Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven Guitar

The scholarly male’s warm voice sounded out, “Zai xia [1] is Mu Yalun, the manager of Intoxicated Fragrance House. Gongzi is very talented in literature, zai xia completely admires you. So, zai xia boldly invited gongzi to come up, please forgive me.”

Xue Zhuyue indifferently replied, “It’s no bother.”

Mu Yulan laughed, “Don’t know what the two gongzi are called?”

“Zai xia is Xue Zhuyue, this is bi ren’s little brother, Xue Wushang.” Following Xue Zhuyue’s introduction, Gu Weiyi impatiently opened her mouth, “Hello, ah. Very happy to meet you.”

Mu Yalun looked at these two outstanding brothers and sighed in admiration in his heart. Their beauty could be described as that of celestial beings, but not too much. The senior male most of all, had world-shattering beauty and a cold energy. His icy and lofty character seemed to be above this world. But, there was a faint moodiness in his appearance. There seemed to be a small bit of killing intent in his eyes. But, but, why did he feel that this killing intent came about because of himself? Shaking his head, he thought that it must be because he was thinking too much.

The youth’s figure seemed to be someone fragile. He appeared to be a white jade figurine that had been carefully carved, uncontaminated, pure, and clean. His big eyes were like colored glass. They were filled with an amazed expression was he looked at him. Both people had sharp, pointed chins and serene eyes. Truly does look like they were brothers. Good-naturedly revealing a smiling expression towards him, Mu Yalun warmly opened his mouth.

“Just now, gongzi created a satisfying phrase to answer the couplet. Gongzi surpasses others in literary talent, breath of mind is bold and uninhibited. Not sure if this one has the honor of being friends with big brother Xue?”

“Zai xia isn’t idle and is like a crane, I’m afraid zai xia doesn’t have the qualifications to be friends with Mu gongzi.” Coldly stating, Xue Zhuyue’s expression was indifferent.

“I only want to make friends, don’t care for power. Saying this, I’m nothing more than a lowly businessman, where am I noble?” Regarding Xue Zhuyue’s refusal, Mu Yalun was unconcerned, he was still as warm as before.

Although she knew that gege would never trust other people, Gu Weiyi still wished gege would have sincere friends. After all, they were truly too lonely. But for them to trust this world or having another person exist who isn’t afraid by their different eye colors, was truly too hard.

“But, I don’t want.”

He no longer beat around the bushes with Mu Yalun, Xue Zhuyue directly refused him. Even the naturally mild Mu Yalun couldn’t help but show an awkward expression on his face. His temperament was naturally meek. He was an amiable person, but he didn’t enjoy making friends. Nowadays, it was very rare for him to want to make friends with someone, yet he had been declined with no room to maneuver. He felt regret and a thread of shame in his heart, but the other party was unwilling. How could he keep insisting?

“It was I who was rude.” Resuming his mild complexion, Mu Yalun opened his mouth to say, “But since gongzi was able to correctly answer the couplet, Intoxicated Fragrance House’s jade tablet still has to be given. With this jade tablet, gongzi can come to Intoxicated Fragrance House, at any time, and eat for free.” Mu Yalun took out a round piece of purple jade from his bosom and handed it over to Xue Zhuyue. But it was snatched away by the curious Gu Weiyi as she began to fiddle with it in her hands.

Gu Weiyi didn’t know if this jade piece was good, but if it was from Intoxicated Fragrance House, it must certainly be the best quality. Although the jade looked ordinary, an orchid was engraved in the middle, it was exceedingly beautiful. Even Gu Weiyi loved it too much to part with it. When Mu Yalun saw that she loved it, he felt extremely happy. This Xue Wushang was innocent and unaffected, really attracts people’s affections. What a shame he couldn’t be close friends with him.

Saying goodbye to Mu Yalun, the two people walked back onto the street. Gu Weiyi thought for a moment then opened her mouth to ask, “Ge, that Mu Yalun isn’t bad. You can try being friends with him, ah!”

Xue Zhuyue’s face was chilly as he looked at her, “Yi Yi thinks he isn’t bad?”

It sounded like an ordinary tone, but Gu Weiyi knew there was an undercurrent concealed in it. “Second brother, you misunderstood. I only think that big brother and you are too lonesome. Yi Yi wants you to be like ordinary people and possess friendship and even romance!”

The unpleasant expression on his face vanished and Xue Zhuyue pulled at her hand, tenderly replying, “Yi Yi, gege doesn’t cherish those things. As long as gege has you, gege will be satisfied.”


“Okay, we should head back to the second courtyard, big brother should’ve returned by now.”

The wind blew across the exquisite courtyard, the peach blossoms fluttered about the flirtatious and pretty youth sitting beside the white jade table. His face lowered and his long eyelashes faintly trembled, seeming to be completely immersed in the book in his hands. In the wind, his hair flew upward and his long brocade gown fluttered about behind him. The red and romantic scene around him gave birth to a sort of strange charm. To the side, there was a thick peach tree that a pair of jade hands caressed. The owner of the hand possessed a body of white (clothes), hair that had yet to be put into a hat flowed down like a waterfall and in the midst of the wind, a long track appeared*. His perfect face was cold, that was the type of beautiful which was cut from the rest of the world, something one could see but couldn’t attain. The two people were calm and neither one opened his mouth, they were silent like a painting.

“That ya tou [3] stirred up trouble again?” The male’s charming voice sounded out, attracting people’s lust.

“She wants to go see Lan Sheng Ling.”

Xue Yunge knit his brow, “Yin Yue’s seventh prince? He isn’t easy to get together with!”

The clear like a spring voice was still detached like before, but there was a faint thread of concern woven in it. “People’s Welfare Hall is his, you also know Yi Yi’s temper.”

“Forget it, let her have her way. Make an appointment, we’ll accompany her.” His face was filled with indulgence and helplessness. Xue Yunge couldn’t help but open his mouth and ask, “Where is she?”

“Qiao Shou [4] used a month to produce the things she wanted, right now she’s looking at it. In a moment, she’ll come show off.” Xue Zhuyue answered.

Sure enough, five minutes passed and the figure that was in their hearts appeared holding a large calabash-type item in both her hands as she ran over in high spirits.

Gu Weiyi was extremely happy, this was the only musical item she could play in her previous life- – Guitar! At last, it had been produced! Qiao Shou is truly the best skilled workman, ah. Too awesome! Now, she wanted to give gege a big surprise!

She ran too fast and the foot under her was unsteady. She tripped and fell, Gu Weiyi let out an anguished wail. Disastrous, disfigured, her good looks, ah!

A black and white figure rushed forward. Gu Weiyi steadily landed in Xue Yunges embrace and the guitar was caught by Xue Zhuyue. The two people’s faces were deathly white. The scene just now nearly caused their eyes to bulge out and their heart and soul to scatter. Immediately, he brought the little jia huo, that never let them feel at ease, closer into his chest. Xue Yunge’s beautiful and big hands ruthlessly smacked Gu Weiyi’s small butt.


“Little witch, do you want to scare gege to death? Why are you always this muddle headed? Looks like we’ve pampered you too much, have you forgotten what is called danger?”

“Pa pa” sounded out several times before ultimately stopping. In the end, Xue Yunge hated to do it. After recovering from the shock and having the pain from her butt catch up, Gu Weiyi couldn’t help but begin bawling, sounding extremely miserable. Putting the guitar down, Xue Zhuyue’s eternally undisturbed face appeared anxious and distressed. He stepped forward to gently caress her face, “Yi Yi, what’s wrong? Don’t cry. Ge, why did you have to hit her, she was already startled!”

Xue Yunge also felt endless regret and distress. Upset, he said, “I was too anxious. Yi Yi, I’m sorry. Ge ge shouldn’t have hit you…”

But Gu Weiyi continued crying, her voice gradually lowered but she still softly sobbed, causing the two people to feel even more distress.

After a good moment, Gu Weiyi looked up and exposed her red, rabbit eyes. “Gege, it’s Yi Yi whose wrong. Yi Yi caused gege to feel anxious, I deserved to be hit. Originally, I wanted to give gege a nice surprise but I brought fright. Blame Yi Yi for not being careful.”

Seeing her recover, the two people put their hearts down and carried her closer, kissing her eyes and lips. Xue Zhuyue asked, “Originally, what surprise did Yi Yi wish to give gege?” Tearing away her attention, he wanted to have her forget the matter that just happened.

Sure enough, Gu Weiyi’s downcast mood became happy again. Holding the guitar, “It’s this, guess what it is gege?” Xue Yunge lovingly blew on her nose, “Gege is too foolish, can’t guess.” He truly didn’t know. Gu Weiyi proudly raised her head and loudly proclaimed, “This is a type of musical instrument, it’s called guitar. Gege, I’ll sing a song for you to listen to.”

“Good, ah!” The two brothers tenderly looked towards her as the corners of their mouths lifted up into smiles.

[1] zai xia – myself (humble)
[2] bi ren – your humble servant, I
[3] ya tou – girl or servant girl; in this case he’s using it affectionately and calling her girl
[4] Qiao Shou – this literally translates to “skilled hands” but I think referring to someone as “skilled hands” (in English) is a little strange, so we’ll stick to Qiao Shou
*I wasn’t too sure how to properly translate it, but the idea is basically that his hair is long and with the wind blowing it around, it looked like a track of some sort? I’m not sure if English has this word, but it’s similar to the smoke-like thing that appears after a plane has flown by ()

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