Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen Negotiating A Treaty

The gorgeous carriage slowly stopped in front of Intoxicated Fragrance House. A tall bodyguard pulled open the carriage’s curtain and a slender green figure appeared and jumped out of the carriage. Then immediately after, the figure turned around to face the carriage, not allowing people to see his complexion. Following this, a delicate, jade hand extended from inside the carriage. Then, a body threw themselves into the green figure’s embrace and then, a purple gongzi appeared from inside the carriage.

The three people entered Intoxicated Fragrance House together, drawing everybody’s admiring gazes towards them.

“Ge, why would that seventh prince select to meet us in Intoxicated Fragrance House?” Gu Weiyi was somewhat confused.

“Intoxicated Fragrance House isn’t just a restaurant, it’s Yin Yue’s most confidential organization. Regarding it’s customers private businesses, it tightly protects it, not letting even a thread of information leak out. Thus, it’s the best place to conduct private business.” Leading Gu Weiyi along, Xue Yunge began to ascend up the staircase. Opening his mouth, he slowly said, “Be careful as you walk.”

So it’s like this, ah. She suddenly recalled the gentle as jade man that she had met a few days prior, sure enough, he wasn’t as simple as he appeared to be!

And the seventh prince they were to be meeting today, what type of fierce character would he be?

When they reached the doorway to the private room, they saw two black clothed bodyguards standing on either side of the doorway. Upon seeing them, one of them nodded their head and said, “The seventh prince has already waited for a while, please come in!”

The room was different from the one they had dined in the other day, this room was elegant and resembled a study used to conduct business in. The seventh prince must be a serious and self-disciplined person. After coming to this conclusion, Gu Weiyi looked up.

She saw tall and sturdy figure wearing a black brocade gown decorated with a silver colored collar and gold lace qilins [1] embroidered in it (the gown) in a veined pattern. In all aspects, the figure emitted the air of a monarch. A beautiful and deep face that looked as if it had been carved by a knife, resembling a devil from Greek mythology. He emitted a dangerous and sinister aura. He had sharp eyes that looked as if he was waiting for action after having accumulated power but they also resembled those of a graceful and languid black leopard!

After meeting his gaze, Gu Weiyi couldn’t help but walk back a step and hide behind second brother. A very scary and profound guy, she was glad she didn’t walk into here acting brave.

“You’ve arrived, come sit.” His brief and cold words showcased his experience and astuteness. Listening to his words, Xue Yunge sat down on one of the wooden chairs. Comfortingly pulling Gu Weiyi’s hands, Xue Zhuyue and Gu Weiyi also sat down together in a seat.

“I believe seventh prince is already clear on the purpose as to why we’ve asked to meet with you today. We are merely business men, naturally, we don’t have the power to fight against seventh prince. But, Wan Li mountain can’t be so easily destroyed.” Xue Yunge opened his mouth and went straight to the subject, his tone carried traces of mocking and unyielding-ness.

The seventh prince seemed unconcerned as he sneered back, “Able to investigate and find that ben gongzi [2] is behind People’s Welfare Hall explains that you guys have some strength. I admire this quite a bit. Say, do you have any interest in submitting to ben gongzi as my subordinate?”

This seventh prince, clearly they were here to negotiate, but he still wanted to buy their hearts and rope in more power. Really is worthy of a member of an imperial family, his thoughts were complex and difficult to pick apart. He didn’t let any chances of scheming and exploiting pass him by.

“Although our roots are mere businessmen, we understand the reason that a wise man looks after his own hide [3] and we appreciate seventh prince’s good intentions.” Something flashed in Xue Yunge’s charming and bright eyes as he tactfully declined.

The seventh prince didn’t have many good thoughts, his keen and cold eagle eyes were threatening, “This way, ah. Then I can’t think of anything else that we can speak of.”

Gu Weiyi couldn’t help it anymore. This seventh prince really was bullying intolerably and even began to threaten them!

“Seventh prince, I have words to say!”

Xue Zhuyue was greatly alarmed. Didn’t this ya tou say that she would have big brother settle this matter, why is she adding to the chaos! Capturing her rising body, he worriedly opened his mouth, “Yi Yi, what are you doing?”

Pushing second brother’s big hand away, Gu Weiyi firmly looked at seventh prince. “Although your People’s Welfare Hall is becoming more prosperous each day, your position, prestige, and reputation among the people can’t be compared to Wan Li mountain’s, even if it has some strength. Although you can use your status to gain privilege, you can’t replace Wan Li mountain!”

Looking at Gu Weiyi with interest, the seventh prince pondered over Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue’s nervous expressions before languidly opening his mouth to reply, “Correct, continue.”

“Rather than having both sides suffer and neither winning, we can combine and grow stronger, taking control of the medical treatment circles in Yin Yue country and splitting the profits.” Gu Weiyi slowly stated this, spitting out enticing words, “We can evenly split the profits. You also need the secret medicine, we can offer it to you as friends. The only condition is that we’re each our own independent business. Between each other, we cooperate but we won’t merge!”

The pondering in seventh prince’s eyes nearly all disappeared as he seriously looked at the youth in front of him. They were a beautiful and fragile looking child, but to his surprise, they had shrewd thoughts and excellent business capabilities. So much so that he could vaguely guess the things that this child would accomplish in the future. Secret medicine? It’s no wonder he could develop a medical valley to such an enormous scale. Xue Wushang, you have evoked my interest.

“I agree with you, join and grow!” He emphasized the final two characters’ pronunciations. The seventh prince raised his head up and wiped away his smiling expression and deeply looked at Gu Weiyi. Suddenly, Xue Yunge felt somewhat uneasy and stood up to obstruct his line of sight. His lowered voice said, “Seeing it like this, our business deal has been decided on. Seventh prince, I hope that we may happily cooperate in the future.”

“Wait a moment. Seventh prince, it’s best if we both sign the contract now.” From the bag she carried, Gu Weiyi took out two contracts that had already been written a long time ago. She placed it in front of seventh prince and a shrewd and naughty smile appeared in her eyes, “If someone decides to back out, there will be proof (of this deal), right?”

Deeply gazing at Gu Weiyi for a moment, the seventh prince’s serious attitude turned into unruly laughter, “Xue Wushang, good Xue Wushang!” His large hand waved and several flamboyant and large characters appeared on the paper. Satisfied, Gu Weiyi took the contract back and wrote her own name on it.

“Okay, we each get a contract. Seventh prince, from this day forward, we are partners.”

Regarding the fact that she settled such a large business deal, Gu Weiyi felt very satisfied. She left Intoxicated Fragrance House together with the two gege and didn’t discover the strange smiling expression in the eyes of the black clothed male.

“Ge, I’m awesome, right!”

“Yi Yi is very awesome.” Xue Zhuyue warmly smiled and obediently agreed, as he indulgently massaged her long hair. Xue Yunge pinched her cheek with rebuke, “Still have the nerve to show off. Just now, gege was nearly scared to death by you. From now on, don’t do such a dangerous thing!” Changing directions to Xue Zhuyue, “Yue, don’t always indulge her. Her handling matters so impulsively without any concerns will bring about big inconveniences in the future for her!”

Resentfully explaining she said, “Where was I impulsive, this time I maturely reflected, okay? In the end, didn’t I reach an agreement with the seventh prince?”

No longer nagging her about this matter, he carried her small body up into the carriage.

[1] qilin – a mythical hooved creature, you may read more on it here
[2] ben gongzi – he’s referring to himself, it’s kind of like “this prince”
[3] a wise man looks after his own hide – to put one’s safety before matters of principle
Translator Note yay, it’s spring break for me so throughout this week, I should be able to update a few chapters more than expected!

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