Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 45.1


“Sir Ian!”


At the hall of entrance of the Ivory Tower, Ian had arrived.

It was always full of passion of the young mages.

Between 5 years, there were many new faces.


“Oh, you’ve come. Today is your last day, isn’t it?”

“Your good days are gone, sir Ian.”

“Wouldn’t they give you hard work since you are still young?”


The most different thing compared to 5 years was the atmosphere.

Especially, people’s attitude to Ian had changed a lot.

They didn’t envy or look at him with jealously.

Most of them liked Ian sincerely. Unlike other Archmages, he didn’t try to rule them with authority.


“I have no choice. I’m the youngest.”

“Usually, age doesn’t matter in the Ivory Tower, does it? Whoever is better at magic is higher, isn’t it? I am actually older than you if you want to mention age.”


Lyla who just became an official mage made a joke with Ian fearlessly. To other Archmages, her action was quite rude.


“Haha, I will remember that.”


Ian was forming a new power by gathering young blood.

And this project was going swiftly.

Many people followed Ian. Not only young mages, but also some old mages supported Ian.

Ian was the new core of the Ivory Tower.


“Then, see you later.”


Ian stepped on the golden disk.

Now, he looked quite natural with it.

Actually, it suited with him more than any other in the Ivory Tower.


“So if you guys want to take this disk, work harder ~ haha.”


Ian pointed the golden disk.

And after Ian’s joke,




Young mages at the first floor booed him him.

Archmages who joked with other mages, and mages who reacted with it.

It was an extremely rare scene in the history of Ivory Tower.


“Oh, you have come.”


The lift arrived at the Tower Lord’s room.

It was the Tower Lord Harbert, who was in charge of the last individual lesson.

His face didn’t change much even though it already 5 years had passed.


“I recall the day when I heard first. It feels like it has only been a few days ago that I heard a great boy had appeared at the northern side. Now you grew up to become a young man from a kid, haha.”


The Tower Lord usually put a mask on his face, but what he just said was his true impression for today.

He was getting old as time flowed on.

He realized its flowing whenever he saw Ian.

So he felt hurried. He had many plans to execute.


“Which means I am getting old as much as you grew.”

“I am sure you will still be healthy for more than next 10 years.”


After the greetings, the Tower Lord checked the documents.

It were the reports and results of Ian’s individual lessons.


“Outstanding. Every reports are compliments of you.”


The Ivory Tower taught Ian in a very biased way.

Especially, for the Ivory Tower’s history, duty and mind attitude was almost procedure of brain washing. From beginning to end, It was full of the reasons and excuses why Ian had to be loyal to the Ivory Tower. And Ian followed the curriculum and granted very nice marks. Except that he hanged around with the crown prince, he was one of the perfect members of the Ivory Tower.


“What great luck you are for the empire and the Ivory Tower. No doubt why other young mages follow you. You are like a walking textbook of a perfect mage.”


There was a hidden intention in the Tower Lord’s compliment.

Ian formed a new stream in the Ivory Tower.

Many young mages were following Ian.

Whether Ian did it on purpose or naturally, he became their idol.

And the Tower Lord wasn’t pleased about that fact, as the highest and oldest core member of the Ivory Tower.


“Haha you make me embarrassed.”

“Hmm, you will see.”


With mysterious answer, the Tower Lord jumped over to the main topic.


“As you know, today is the last day for you. If you were a student of the academy, you would proceed through with the graduation process, and soon be sent to the other provinces. But you are a special case. Your last day of lessons will be just simple talking with this old man. Does it sound bad?”

“Not at all. It will be my honor.”

“Haha, although it’s just for common manners, it makes me feel good.”


The Tower Lord brought a ‘medal’.

It was a medal which was formed by white ivory that was scripted with the ancient imperial word.


“I congratulate that you finally became a real mage and ordered to follow your duty.”


It was a medal that proves Ian is an Archmage of the Ivory Tower, but Ian couldn’t grant it, nor needed it. It was only needed when the person was ordered to do the ‘duty of an Archmage’.


“In any place of the province, it will give you authority to order soldiers and people to serve as your will. You will need it a lot from now on.”


Archmages had the quite special duty unlike the others.

Summarized, their duty was ‘the ultimate problem solver.”

It was their duty to solve extremely hard problems such as natural disasters, or monster’s rampage. Hence, their duties were usually short intensive duty, and the power of medal was quite useful.


“Is there any area that needs an Archmage at the moment?”

“You don’t say it.”


The Tower Lord replied quickly as he awaited.

And Ian was ready to serve.

It wasn’t the kind of duty that he could avoid.

Since he was granted all the support an Archmage got, forever.


“We are short of hands. As you know, Helene is missing in action. I don’t want to burden you, but we desperately need your power.”


Which meant Ian had some responsibility of her being missing, so he had to do this job.

Ian the main reason why Helene is missing.


“Is there any work that I am capable of?”

“Haha. You are one of the best forces of our Ivory Tower. If you want, you are capable of anything. Please don’t underestimate yourself.”


As he saying, the Tower Lord released his mana. As reports of Ian had been illustrated in the air 5 years ago, summarized requests from every province were illustrated.


“I will give you a chance to choose since it’s your first time.”


From three provinces, they requested conducting of an Archmage.

The ‘Roadmeer province’ which contained the largest port city,

The ‘Benson Province’ which was producing the most amount of iron.

But most of all, it was the ‘Pieric province’ that pulled interest out of Ian.


‘It was the area where I was conducted in my former life.’


A 5 year conducting mission was the duty for every mage.

And it was the ‘Pieric province’ where Ian went for his conducting mission.


‘I heard that there was a huge issue before I was conducted to the area.’


That’s what Ian was memory told him.

And it seems this request was the ‘huge issue.’


‘The province is connected to the Eastern Great Grass Field.’


People used to say that ‘the Eastern Great Grass Field’ was filled with half by monsters, and the other half by aborigines.

And the province was in contact with such a dangerous area.

Since their daily life was war, it was the province which had the strongest infantry in the whole empire.

In addition, due to its wealthy ground, it was the most grain producing area.


“Pieric province sounds interesting to me.”

“It was the province where it was requested the most strongly. We already sent two 3rd class mages and imperial armies, but it seems that its not enough.”


Ian didn’t expect that much. They already had the empire best infantries, and conducted mages. Furthermore, they received extra imperial armies and even two 3rd class mages, but it was still not enough?


“It seems monsters from the Great Grass Field are on rampage.”


Monsters invasions from the Eastern Great Grass Field happened quite often.

And Pieric province people were already veterans with them.

But they were still sending such a desperate request?

As far as Ian knew, It wasn’t to that scale.

More and more Ian started to get interested.


“All the details are here, so please read it and give me an answer until today. If you don’t want to, I have to find……”

“You don’t have to. I am on the case.”


Ian already had decided.

If it wsd his duty, it would be easier for him to work at familiar places.


“I will go to the Pieric province.”


The first duty of Ian as an Archmage.

It was Pieric province.

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