Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 54

‘Well, every one to his trade, they said.’

During this week, that’s Ian’s evaluation on the crown prince. He had not bad memorizing skill. Of course Ian supported him with few supportive spells to reduce his tiredness, but still, he did much more than Ian had expected.

‘He actually impressed me.’

Since Ian had no expectation on him at all, the crown prince’s passion of learning moved Ian deeply. It was the best moment of the crown prince Ian ever had experienced.

‘Of course, dealing in real situation is different story though.’

The council would be held at the town hall of neutral city Demidera, the biggest meeting room of it. Only reclaimers of each country, one high rank soldier who could made a decision about their armies and supplement, and two arch mages who could discuss of magical support are allowed to attend the meeting.

‘There are many familiar faces.’

Ian had rewound his time, and the main hero who united three countries to one. He knew most of celebrities from each country.

‘I hope he doesn’t get pressured.’

Would the crown prince manage himself to make his own speech? Ian started to worry even before its start.

‘Wait. Why I am worrying for him?’

Ian scratched his chick with awkwardness. He never imagined a day come that he worried for the crown prince. Except mother, Ledio and Douglas, it was Ian’s first time he worry someone in this new life.

‘Maybe, it’s not my first time.’

Suddenly, he recalled 5 years ago that he sent an advice to the crown prince about the fashionable society. He did it because he worried about the crown prince.

‘…… Let’s stop thinking about it.’

While Ian was trying to self deny himself,

The arbiter of this meeting, the mayor ‘Engolo’ had entered to the great council room. He wore quite formal cloth

“My name is Engolo Navil, 19th Demidera mayor, the arbiter of this council. From now on, every word we speak here will be recorded, and I have authority to halt this meeting, in emergency. Please remind that.”

With introduction of the mayor, the council had started. Since it had been 10 years from last meeting of 3 countries, the atmosphere was heavy and full of nervousness. There were more than 3 thousands of soldiers from each countries were staying near the city. Direct intermediate was definitely required from 3rd person.

“As you know, since our Principality’s path to the great grass field is narrow and rough, we can’t operate big squads and support supplements. So, we want to support this conquest by mages and elite knights rather than soldiers, and money rather than supplement.”

The starting topic was deciding army supports and its method.

The true social power holder of the principality of Lo, Duke Benart, his son ‘Maxwell Benart’ spoke his first claim with the continent official language. Even it wasn’t his mother language, he spoke it fluently.

“Actually, we already discussed about this with Coldwood Empire before. Ah, do not misunderstand it though. If Greenriver Empire mined about this decision, we will gladly re discuss about this.”

While saying that, Maxwell looked at Hayden Greenriver. Soon, other people looked at him as well. The problem was only their ‘eyes’ were heading to the crown prince.

‘Their ears are focusing on Ragnar.’

They already have enough information about the crown prince. Succeeding issue of Greenriver Empire was quite famous. The great current Emperor kept tried to succeed the crown prince, but this stupid crown prince didn’t make it easy. They also knew the 5th prince’s talent.

‘Speak it, as you have practiced.’

It was only Ian who had a hope that the crown prince would give proper answer for this in the meeting room. So, Ian was more desperate.

However, the crown prince Hayden couldn’t open his mouth easily. The 5th prince Ragnar, who was sitting next to him, prepared to start his speech as he knew it. He was sure this idiot crown prince wouldn’t able to answer.

“Instead of the crown prince highness, I…”

When Ragnar was about to start his speech,

“…… About the army supports,”

The crown prince started his speech as he decided.

Soon, everyone’s ears focused on the crown prince.

“I would give authority to our Empire’s great commander, the flawless strategic leader, Dunken Mitos. I already have an expert of war here, so I do not have to say about this myself, don’t I?”

The crown prince’s voice was full of nervous.

Although his voice shook little bit, but he didn’t falter

“Sir Dunken.”

“Ah, yes. I will give answer instead.”

Complimented the great commander quickly managed his mind. He wasn’t embarrassed due to the crown prince’s compliment, but his attitude. He didn’t expect the crown prince to say like that.

“As this old man think, about the request of Principality of Lo…..”

Although he was confused about the crown prince’s action, Dunken Mitos did his best for what he ordered. He had thought Ragnar would be better Emperor, but he was still very loyal to the current Emperor and his country. He did what he can do for his Empire.

‘Good start.’

By its scenery, Ian relieved.

Beginning of the meeting was much better than Ian had expected. Although the crown prince simply answered to an expected question, he chose right answer among those many answers he had prepared with Ian.

‘Just keep going.’

Not just worrying, now Ian started to cheer the crown prince.

Ian didn’t deny himself for now.

That man was doing something good.

Who Ian thought just an idiot was doing his job greatly.

‘Let people reconsider about your true talent.’

After that, the council flew relatively fluently. The crown prince spoke when he had to, and kept silence when he had to. He strictly followed what Ian had taught him, which he had practice more than thousand times.

‘Last moment is coming.’

Ian felt comfortable now.

As he expected, soon they would discuss about ‘dividing’ territory and resources of the great grass field after conquest.

‘The most important part of today’s meeting.’

Not only Ian, but every others thought this was the most important one.

The great grass field was affluent. Plenty of resources were expected to come out from the field. Dividing it fairly, or take some advantage in this process was the biggest aiming point of today’s meeting for three countries.

“Let’s deal with this straightly.”

The crown prince of Coldwood Empire, ‘Hector Coldwood’ said while tapping his knee. Unlike to the Greenriver Empire, the crown prince was the core of Coldwood’s political power.

‘He killed every his brothers except born from his mother.’

Opposite to his cool voice, he was cold and serpent like man. The man was the biggest block for uniting three countries in former life, continued his words.

“Dividing into three spaces equally? That wouldn’t be fair. Each territory had different kind and amount resources, and its quality is various. Who would want to play random number generating game here?”

Although the great grass field was affluent territory, there were huge differences between its areas. Furthermore, considering hidden resources under the ground, the difference was bigger. If they just considering its distance to their own country and divide this land into three pieces equally, one of them must be regret it.

“If we do so, there must be at least one country who would receive extra benefits while others don’t. And it will ruin our relationships. And ruined relationships will be leaded to war easily, don’t you think?”

He was right. All this countries were ‘big country’ who desire to unite the continent one day. These three countries had survived by conquering other many small kingdoms. Small spark would easily bring flame of war into this land.

“At least, my country doesn’t want such disaster for now. There would be nothing bad for remaining as peace for thousand years. So, if any of you have good plan, please tell me. Let’s divide it without any trouble, and go back to home satisfied.”

After manly speech of Hector Coldwood, the meeting room remained quiet.

“Tower lord.”

On the other side, Ragnar eye contacted with the tower lord.

They were about to release their ultimate blow that would turn the tides.

Ragnar didn’t have single chance until now.

Unexpected situation made him nervous.

‘Ian Page, you bastards….!’

It was obvious. It must be he who made this situation. That bastards must persuaded his idiot brother to speak like that. Otherwise, that idiot, how could he do like this?

‘I had to fix it from now on.’

The tower lord nodded.

Ragnar started to open his mouth.

To the people in the council.

“I humbly suggest you one th……”

All of sudden

“A perfect method!”

Unlike Ragnar with careful voice, someone shouted loud and confidently. There was only one who could make such confident voice which was rather sounded like arrogant. He was born to it.

“I have a plan.”

It was the crown prince Hayden.

Thanks to that, Ragnar’s speech was silenced.

“Then tell us everything what you know the crown prince highness.”

The arbiter of the council, Engolo spoke in haste.

He had authority to do so,

At least in this council.

“Our Empire’s the ivory tower, precisely, at the mage tower, we invented new magic. It is massive detecting magic that allows us to detect hidden resources under the ground, and also let us estimate its amount.

By his word, every people in the council’s reactions were various. Most of celebrities in other countries were doubt about such magic, but Ragnar and the tower lord couldn’t manage their faces.

‘H, how…?’

They both thought same thing. ‘Resource Detect Spell’ was their wild card. For today the tower lord invented it by himself, and of course he never introduced it to the ivory tower before.

“Is that true?”

Other countries’ embassies asked him its very existence.

The crown prince on fire said while pointing Ian.

“Of course. I am sure all of you have heard about him at once. The youngest arch mage in the history of Our Empire, Ian Page had invented it by himself.”

With his word, the tower lord shook his hands.

He felt like his spell got stolen.

However, it wasn’t likely to be happened. He could made a magic by simple imagine, didn’t he? If he wanted to make, he could. But problem was.

‘Did he also knew that resource detect spell would be required for this meeting?’

He couldn’t believe that. He thought Ian was innocent brat who only interested in the magic. He didn’t expect this youngster to see through key point of this meeting.


Many people were amazed. It was ultimate key that would solve the problem of the meeting. Furthermore, it was unique technology that only the Greenriver Empire had. They had to admit it.

“By using the magic, we will make sort of ‘resource map’. Of course we also had to check the quality of the soil, as well. And after that, according to map, we may divide it into several pieces.”

The crown prince was on fire.

He now leaded the whole council.

“And we will divide those pieces fairly to three countries. Considering soil itself quality, and resources under it. Borderline may be confused, but we may spend more than 10years to just focus on its developing and mining, aren’t we?”


Positive reactions came out from the council.

Except the tower lord and Ragnar, people nodded.

“I am sure there is no other better plan.”

As long as the resource detect spell existed, there were no other better options. Basically, they desired hidden resources of the territory, rather than its soil itself. And such ultimate magic were exclusive on the Greenriver Empire.

“I guess you all agree with this.”

Soon, the crown prince gave final blow to this meeting,

The final blow that his Empire had authority for this meeting.

“That’s all.”

The main hero of today’s council was obviously, one man.

The crown prince of Greenriver, who had numberless infamous titles, such as;


Good appearance empty can

Trouble maker of the Greenriver royalty

Hayden Greenriver was the main hero.

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