Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 50.2

Now the next step was testing its effect.

And the proper target was there.


“Sir Mcgedie.”



Ian stood up. Then he aimed his staff at Mcgedie’s face, while injecting sufficient mana to operate the new scripted formula.




A grey light from the staff tangled Mcgedie. Soon surprising things happened. A few spells on Mcgedie, such as ‘Face Off’ which changed her face like a male, and the ‘Voice Change’ spell, etc disappeared.


“Eh…… huh?”


She started to turn into a female.

Her body and voice started to turn back to her original status.


“Why this…. Hik!”


Mcgedie quickly blocked her mouth after hearing her voice. She quickly checked her face. Her smaller nose and thinner chin answered her instead. Every magic that she used to change her appearance was cancelled.




She had learned this magic as well. Although she couldn’t use it, she knew some famous high tier spells. And this spell was one of them. It was the spell that ‘Dispelled’ a target’s ‘supportive magic’ by high chance. It must be ‘Cancelation’ magic that was scripted on the staff.

(ED Note: Yugioh anyone?Dispel?)


“S, sir Ian …..?”


She looked at Ian with round eyes. She was requiring Ian to explain this situation.


‘It works well.’


However, Ian couldn’t answer to her. His head was full of his staff. He wasn’t listening or looking at Mcgedie.


‘Now it would be perfect with the communication orb.’


With Ian’s single swing, a communication orb came out from his bag and flew to his hand. Its size and appearance was perfect as the final decoration for the top of the staff.


“Bite it.”


Soon, the staff’s branches started to tangle the communication orb as it if could listen Ian’s order. It grabbed it solidly.


“That’s right. Good boy.”


Ian petted the staff as if treating a dog. Soon, he looked at his surroundings. Naturally, his eyes met with Mcgedie’s.


“Where is the great land lord?”

“…… What?”


Mcgedie was full of embarrassment.

On the other hand, Ian was calm.


“I better return …..”

“W, wait a second, sir Ian!”


Mcgedie blocked Ian’s path. She was a little bit worried so she dared to block her senior’s path, but she had to listen his answer.


“H, how did you know?”

“What are you asking about?”

“T, that I disguised as a male….”



Ian nodded his head with a dry expression.


“I knew it since the very beginning.”

“D, did you?”

“There is a full detailed report about the conducted mages on the Ivory Tower’s report, of course. I checked it all before, Mcgedie…. I mean, Mary.”


That’s right.

What Ian said was natural.

Ian was one of the heads of the Ivory Tower.

He must have known about it.

Mary, which was her real name, started to turn red in the face.


“T, then why didn’t you tell……”

“I just thought you had a personal reason. I think the great land lord also knew it already. The personal details of the conducted mage is always handed to the land lord as well.”


It was also quite natural. However, Mary’s face was getting more red and red; it seemed like her face was going to blow up. Although it was common sense for the conducted mage, she hadn’t think about it.




She started to recall all her past actions. She acted as male in front of Ian, furthermore, to the land lord as well. She recalled from one to ten.


‘I, I am stupid…….’


She started to blame herself.


“T, then what about soldiers…?”

“No. They don’t know about that. Me and the land lord, ah, and other conducted mages as well. That’s all the people who knew about you.”


Mary thanked God that at least the soldiers didn’t know about that. If it was figured out they also had known Mary’s identity, it would shame her so much.


“I thought you would know about it. But, I apologize if I offended you.”

“N, no. You don’t have to. It’s just…..”


Mary moved to the side unnaturally. She was confused, and wanted to calm down. She didn’t block Ian’s path to receive his apologize.


“T, then do your business!”


At last, she ran out the room.




Ian felt he did something wrong.

However, he couldn’t understand her feelings perfectly.

Ian wondered.


‘Doesn’t she just need to disguise herself again?’


No idea.

While scratching his head, Ian left his room. He had to report to the great land lord before leaving the place. Ian finished his mission.


‘Let’s go back to my home.’


It was much more pleasant thing to have a home to return to than Ian had thought.



*Beat! Beat!*


Even thinking of his home made his heart beat.

It beat really fast….


“…… Huh?”


But it seemed much more than normal. Although he had been looking forward to going back home, it was way too much.


*Beat! Beat! Beat! Beat!*


Literally, the beating sounded as if it would explode soon.

He had never experience such beating, including both his former and current life.

Even drinking multiple half elixirs, which stimulated a mana heart’s activity, wouldn’t cause his heart to beat like this.




Now he started to feel pain.

He had thought of every possibility.

Was there something wrong with his body?


‘Suddenly, why?’


The heart started to beat faster and rougher.

His mana heart started to release mana.

Ian started to feel dizzy.




Suddenly, there was one possibility that struck Ian’s head.

He realised the state of his mana heart, which was still immature.




It might be a sign of his mana heart’s growth?

It wasn’t sure.

However, it was worth the check.

Ian sat down quickly to mana breathe.




While tolerating the severe pain from his heart, Ian started his mana breathing. Although every single breath of his was quite painful, he endured it again and again.


‘If this is what I expect.’


His mana pool hit the limit 5 years ago.

But this time, he might able to break his limit.

Then, he might overcome the 5th class master.


‘Becoming a 6th class beginner.’
(ED Note: So I never realised that in between classes there were subclasses as well because bloody Ian is breaking through too quickly. Apparently in each class there is beginner and a master. Not too sure if there is intermediate or middle yet but maybe we’ll know once he actually gets stuck again or something.)


Blood flowing in the opposite direction leaked from his lips, nose and ears. It was blood that was dead and dark. Whoever saw Ian’s current status would be shocked. It was fortunate that he wasn’t at home at the moment.


‘If my mother saw this…..’


She would faint.

Even in the pool of pain, Ian smiled.

His mana breath was reaching to its end.

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