Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 42.1

‘I never imagined myself infiltrating another country’s Ivory Tower.’


Most of the mages headed to The Ivory Tower.

And ‘Daniel,’ a Coldwalker assassin, sneaked into the Ivory Tower.

He was very nervous.

He was inside of another country’s Ivory Tower.

Although only a few of the 1st and 2nd class mages were left, he wouldn’t have a chance of surviving confronting them face to face.

Even though he was a skilled assassin, he couldn’t do anything in that case.


‘Look at what we all did to make this tiny chance.’


They dared to make a terrorist attack on the Greenriver Empire’s Royal Palace. For this mission, they had to stop all intelligence activities and recall all of their spies who infiltrated into Greenriver by any cost.

Cecelia’s failure was that much of a serious problem to them.

There were so many suspicious things about Cecelia’s arrest.

They had to figure out what happened to her so that they could decide on their plan.


‘Let’s try to focus on mana traps for now.’


A narrow path to the dark side of Ivory Tower.

And mana traps were installed along the track.

If possible, he wanted to stop its function by capturing the control room, but time was short. As was trained, he had to proceed by dodging or neutralizing it. And that’s why his country chose him who was the expert on it.


‘A piece of cake for me.’


The assassin, Daniel, quickly proceeded by dodging or deceiving the mana traps.

He was a specialist in it. Mana traps couldn’t stop him unless any guard disrupted him.




The mana prison where Cecelia was kept locked up was the lowest floor of the jail. After Daniel had arrived there, he breathed a sigh of relief, while knocking the wall of the mana prison.


“Who’s there……?”


Cecelia’s face was full of alertness. The opponent was covering his face with a mask and hood. It could be a trial of the Ivory Tower, so she had to be careful.


“It’s me, sister.”


A young man’s voice.

Cecelia quickly recognized him and made an uncomfortable face.



“You guess well, still.”


The assassin lowered his mask and hood.

His face was covered with makeup, like a prostitute

And the makeup was melting off because of his sweat.

It wasn’t a pleasant sight to see.


“Tell me, you have something to say to me, right?”

“I, I haven’t said anything!”


The first words from her were, of course, self-defense.

It was true, though. She hadn’t said anything.

Even that she didn’t meet a man with a mask.

Whatever she said, they would ask her to explain these mana inscriptions.

So, she chose to be silent.

While she was earning some time by silence, her home country would take some action.


“I know. But not that.”

“R, release me first! I will report straight……”

“Of course I will. But we have to move separated, don’t we? And I will arrive there first, of course.”


To report as soon as he arrives, he asked her to give information to him first.

That’s what Daniel wanted, and was the right decision.

He had to report first, so his country could make some plan.


“T, the boy, Ian Page….. He knows everything.”


“The existence of the Coldwalkers, and lists of us.”

“…… Is that right?”


The youngest Archmage was the source of this event, as expected. Not just Daniel, but everyone who knew the existence of the Coldwalkers thought in same. However, they didn’t expect this much. How did he know their lists as well?


“Furthermore, He already knew about the mana inscriptions, that I hadn’t known about.”

“Most of us heard it recently. Headquarter finally told us about it.”


In whatever point of view, Ian was more than they ever imagined.

It was a serious issue for them.


“So, any other information?”

“That’s all. We don’t have a time for a chat, do we? Can we please leave now?”

“Hmm, so it is.”


After nodding, Daniel opened the door of mana prison.

Cecelia’s face turned bright.

With few more steps, she could use magic, finally.

Unlike other trained spies, she had a stronger survival desire.


“Ah, Cecelia.”

“Now wh…..”


Cecelia’s voice had stopped.

Due to a knife penetrating her thin neck.

She was still in the mana prison so she was no more than an average lady.

She couldn’t have any magical reactions, nor treatment.




Cecelia laid down while holding her bleeding neck.

While smiling, Daniel lowered his body to her eye level.


“Our bosses debated about you for a long time. About the fact that you are a 3rd class mage, so wouldn’t it be better to rescue you.”


While saying that, he wiped blood on his knife with Cecelia’s cloth.


“And this is the conclusion of the debate. Remember where we are, it is better not risk our mission for you.”


Soon, the wall would close firmly, and soldiers would block every exits.

Cecelia was very bad at running and sneaking, so she was no more than a burden.

Even her magic couldn’t help her for this.


“So why you didn’t practice harder. You got the lowest score marks among us.”


“I already knew you would end up like this when you were arrogant with your mighty magic.”


Daniel stood up.

There were so much more mocking he wanted to do, but he had no time.

“So, see you later. Goodbye.”

“And you too.”



A sudden voice of the third person.

With instinct, Daniel tried jumped away to cover his body.


“Who are…….!”

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