Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 60

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“Do you know where the rest are?”

(How would I know that? I haven’t seen any. It must have been five hundred years since I last saw any of them. No, it’s probably been more than five hundred years.)

“Five hundred….”

Ian and the Fairy Queen moved the gems to her nest and they were now returning to the imperial city. As they walked, they had a lot of time to talk. Of course, the more they talked, the more Ian became aware of the significant difference in their age.

“Who is Laden Zu?”

(I can’t tell you that.)

“Rejected again. Does it have something to do with dragons?”

(It does.)

The Fairy Queen would only answer certain questions. It seems like this ‘superior power’ that had been placed over the Fairy Queen outranked the words of power Ian had received.

‘These words aren’t all-powerful.’

Of course, Ian didn’t care. Only one time did the Fairy Queen refuse to answer and that was when she was talking about the dragons. In every other situation, she was forced to be completely obedient to Ian. Even if Ian were to tell her to kill herself, she’d have to listen.

“Do you have a name?”

(Of course. Why are you asking about my name all of a sudden?)

“I think it may cause problems if I keep calling you ‘Queen.’ Oh, also, while we’re in the imperial city, I’d like it if you’d remain in your human form.”

Ian could see the far-off walls of the imperial city. He had managed to successfully arrive before the delegate. In fact, he was at least ten days earlier than them. Oliver and the Prince aided him in his arrival.

(You want me to stay in such a detestable appearance….)

“You changed before.”

(That was only because I had to in order to remove the bag.)

“Then, just think that this is another reason you have to change. It’s your duty.”

That’s right. She really had no choice.

What could she do against their words of power? She was a Fairy Queen that was forced to change into a human while looking at Ian with disgust.


(Is there something else you want to complain about?)

“No, it’s nothing like that.”

Ian looked over the now human Fairy Queen.

He slowly began to speak.

“Couldn’t you appear more normal?”


“It’s just that even in your human form you’re still quite conspicuous.”

This was true. When she was in her Fairy Queen form it would be impossible for her to go without notice unless she were to hide in a bag. However, even as a human she wasn’t ordinary. No, she was still extremely noticeable.

(This is the only human form I can change into.)

“Are there other forms you can change into that aren’t human?”

(This guy….)

The Fairy Queen changed into a new form while complaining under her breath. This time it was a bird, but it was a peacock with very vibrant, pink tail feathers.

(Is this good enough?)

“It’s still a little….”

(How about this?)

She next changed into a light pink wolf.

Its size was probably larger than a bull.

Why is every form she can take so conspicuous?

(Can you change into any small, normal looking creatures?)

(A small, normal creature….)

The Fairy Queen looked deep in thought for several minutes. Soon, she, once again, changed her shape. She remained the same, very noticeable, pink colour, but everything else met Ian’s conditions.

(Is this good enough for you?)

She was a small ‘cat.’

Disregarding the hair colour, this was the best form for her to be in.

It was easily the most ordinary form she had taken.

“That’s okay.”

(Ha! Why do you have to be so difficult and rude?)

This form was good enough to meet Ian’s conditions. If most people see a cat, they usually won’t think twice about it. If anyone asks about the colour Ian can just say, “It’s a strange effect that was caused by exposure to magic.”

‘It’s either this or I can keep her in a bag or a bottle.’

The Fairy Queen would never agree to that.

Ian was fortunate that she was able to transform into something normal.

“Can you tell me your name now?”

(Knowing my name is a privilege. Only those I deem worthy can have the privilege of knowing my name. I’ll only tell you it once, so listen properly.)

What could her name possibly be? Ian soon knew the answer.

(This body is the seventh Queen of all the faeries. My name is Lysis Kilel Basforei Laberera Espelia Suleiman the Seventh.)


Ian was lost for words.

That name was just too big.

That’s probably the longest name in the entire continent.

(There was a man that saved me. Each time he came to the human world he would give me a new human name. It was either the name of a human I liked or just a name that I liked the sound of. I know what you must be thinking, but that name is very precious to me.)

The Fairy Queen had now changed back to her original form. She was smiling as she was thinking about pleasant memories from her past. It was only for a short while, but, for that time, she lost her usual cold demeanour.

“No, it’s a wonderful name.”

(You really think so?)

“Sure. Though…the name is just too long for a cat. How about changing ‘Espelia’ to just ‘Espel?’ I think it sounds good.”

Ian picked out the part of her long name he liked the most and the Fairy Queen didn’t protest. All the names that ‘He’ chose for her are precious.

“You’ll have to go by the name Espel here.”

(I’m going to have to act as your pet cat. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get past this shame.)

The Fairy Queen was saddened but she had no choice but to become the pink cat Espel.

If I disappear, please delay the start of the mission for as long as possible.”

“Delay? Why?”

“I’m not sure why they’ve been delayed but I believe it may have something to do with Ian’s magic.”

It was the first time they had seen cloning magic. Even the tower lord was surprised.

Captain Oliver Raywood was the first person to see this magic.

“There must be a reason why such a high-level of magic had to be used. Don’t you think I should be given some time to fix this problem?”

The Prince listened to Oliver’s statement. In celebration of the successful negotiations, they held a banquet and reduced the amount the soldiers would have to march. Of course, whenever he had the opportunity to rest, he would do so.

“Hahaha! Just keep pushing forward! Our empire is the only one capable of this magic, so we should take a few more pieces of land while we have the chance! It’s better than waiting around like this!”

It was the same thing they were doing ten days ago in the imperial city. A good drink in a big town. The Prince, knights, and soldiers were all there.

“Umm…are you all getting tired of hearing this story over and over again?

“What? Ah, no. That kind of story really gets me pumped up every time I hear it.”

A middle-aged soldier stepped forward hoping to gain favour with his Prince. However, his words were also his true feelings. The soldiers truly felt inspired when they would hear the stories describing the achievements of the Crown Prince. If these actions were accomplished by Ragnar then the soldiers would just think this is what a great person like Ragnar does, but in the case of the Crown Prince, it was a different matter.

“Is that so? Haha! Then, I’ll continue. Where was I? Ah! I told a small lie that the mineral-sensing magic is impossible to use without our help. This allowed us to gain a few more pieces of land! Right after that, those fools started spouting nonsense. So…..”

It was a type of sick pleasure he took in seeing someone else experience misfortune. Until recently, people thought lightly of the Crown Prince. Even though there were few that knew there was something different about him, but they still, naturally, underestimated the Crown Prince. As a human not possessing any extraordinary abilities but only in a position of power due to his bloodline, they didn’t expect much from him. However, such a person achieved a great success in these negotiations.


On the side, 5th prince Ragnar watched the Crown Prince flapping his gums from a suitable distance, then entered the Tower Lord Herbert’s tent while gritting his teeth.

“Your Majesty.”

The tower lord was reading a letter from someone. It was a secret report he had recently received.

“What are you thinking about now?”

Ragnar’s voice was cold. He knew that this situation and the negotiation had all began from the Tower Lord’s scheming. In other words, it was a plan Ragnar was for, but he couldn’t do anything. That idiot Crown Prince has given me a chance to reevaluate my position.

“What did you say before? Ian Page should be removed before he becomes a problem. Isn’t that what you’ve always said?”

“Yes, I’ve said that.”

“Every time I asked you, didn’t you give me the same answer? If we wait a little while, he’ll become a useful weapon. You said this too, right?”

“That is also true.”

“But what about now? Is he a useful weapon?”

Even with Ragnar’s agitated tone, his facial expression did not change. Instead, he scanned the letter once more and whispered out loud to himself.

“Yes. This old man’s idea was wrong. I should have acted faster, but I was too late. Who would have thought that he’d be able to create the magic that did not exist?”

In this letter, there was a report of Ian’s clone also appearing in the imperial city. In other words, he made two high-level clones. At this point, it was past rage and almost to admiration. A mage’s pure admiration for another mage’s powerful magic.

“Your majesty, I will not give you any more excuses. I don’t want to tell you not to worry, but this will be the last time.”


“I am begging you to wait just a little while longer. This will be the last time I ever ask you for such a favour.”

The Tower Lord called out to someone in the corner of the tent that Ragnar hadn’t even noticed. She was wearing a black robe and hood that covered her face, but her figure was obviously that of a woman.

“That magic that should not exist isn’t only restricted to Ian Page. Come here, Helene. You two haven’t been properly introduced yet.”

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The woman that appeared wearing a black robe, the one responsible for carrying out the order of the tower lord to deliver the ‘black magic’ to the king of the eastern great plains, “Helene” removed her hood.

“It’s…nice…to meet you….”

She spoke in a strange way. Slow and irritable. Her voice was extremely dark and gloomy. Ragnar would normally be able to recognize Helene’s voice. She was a very arrogant mage, wasn’t she? This voice would never belong to a woman like that.

“Ah, nice to meet you Hele…haa….”

Ragnar’s gaze met with Helene’s.

His heart began to sink.

He felt as if he may pass out.

Her piercing eyes didn’t feel human.


The whites of her eyes were gone.

Her eyes were pitch black

Her eyes reminded Ragnar of a demon from a storybook.

“There’s no reason for you to be so shocked. She is human and a loyal servant of the child. She’s more than willing to give her life to protect his majesty.”

Helene removed her hood when the lord gestured for her to do so. She didn’t show any arrogance or emotion of any kind.

“That man that has been a thorn in your majesty’s side will soon be offering you his own life as a gift to you. I ask only that your majesty sees fit to forgive this poor servant for their inadequacy.”

The ‘black magic’ that he had studied in secret for the past five years or more. In the past, the tower lord’s black magic never had any reason to be used.  

The day when the delegation was set to return came. All of the mages, excluding the senior mage and the delegation’s high mage, from the ivory tower were gathered in the front courtyard of the ivory tower. Of course, Ian was also there.

“This is the latest mana storage device you ordered. If I could quantify the amount of mana this could store I’d probably say…it’s a lot. Probably equivalent to the amount of mana a sixth-class mage would have.”

Until five years ago, he was an apprentice at ‘Thram’s Workshop.’ Now, however, Vans has become one of the most promising talents at the workshop. He began to explain the product to Ian.

“To be honest, we didn’t have anyone stronger than a fifth class mage to test it, but I believe it should be able to hold a good amount more.”

Vans relayed this information to Ian and to all of the other mages present. Inside of the cart that sat in front of the ivory tower was a mana reservoir that was larger than all other reservoirs in existence.

“Excuse me for saying this Ian, but what could you possibly need such a large storage device for? — If you can’t tell me the reason, that’s fine!”

Vans looked very intrigued. Why would Ian need so much mana? On top of that, it would’ve been much cheaper to use multiple smaller mana pots and this would’ve also taken up less space.

“I’d just like to register my class.”

“You want to register your class?”

Class registration.

It is the act of renewing your mage class that is recorded in the roster at the ivory tower. Ian never registered his class ever since becoming a senior mage. So, on the roster, Ian Page is still a fourth class mage.

‘Thanks to some rumours.’

To others, Ian appears to be hiding his growth or he’s stagnating. For a while, there was a rumour spreading among those near Ian. Most people seemed to believe his power was stagnating. The only reason Ian Page was even in the position he’s in, was due to the recognition he received from his fellow mages.

“A senior mage would normally have several storage devices already. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard from other mages in the tower.”

“I’ll still need more.”


Ian was no longer listening to Vans questions. He was now moving the massive mana reservoir to the centre of the gathered mages. Everyone’s eyes instantly focused on it.

“I-Is that real?”

“That’s not possible.”

The gathered mages all looked astonished at the sight of the mana reservoir. There was only one reason they would all be gathered here. Ian was going to register his class by any means. It’s been five years and Ian is still the “youngest” senior mage ever and an idol to young mages everywhere.


The gargantuan mana reservoir was placed in front of everyone.

Ian approached the front and placed his hand on it.

“As you may have already guessed, the reason I wanted you all to gather here is pretty simple. I was able to gain a form of magical enlightenment while on my mission. And now, I will show you the result of that enlightenment.”

Ian said this with a forceful tone. What could this awakening be? How strong is it? The gathered mages were all intrigued.

“I would have liked to demonstrate this power in front of the completed ivory tower, but I can’t stand to wait any longer. I know it’s a bit rude, but I have to do this now.”

Many of the mages nodded after Ian finished speaking. Of course. After all, they are also mages. They can understand better than anyone else the kind of excitement one feels after awakening to stronger powers.

“I hope that you’ll all be able to understand why I’m so excited about this awakening. No, I’m sure you’ll be able to understand.”

He truly believed they’d be able to understand. So far, that was the only true thing Ian said.

‘In the seat of the Ivory Tower, I’ll become the strongest.’

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