Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen Storm Clouds Approach

“After all, the scenery at Lian Lake during the sixth month is different from all other seasons. The lotus leaves stretched to the horizon, all bluish-green. The sun shone down on the lotus buds, peerlessly red.*” Shaking her head, her wandering mind recited this and without a trace of shame from stealing this from someone else, Gu Weiyi proudly looked towards the two gege for praise.

“Ge, what’s wrong? Is the Yi Yi’s poem good?”

“Not bad, very creative. Unexpectedly, our Yi Yi is a talented girl, ah!” Sincerely praising her, Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue’s eyes were filled with admiring smiling expressions. In fact, they had never invited a teacher to teach Yi Yi, they let her learn as she wished. They weren’t concerned over it either, as long as she was happy, it was okay.

“Yi Yi, follow us on the boat.”

In front of them was a luxurious ship that was five meters tall. It had phoenix ceilings and at both ends of the boat, there was a winged eagle on the stern of the bow. The ship looked exceptionally luxurious and imposing. This was the first time Gu Weiyi had seen such a large ship, moreover, it was one from ancient times. The excitement in her heart caused her to resemble a colorful butterfly fluttering in the wind as she rushed inside.

“Really is a child.” Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Xue Yunge looked at Yi Yi’s running figure. Faintly smiling dotingly, he and Xue Zhuyue entered the boat together. Following them was Qing Yi [1].

After the anchor raised, the boat slowly began to move forward. While eating light refreshments, Gu Weiyi was nestled in Xue Zhuyue’s embrace. She was very satisfied, on one end, she admired the lake’s beautiful scenery. On the other side, she listened to Big Brother narrate Lian Yu Lake’s tales. Beside them there were other boats, some rich families’ young masters and misses invited female singers to perform so they could pass time, drink, and recite poetry. The scene was quite poetic.

After amusing herself at the lake, Gu Weiyi urged the carriage to go to Intoxicated Fragrance House. This was her second time coming to the famous restaurant, she wasn’t sure if she could meet the gentle as jade man again. This thought only flashed in her mind, after all, he wasn’t someone she cared about. Obviously, she wouldn’t spend time to let herself become troubled over this.

As before, they reserved a seat in one of the rooms in the upper floor, but it wasn’t the same as last times. By the time the waiter arranged their food, only the three of them were left in the room. Qing Yi and several bodyguards were subordinates, they weren’t qualified to share the same table as their masters. Consequently, they ate their meal in the public room downstairs.

“Big Brother, last time, Second Brother and I met Intoxicated Fragrance House’s manager here. When Second Brother wrote down an antithetical couplet, he couldn’t wait to meet us.” Gu Weiyi sincerely exclaimed in admiration, “Second Brother is really awesome.”

“That Mu Yalun is a very good person to be in contact with, he’s also good looking.” The sentence she unintentionally let it out caused Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue’s complexions to change in an instant. Xue Yunge lightly pursued his lips and carelessly said, “Does Yi Yi really like him?”

Gu Weiyi stammered with a mouth full of food, “It can’t be considered liking. En, it’s just that the impression wasn’t bad.”

Dotingly taking out a napkin, he wiped at the stain in the corner of Gu Weiyi’s mouth. Xue Zhuyue and Big Brother exchanged a mutually understanding gaze, then they urged Gu Weiyi to eat.

The room was brimming with love and harmony, at this moment, they didn’t know that a storm was imminent.

In the dark room, there wasn’t any light. The two people’s images were faintly discernible. In the darkness, a woman’s soft voice was heard, but it carried a trace of chilliness.

“At night, they will go to the lantern festival. I’ll draw the young master’s line of sights away. You have to take advantage of the confusion and take Miss away, do you understand? Wait for me for a moment, we’ll go to ‘Cloud Room’ to meet up, during this time, you must guarantee Miss’ safety!”

“I understand.” The male’s voice was hoarse and gloomy as he agreed, “After this, we no longer owe each other.”

“This doesn’t have to be said. After this, you’ll go your way and I’ll go my way!” The female’s voice lowered and divulged a thread of mockery, “Okay, let’s leave faster, lest we attract someone’s suspicions.”

The male’s figure flashed, and in an instant, his figure disappeared as if he had never been there in the first place. The dark room became even more quiet, the female’s weak figure softly sat on a chair to the side. She was silent for a good while, then she stood up and seemed to have made a firm resolution. Opening the door, she let out a graceful complexion.

The weak but solid complexion, red clothed female, was shockingly, none other than Qing Yi!

Qing Yi raised three inch gold lotuses, she was just about to set out when a shadow suddenly appeared in front of her. An assertive but ridiculing baritone voice sounded out.

“Qing Yi, where did you go to, so urgently?”

Terrified, Qing Yilifted her head and looked at the male blocking her way. Her eyes were guarded, “Who are you? How do you know my name?”

The male was twenty years old, he had a beautiful complexion and from head to toe, he had the type of manner that terrified people. His eyes were extremely arrogant and cold. In a split second, Qing Yi understood that this was someone who couldn’t be provoked. If compared to the two gongzi, he wouldn’t be outdone. The bottom of the abyss in the man’s eyes couldn’t be seen, it seemed like stagnant water that was deep and unrising. Nobody could cause a ripple. Ruthless, cold-hearted, suspicious, calm, strong; this was a profound male!

The caution in Qing Yi’s eyes deepened, after seeing the man’s severe gaze, her body didn’t stop lightly trembling. Drawing back two steps, she walked back inside the room, calming herself she said, “What do you want to do?”

“Do what?” His lips lifted up into an unsmiling smile, “Naturally, I’m here to help you, smoothly accomplish what you want to do, ah!”

Falling onto the chair, Qing Yi wasn’t certain whether or not the male heard anything. Coldly laughing, “What nonsense are you saying, there’s nothing I want to do. This gongzi trespassed into a married woman’s room, this isn’t proper for a nobleman to do!”

Not paying any notice to Qing Yi’s words, the man walked forward and directly sat down on the wooden chair beside her, his eyes stared straight at the stiff Qing Yi. “Why so reluctant, I won’t harm you. Heng, overestimating one’s abilities! Or you’re underestimating the strength of your family’s masters, do you think it’s just possible through luck?” He sneered and lightly laughed, but his smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“You eavesdropped on our conversation?” Understanding that her opponent completely knew all her goals, Qing Yi couldn’t help but open her mouth and angrily ask.

“Isn’t this the time to discuss this matter? Qing Yi, do you want to collaborate?”

His enticing, devilish voice lingered in Qing Yi’s ears, her heart couldn’t help but waver. Indeed, she didn’t trust that she could properly handle the matter, however, she currently had no other means and could only rely on him. Now, this male said he wanted to help her. Although her heart was moved, she didn’t have trust in him.

“Why do you want to help me?” Even though she was a woman this lifetime, Qing Yi was an exceptionally bright and considerate person. There wasn’t a free lunch in this world, she couldn’t hand Miss over to a stranger whom she didn’t trust. Cautiously opening her mouth, she closely watched the male, she didn’t let any of his expressions pass by her eye.

*I think it’s pretty well established that I’m so bad at translating any songs or poetry, but the gist of this is that the lake is completely covered in the lotus flowers, which have blue-green leaves and are bright red. The lotus flowers are seen until the water meets the sky (as far as the eye can see). Anyway, this is one of Yang Wanli’s  poems, this poem is about Hangzhou’s West Lake.
[1] Qing Yi – Qing Yi is Aunt Qing’s name

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