Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 1

Chapter One Reflection in the Water


I wanted lots of love, but nobody was willing to give it to me.

Was it because I wasn’t obedient?

Why does everyone want to abandon me?

But even if it’s like this, I won’t give up hope.

I know that there isn’t someone that could certainly stay with one until they grew old.

If I had a second life,

I definitely don’t want to be like this.

Just staying alive for the purpose of staying life.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It really is very exhausting. A very strange feeling.

My mouth felt very obscure and there was an intense feeling of hunger.

After an exhausting struggle to waken, I finally opened my eyes and discovered that my hand held a lotus leaf. What was even more depressing was that my mouth also had that obscure and strange odor. It was the smell of this lotus leaf.

What was this disorderly circumstance, ah…….

Why would I be at this type of exquisite, ancient lakeside pavillion? Why would she be stupid to the point of eating a lotus leaf? Why is her stomach so hungry, ah?

With her dizzy and blurry vision, she realized that she had gotten scared…..

In front of her, burts of urgent footsteps could be heard accompanied by melodious and surprised voice. “Miss, miss, Aunt Qing found delicious things!”

Food? Without thinking, she snatched the things in the other person’s hands. Several pastries nearly fell on the floor alongside some chicken legs that had already had a few bites taken out of it. Wu wu wu wu…… She wolfed down the food.

Wu wu wu wu. If this was during an ordinary time, she wouldn’t even glance at these things that were usually given to the dogs to eat!

Her stomach finally stopped protesting. The voice once again sounded out, carrying a bit of a sobbing tone, “Miss, enjoy your meal, don’t choke. Aunt Qing’s to blame, she can’t find food, allowing Miss to be hungry to this extent.”

Satisfied, she rubbed her stomach. She finally lifted her head up, seriously and clearly looking at the person in front of her: the person looked to be about seventeen or eighteen with a delicate face. Their hair was combed into two buns, one on the right and the other on the left side of her head. They wore a green garment…… The clothing was extremely traditional, one of a maid from a soap opera.  

Eh, who came to inform her of her current condition?

Okay, her only concern was herself. She had no mother and no father. She led a talented life with intelligence and adaptation. With good intentions, she saved an elderly lady crossing the street, afterward, she lost consciousness. After awakening, she discovered that she became a “Miss” and also saw a servant girl from the ancient times.

Out of habit, she extended her fingers to cover her temple and ponder. She just discovered a big question: How did her hand become so small, it was like one of a five or six year old child.

“Ah, how could it be like this?”

When these words came out, she hurriedly closed her lips. Such a breastfed sounding and smelling voice [1], it couldn’t have been produced by her, right?

“Miss, what’s going on?” That Aunt Qing worriedly asked, holding onto her body.

Rising up, she went towards the lake. The clear lake water reflected the image of a child with fair and jade-like skin. Embedded in her circular and apple-shaped face were a pair of big, bright and beautiful eyes that were presently filled with disbelief. She had long eyelashes, a delicate nose, cherry colored soft lips, and soft black hair that was put into two cute buns.

Very adorable, ah! Don’t tell me, this was herself?

She let out a dispirited breath. She needed time to clear her head and think about whether or not she really reincarnated in someone else’s body, just like the stories from the legends. Although, she felt unreconciled to the fact that she was twenty and in the prime of her life when she substituted for an elderly lady, entering her current situation and re-living life wasn’t necessarily impossible.

Ancient times, ah! Let her first faint, OK!

[1] breastfed sounding and smelling voice – a childish sounding voice

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