Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 61 part2

The result of today’s show was completely different from 5 years ago.

Ian didn’t breathe roughly, and his body was caught in a shining blue light.

His eyes were full of a blue aura.

This was the temporary effect of Mana Drain.

The massive amount of mana Ian had injected to the storage, was reabsorbed into Ian.

“Did he just use Mana Drain…..?

“So he overcame the 5th class?”

“I, is that mean he is now stronger than…..”

They knew Ian was a Great Mage.

They were aware of that he had an unfathomable talent not heard of in history, and soon he would overcome the Tower Lord’s level.

Most of the Ivory Tower expected the day would come in the future.

However, it was not now. It was way earlier than they had expected.

“Q, quickly! Chec, check the capacity of this storage……”

Some mages quickly moved around. Mages who had been trading hextech devices started to check if that the storage really could hold mana of the 6th class, and the secretary who records the class registration quickly went back to the Ivory Tower to record many historical new records that were achieved by today’s class registration.

“S, sir Ian. What the……”

“6th class? And with Mana Drain spell?”

Mages who used to follow Ian gathered around Ian. There were so many things they wanted to ask. Few months ago, he was about 4th class master, wasn’t he? However, after he visited the Great Grass Field, he became 6th class all of sudden.

“What the heck did you see in the Great Grass Field? Did you meet something like a dragon?”

“It would be already shocking enough if you become 5th class, but now what, 6th class? Please don’t say this is all a set up to fool me, do you?”

(ED Note: whoever said this has a too high of an opinion of himself. An MC playing a prank just on some side characters. puh-lease.)

6th class was literally a class from the legends, not only for normal people but even to mages. Actually, mages knew even better how far and unimaginable the class was, so they always dreamed to see such a level. Then, Ian appeared with such a level of class. It was natural they were full of curiosity.

“Let’s get inside first. It is quite cold outside.”

After Ian calmed down them, as he walked into the tower with confident smile, many mages followed him, with eyes of curiosity and respect.

7 days later.

The march of the embassy just arrived to the Royal Palace. The people of the empire greeted them greatly. The main character was, of course, the Crown Prince Hayden. His great success at the council already had spread throughout the whole continent.

“Welcome! Crown Prince Highness!”

People made a way and bowed their heads. This time, they didn’t just bow due to being afraid of the royal blood. They were sincerely bowing to the Crown Prince with respect. The success of this Crown Prince, who was once regarded as a useless idiot, moved many people’s heart.

“Your highness! Please give me your glorious smile!”

One immature girl of a noble family shouted while waving her hand. The Crown Prince was famous for his very handsome face, not only infamous for his stupidness.


As he heard the favor of the girl, the Crown Prince ordered the march to stop. Soon this blond handsome man approached to the girl.

“Y, your highness!”

As she didn’t expect him to really come, she bowed her head with fear, and the Crown Prince relieved her by giving a flower to her. Nobody knew where he brought the flower from, but it was a quite normal yellow colored petal flower.

(ED Note: True mage right here.)

“Your highness…?”

“Take it. It is hard to find in the capital city.”

After giving the flower to the girl, the Crown Prince came back to his carriage. And he didn’t forget to wave his hand to the people. He looked like a famous handsome actor, rather than the Crown Prince.

“Hey, captain. How was I? Good?”

The march of embassy started again soon. The Crown Prince asked Oliver, who was walking near his carriage. It seemed he wanted to receive some feedback of his action he had just showed to the people.

“Uh…. That was…..”

“That was?”

“At least it would be good memory for her…..”

While Oliver was in embarrassment, a savior had appeared.

Oliver quickly moved the Crown Prince’s attention.

“Your highness, sir Ian had come.”

“What? Ian?”

Quickly, the Crown Prince stretched his neck out of the carriage, and looked around. Soon, he could see where Ian was. Actually, Ian was not alone, but he came with other mages of the Ivory Tower, hundreds of mages including 5 Archmages.

With that scenery, the Crown Prince’s face became stone. It made him recall a bad memory from 5 years ago. It happened when he came to the city with Ian, from the Mogrian Province, and the Tower Lord and his followers took away the prisoner Cecilia rudely.

“Why is he with those bastards…..”

5 years ago, the Ivory Tower stomped the Crown Prince’s pride in front of the whole populace. Was Ian trying to do that again?

“The Crown Prince, your highness.”

However, it didn’t happen.

Actually, the exact opposite situation happened.

“The Archmage of the Ivory Tower, Ian Page, and the other mages, sincerely welcome and celebrate your successes at the council of three countries.”

The mana enchanted voice of Ian was well spread to the embassy, as well as all the people who were there. Furthermore, they bowed their heads soon after Ian’s announcement. They showed their respect to the march of Crown Prince.

“……. Ha, HA! HA! HA!”

The Crown Prince laughed.

Oliver nodded his head as well.

It was totally different to 5 years ago.

It was the exact opposite.

5 years ago, the Ivory Tower mages blocked the march of the Crown Prince to ‘show off power of the Tower Lord and the Ivory Tower’. But today, they blocked the march of Crown Prince to ‘show off the success of Ian and the Crown Prince.’ Ian confirmed the Crown Prince made such a great success that even mages showed their respect, as well as Ian Page, who was the new trend of the Ivory Tower.

‘What are those bastards doing…..?’

The Tower Lord shook his fists furiously. Ian’s action caused him to be furious in so many ways. Ian showed off his social power in the Ivory Tower, and smashed down the pride of Ivory Tower to the ground in front of all the citizens.

‘You, you dare……!’

Soon, the march of embassy started.

The Tower Lord’s eyes made contact with Ian’s.

The Tower Lord’s face was full of anxiousness.

On the other hand, Ian made warm smile.

It was a hypocritical smile that the Tower Lord used to use.

Ian was mimicking such smile.

That was the beginning of the ‘main conflict’.

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