Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage / Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 82

The Trap (2)

The merchant, Roberto, waited a moment before he spoke.

He leaned in close to Auburn’s ear.

“This is something related to Dragon.”

“Dra, Dragon household?”

“This is the most treasured object in our group. A book that came from the northern end of the Cold Wood nation, which is being reborn. One might know this to be precisely an article of quality, it does not need inspection, right? My mind also went blank the first time I saw this.”

There was no other choice. It was a dragon household article that was gently spewing out unique magic. Nobles would know the spells of the Dragon and normal humans would feel the unusual aura it radiated.


Roberto closed the lid of the locker. The dazed eyes of Auburn Parker regained its sanity. For a while, he had been inexpressibly fascinated and drawn towards it.

“This is indeed, for yourself. You can record the highest amount……”

“If that’s so, it would be better. Will it be in the secret auction to be hosted by Duke Auburn? It is my desire that your high reputation will be more established with this thing of the Dragon household.”

After the merchant finished his work, he looked at Auburn Parker and got to the point.

“If you don’t mind, may I put up a request?”

“Request? What do you want?”

It was because he saw a great thing.

Or was it because of the flattery that he heard?

Auburn’s voice became smooth.

“For this auction there is a recommended person who needs to be a participant. Please consider inviting them.”

“Hmm, if this wasn’t an auction that I was hosting, as you might know, it wouldn’t be possible for just anyone. You must have known that much.”

“It is someone who does not fall under the category of the nobles. They have a lot of interest in the Dragons and has often bought these kind of antiques from us.”

“Oh, there was someone like that who I didn’t know about?”

“It is possible. That person isn’t a noble.”

“……. Are you kidding me right now?”

Why are those who aren’t nobles called?

A secret hobby of the nobles?

Auburn Parker’s voice raised.

“You’ve misunderstood.”

“What did I misunderstand? Nobility cannot be bought with money!”

“Those were the words you’ve spoken. It is a customer who wants to recommend a participant for the auction. He has inherited nobleness that cannot be compared with money; the blood of the Imperial family.”

At this statement, Auburn Parker fell silent for a moment. Someone with the blood of the Imperial Family? Someone from the Imperial family who has interest in dragons and their related things?

‘The fifth prince? No, there is no way for that.’

The fifth prince Ragnar already belonged to the ‘The Order of Dragon’, where Auburn was also a member. The missionary activities do not intervene with the ‘antique collecting trend’ at all. Even if they do, there is no reason for them to interfere in such a cumbersome manner, as it is a simple thing that can be accomplished by oneself or with the teachers.

“Is it definitely someone who has inherited the blood, that is the truth?”

“It’s the truth.”

The person who answered was not the merchant Roberto, as it sounded like a woman’s voice. An elegant and cheerful voice came from the wagon from which Roberto brought the Dragons’ item.

“It has been a while. Duke Auburn.”

The voice belonged to the Imperial Princess.

The only younger sibling of the Prince.

It was ‘Hailey Greenriver’.

“Princess, Miss princess? Miss, what………”

“A trend is something that women are supposed to lead. Aren’t a lot of nobles already taking part in this?”

Immediately, Auburn Parker’s head started to feel dizzy. The princess’s appearance was lacking something that could not be seen. Firstly, what is a trend? It is culture that people follow. As the princess said, many noble women had also started to join the fad. At this point, no one knew.

‘If it is a princess, then it is easy to fall into the fashion.’

A princess lacked a lot in many ways. Using marriage as a tool, the royal family was linked with the nobility, it was nothing more than an ideal setting.  Also if one does not fulfill their obligation as a tool, one will be given less priority. There are quite a lot of princesses who are afflicted with powerlessness in history.

‘There is nothing that could be done, except dressing up and buying luxuries.’

Auburn turned his head casually. An emerging wave will start the trend and the crowded markets will turn towards this fad as the princess of the nation surpasses nobility. Furthermore, believing in the princess would lead to a chance for the religious order.

“You did. Even so Miss, I didn’t know that you were interested in matters relating to the nobles. No, it seems like you already have the proficiency to follow the former members……”

“It isn’t that extreme. Um, only a little?”

“Haha, little you say! Since you’ve come, go on with confidence. Everyone is a VIP and every seat has a prize, but I’ll prepare a very special seat for the Miss.”

“You would really do that?”

“That is what I said.”

The secret auction hosted by Parker was held in a cottage a short distance outside of the Empire. Auburn Parker and Princess Hailey went into the cottage. Maybe there would be a few nobles inside.


Once Roberto confirmed that the princess and Duke entered, the bellied Boien group member took a breath and turned away. He was like a vicious trader because of his fat body and the first impression, often misunderstood as lazy, but Roberto wasn’t such a person. He was a merchant who had conscience, but his flesh was bloated because of a chronic illness, struggling to keep up with the body in the following years.

‘I know very well, Roberto.’

He had jumped onto a gambling board in his life.

This was a huge gamble that he needed to do.

‘If I succeed, I will be the first trading partner between the Ivory Tower, its related areas and the group. Ivory Tower, academy, communication centre, alchemy, magic engineering, and many more could be monopolized.’

The name of the Mogrian’s Boien Group was greatly known, as they were on the top of the conduit and were quite large. This was a definite thing six years ago, and they were open to talk about expanding their business.

‘Homage will be paid to me gradually.’

Then an incident broke out inside the Group. It wasn’t just a single case, it was overlapped with numerous betrayals that left them in a difficult spot. When this happened, Ian came to dispose the bodies of the goblins, and were able to process the profits to the urgent problems.

‘Yes, I know very well. As a merchant and as a human. If it wasn’t for Mr. Ian we would be in ruins now.’

The profit for the goblins carcasses did not amount to much. It solved around five of the whites problems, however those five figures were the footsteps for the other problems.

‘The situation was the same, it was the same mentally.’

He just waited for the day he would be paid, and he finally got the chance. Now he felt like he was a young man. The sixth class mage Ian who even climbed up to the tower, came towards Roberto in person.

‘He was obviously a twelve year old kid and he is already in the Ivory Tower. It isn’t a crime.’

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