Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 52.2

The emperor also didn’t want Ian to join the embassy. He just wanted Ian to over watch the Crown Prince and not let him do anything foolish and control him, or give some simple advice to him. The Emperor already knew the Crown Prince always listened to Ian’s advice carefully.


“I understand what you are worrying about, Tower Lord.”


However, Ian had a plan, a decent plan that he could join the embassy without causing any diplomatic problems.


“Then, please return. Even your existence in the city might cause severe diplomatic problems. I am sorry for your effort, but I can’t help with it.”


The Tower Lord said as if he really felt sorry for him.

His voice was full of confidence.

He never lost his gentle manner.

The more he stands higher than his opponent, the more gentle he acted.


“I will explain to the Emperor, his highness by myself…..”

“But, what if,”


Ian cut down the Tower Lord’s words.

Still, the Tower Lord didn’t reveal his unpleasantness.



“If one of Archmages decides to leave the embassy, may I replace him instead? The Emperor ordered me previously, so I think that it may be allowed flexibly.”


With Ian’s words, the Tower Lord glanced at the Archmages who came as members of the embassy. They followed his orders like an emperor. There was no chance for them to betray him.


‘Indeed. No chance.’


He had been the Tower Lord for more than 30 years. He had known every single Archmage for a long time, and he poured a lot of time and effort to persuade them to stand on his side. Some took a few years, some took more than 10 years.


‘Except those youngsters.’


It seemed as an idol of young mages, Ian Page became arrogant due to his young followers.


“Haha. If so, yes you can. But who……”


When the Tower Lord said with laughing,




An Archmage ‘Ronan’, who was one of the members of the embassy, said while stepping out. It was an old man who passionately claimed to put shackle on Ian’s neck a few years ago during the council of the Ivory Tower.


“I will be absent for the embassy.”

“…… What are you saying, Ronan?”


Again, the Tower Lord said with gentleness on his face.

Ronan used to be the one of the most strict and powerful allies to the Tower Lord.


“As I just said. We are people of the Empire, aren’t we? There is no person who can go against the order of our Emperor, his highness. Even if it is about a diplomatic problem.”


With a solid attitude, the Archmage Ronan continued his speech.


“I had learned that the mission of the embassy is a very sacred mission. However, if I can fulfill this diplomatic agreement and the Emperor’s order at the same time by leaving my position, I would gladly give my position to Ian.”


After that, Ronan approached the Crown Prince.

Soon, he bowed to him by kneeling down on one of his legs.


“This old man humbly asks the Crown Prince, your highness, to pass over this sacred mission to Ian Page. Please allow me to do, your highness.”


It was the Crown Prince who had all authority officially.

Although he only had title of

authority, his word was powerful enough to solve this issue.


“Of course! You can go back to the royal palace.”


The Crown Prince didn’t hesitate for a single moment.

There was no consideration needed since Ian would replace the vacancy.


“Ah, just a moment.”


The Crown Prince searched through the carriage as he remembered something.

Soon, he brought a few jewelries and accessories and handed those to Ronan.


“Use it whenever you need money for your journey. Go and buy some carriages, hire some horsemen as well, okay?”

“…… I, I appreciate your grace, your highness.”


The first present from the Crown Prince embarrassed Ronan for a short moment. Soon after, Ronan approached Ian. Since he turned his back to others, only Ian could see clear smile on Ronan’s face.


“Ian, from now on, you will replace my position as embassy. Please follow the Emperor’s order carefully.”


The middle aged Archmage, ‘Ronan’.

He was one of ‘can be persuaded Archmages’ according to his former experience. Although he was always extremely strict and straight, his action wasn’t focused to show ‘loyalty’ to the Tower Lord, nor ‘stand’ on the side of the Ivory Tower,


‘He only moves for his individual magical talent development.’


Every mage liked to be developed, but Ronan was obsessed with it. Most of the other Archmages stopped training themselves hard while instead going through an easy and supported life from the Empire. But his thirst of magic was getting bigger and bigger as he got older.


‘I knew he would be persuaded by simply teaching him my enhanced mana breathing.’


He didn’t like Ian due to the result of inferiority. However, after he learnt magic from Ian individually, he didn’t feel inferiority from Ian any more. Instead, he wanted to learn more from him. Especially after he learnt Ian’s special mana breathing, he completely turned to ‘Ian’s side.’ It was just because learning from Ian enhanced him much faster than learning under the Tower Lord for 15 years.


“Thank you, senior.”

“No problem at all, It is our duty as the people of the Empire, isn’t it?”


After meaningless talk, Ronan whispered to Ian.


“After this event finishes, teach me more of that.”


‘That’ must be meant mana breathing. After Ian nodded, Ronan left the place quickly. And he didn’t forget to recite what the Tower Lord had said.


“Then, this old man may leave this area quickly. Even my existence in the city might cause severe diplomatic problem……. As the Tower Lord said.”


It wasn’t in the Tower Lord’s plan. His plan had been ruined fluently. Ian appeared suddenly, Ronan betrayed him suddenly, and Ian joined to the embassy all of sudden.


“Ha, Haha…..”


With a complicated mind, the Tower Lord laughed.

There was deep sinking feeling and anger in his laugh.

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