movement was not fast. But it looks like the target location is clear.

The direction in which the rich land began to move. A big city of humans located at the end. It is the capital of the Greenriver empire. Ian’s house, ‘Greenriverdium’.

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