Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen To Reach Marriageable Age

The courtyard was filled with blooming peach blossom trees, the petals fluttered and danced about a young girl dressed in white clothes as they fell down. The breeze swept by, picking up her ink colored hair that was originally draped over her shoulders, exposing her bright and peerless complexion. She had pink lips, not too pointy nor too delicate. Her pitch black eyes resembled stars in the night sky and her delicate smiling expression put the peach blossoms to shame.

At the doorway of the courtyard, two handsome and slender figures suddenly appeared. The first person was a purple clothed and eyed enchanting beauty who had a both classical but seductive complexion. He was even prettier than some women, to an extent. Soon after followed a white clothed, green eyed male. He was quiet and cold, resembling a lotus. His body was made up of cold flesh and jade bones which revealed his indifferent nature. The two people’s gazes were like the falling petals, they danced across the girl wantonly, their eyes were filled with tenderness and concentration.

The girl turned around and fell down and out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the two males standing to the side. A joyous expression appeared on her face as she stood up and ran over to the two men, throwing herself into the purple clothed male’s arms.

“Gege, tomorrow is Yi Yi’s fifteenth birthday. Do you have any presents for me?”

“What does Yi Yi want, tell gege?” Horizontally carrying Yi Yi, Xue Yunge directly sat down on the couch under the peach blossom tree and leaned over to kiss her lips.


Gu Weiyi, whose lips had been blocked up, was unable to open her mouth. She could only resort to making “wu wu” sounds to demonstrate her dissatisfaction. Bad gege, if she tells him what she wants, then what’s the point of the birthday present? But saying this, she didn’t lack anything right now, so she wished for any surprise!

The wet tongue naughtily got into her cherry mouth and was nagging her tongue. As Xue Yunge kissed her, he went deeper and deeper. It was only until her face was flushed and she was gasping for breath that he hesitatingly released her, leaving a strand of ambiguous and silver colored drool. And to the side, when Xue Zhuyue saw the intimacy of these two people, his ice cold complexion suddenly turned faintly pink and a deep desire flashed in his eyes. When big brother released Yi Yi, she turned around her small head and willfully covered her bright red and swelling lips, softly turning around.

In the time it took to separate, the expression in Gu Weiyi’s eyes already blurred and she softly leaned on second brother’s shoulder, lowly gasping for breath. They were always like this. If they didn’t kiss her until she collapsed, they wouldn’t stop. And when she was taking a breather, they would kiss all over her body. Apart from the very last step, they had basically done everything else. They would still act so unrestrained  in front of the old servants and ya tou, often causing her to want to die because of humiliation.

“Tomorrow, gege will accompany Yi Yi all day, isn’t that great? Whatever Yi Yi wants, gege will comply with you.”

»»————- ✼ ————-««

Xiu Luo Villa, Weiyi’s Boudoir.

A red clothed young lady sat in front of a huge and fine dressing table. In the middle of her forehead there was a red dot of plum makeup, just like a cuckoo in full bloom. Behind here there was delicate and pretty, thirty year old woman who was brushing the young lady’s hair. Her fingers were nimble as she brushed the young lady’s waterfall-like hair. Soon after, a noble young lady’s look appeared.

“Aunt Qing, your hand is very skilful!”

Looking at the dignified and elegant woman in the mirror, Gu Weiyi could hardly believe that was her. It was like she had transformed in a night, like the butterfly emerging out of a broken cocoon. It’s no wonder that people of ancient times attached such importance to coming of age ceremonies. Females reached marriageable age at fifteen, signifying that they were going to get married, obeying the husband for the rest of their life.

But, if regarding Gu Weiyi’s say in this, this was impossible.

Looking at the grown up girl in front of her, her scowl and speech were all magnificent. The older servant felt tears pooling in her eyes. She suddenly thought of Yage and their former happy days they had as innocent playmates. The two people were bought together by the villa and they both took care of Master together. But soon after, she was assigned to serve Madam Lan and Yage was tarnished by Master when he was under the influence. After giving birth to Miss, she passed. Such a brief life and her youth had already disappeared. Nowadays, Miss didn’t have to worry about food or clothes and even had the two Young Masters’ boundless pampering and indulging, she should feel relieved. But, the possessiveness the Young Masters had over Miss already surpassed the boundaries of gege. Thinking of the fact that Miss slept and bathed together with the Young Masters, these things regarding a miss’ reputation was extremely damaging. In any case, Miss and the Young Masters were brothers and sisters, this was unlikely to change. Now Miss had already reached marriageable age, sooner or later, she would have to be married off. Although Miss was brought up by the two Young Masters, her mind was as simple and pure as a child’s. She was completely unaware of relationships between men and women.

Thinking up to here, she still decided to open her mouth. “Miss is fifteen and can now get married.”

Married? Suddenly thinking of her in a crimson gown and being married to gege, Gu Weiyi blushed. “Aunt Qing, what are you talking about?”

Looking at Gu Weiyi’s blushing cheeks and expectant expression, Aunt Qing became even more determined to assist Miss. Although Miss was brought up under Oldest Young Master and Second Young Master, she still survived and even became the Young Miss of Xiu Luo villa. But the Young Masters were ruthless and had different colored eyes, she couldn’t allow Miss to be confined by them for her entire life and allow them to destroy Miss’ future. Miss was an innocent, clever, and beautiful young lady, she ought to have a doting husband. She should enjoy an ordinary and fine life; not in this frigid Xiu Luo villa, hidden away her entire life.

In Aunt Qing’s gentle and timid eyes, something flashed that didn’t belong to her. And the embarrassed Gu Weiyi didn’t catch it. If Gu Weiyi had paid attention to her facial expression at this moment, the matters that occurred later would’ve certainly been avoided. Up to the extent that she wouldn’t of had to depart from her beloved gege for so long.

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