Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 17

Chapter Seventeen Calamity and Fate

“Honestly speaking, I’m very interested in him.” Faintly laughing, they deeply thought, full of emotions. “O, wrong. Saying ‘her’ would be correct.”

“With this type of reasoning, how do you expect me to trust you.” Mockingly speaking, Qing Yi’s eyes were filled with ice. “I can’t be assured of someone who can’t protect Miss.” Qing Yi responded with a strongly suggestive tone, she wished to gamble. She was certain that he, being such an intelligent person, would be able to clearly understand her idea. She couldn’t completely have trust in Ren’s* strength, she believed that this strange male had the strength to protect Miss. Currently, she couldn’t attend over much more. Moreover, this male was, undoubtedly, excellent. Based on Miss’ capabilities and appearance, capturing such a male’s heart should be relatively easy. So, don’t even talk about being able to attract his interest.

Meaningfully looking at Qing Yi, the male replied, “I can guarantee that she’ll be able to escape Xiu Luo villa, and to give her everything she wishes for. What do you think?”

“Good, agreed.” Qing Yi’s face showed a happy look, “I hope gongzi won’t disappoint me, but, will gongzi tell Qing Yi who he is?”

“My surname is Lan.” A simple three characters, but it caused Qing Yi’s complexion to change. “I rank number seven in the house.”

Who didn’t know that Lan was the surname of a country [1], Qing Yi let loose a breath. With this sort of family background, Miss shouldn’t experience any troubles.

“Then, how have you prepared to arrange tonight’s matters?”

“Be at ease, I have an excellent plan.” The male deeply laughed and a mysterious expression appeared on his face.

»»————- ✼ ————-««

It’s June, and blistering hot. Deep in the mountains, in this old Buddhist temple, the air had a type of minute coldness. There were many people who visited Flower Cloud Temple, but very few of them visited the temple to sightsee, like Gu Weiyi was. The majority of the people were there to burn incense, worship Buddha, and ask for all sorts of desires. Adding onto that fact was that it was currently the lantern festival, therefore, many women were there to pray for a marriage.

The mountain behind Flower Cloud Temple had a large amount of jasmine, but to be able to enter it, one would need the consent of an abbot. The distant temple’s doors appeared in people’s eyes, there were all sorts of people coming and going. Their clothes were gorgeous or simple, all of them were kneeling down and praying towards the gold-plated statue. In the courtyard, a hundred-year-old cinnamomum camphora tree was filled full of red, silk ribbons. From time to time, there were young women who would pass by and put their palms together, in prayer, then they would throw their red ribbon onto the tree.

Gu Weiyi didn’t believe in supernatural things, but she placed her hopes in the existence people’s beautiful wishes. Even though it was fabricated, what harm was there? Looking at those female’s expectant faces, it resembled a group of girls, from the modern times, wishing on a shooting star. She couldn’t help smiling.

Xue Yunge noticed her expression and thought she also enjoyed this. Tenderly saying, “Yi Yi, do you want to try?”

At first, she wanted to shake her head. But thinking twice about it, they came today, there was no harm in wishing for good luck, ah. Having a beautiful and predestined relationship was every girl’s end goal. Although she, Gu Weiyi, didn’t wish to rely on any male, she still wished to find someone who would love her. She turned around to look towards her gege to the side, who was caring in every way to her, and happily smiled.

Making a sound of agreement, Xue Zhuyue smiled back to her. Entering inside the temple, he accepted a piece of red silk and handed it over to her. Gu Weiyi took it and walked under the cinnamomum camphora tree. Faintly raising her head to look around, she saw that there were red silk ribbons everywhere on the tree’s dense leaves and branches. She really didn’t know where to find a spot. If she couldn’t hang it on, wouldn’t she be disappointed.

Although Gu Weiyi studied medicine, she had never touched martial arts. Her strength was basically the same as any other female’s. Under gege’s attending, it was even more obvious how weak she was. This cinnamomum camphora tree was still considered tall, with her dainty body, it really wasn’t enough. Looking up, she still tried.

Looking for a branch that suited her height, Gu Weiyi found an angle. Under gege’s expectant gazes, she threw it towards one of the branches.

The beautiful, red ribbon slowly ascended in the air and the three pairs of eyes looked at it. Suddenly, the wind picked up and the red ribbon was switched into multiple directions by the wind. Unexpectedly, it flew away from the cinnamomum camphora tree and began to float outside.

Stunned, she opened her eyes wide, Gu Weiyi turned around and looked towards gege, “What’s to be done?”

Xue Yunge’s seductive eyes were filled with a smiling expression, “Forget it, Yi Yi just take another and it’ll be fine.”

Take another, recovering the red ribbon would be the same. She heard that, in Flower Cloud Temple, each woman could only take one red ribbon to show their sincerity. This was the only way to gain blessings. Her body consciously began to move, Gu Weiyi chased the red silk ribbon in the direction it was blown in. But when she saw the scene in front of her, she stopped.

In front of her was a white clothed male, he was just calmly standing there. In his hands, there was a red ribbon flying around, carefree. He resembled a supernatural character. One white and one red, it provided an intense visual impact to people. The scarlet red coloring allowed the white clothed celestial being to have the breath of someone from the mundane world for a moment, but it felt like it was for forever. The scene seemed to be frozen and meaningful. It caused Gu Weiyi to not have the heart to step forward and break this delicate fantasy.

After the white clothed male’s expression returned, he looked at the searching Gu Weiyi and faintly smiled. It was just like a blooming, white lotus flower. That jade-like brilliance made people feel as if they had been cleansed by the spring breeze. From head to toe, their whole body felt as if it was filled with warmth. His face wasn’t the most beautiful type, but each place was tender and soft. It caused people to think that he was peerless and be unable to shift their eyes away.

Shockingly, that male was Mu Yalun. Even though she had only seen him once, she was sure she wouldn’t forget such a male who was as soft as water and brilliant as jade.

“Did you drop this? Guniang [2], be careful next time.” Mu Yalun softly smiled and slowly walked closer. He placed the red, silk ribbon in Gu Weiyi’s hands. And at this moment, Gu Weiyi was somewhat expressionless. She clearly saw the indifference in the other person’s eyes. According to reason, because she and Mu Yalun had already met before, one must not react like this, ah! Thinking again, then, she was wearing men’s clothes. Compared to now, she had on gorgeous women’s clothes. Indeed, the difference was too large. Temporarily, he didn’t examine her, so it was understandable.

Smiling, Gu Weiyi softly opened her mouth, “Thank you.”

As before, Mu Yalun still had his constant smile. In fact, when he first saw this girl, he felt an indescribable feeling of familiarity. If not, his seemingly kind nature would have been cold and detached instead. This red, silk ribbon fell into his hands for a moment, so he would let it go without any concern. The girl in front of him looked exceptionally delicate and adorable. Her hair was combed into the hairstyle of someone who had reached marriageable age and there was a red plum flower in the middle of her forehead. Her eyes were pure and busy; accompanying her red clothes, it resembled fire. Unexpectedly, it gave birth to a faint charming allure. Her complexion was elegant and like snow. Not gorgeous, not deep, instead it gave the person the feeling of it being both male and female [3]. It looked as if someone had used the most beautiful, white jade to carve her face. Pure and sparkling, it caused people to want to take her in their hands and cherish her.

This feeling was truly very familiar. If he didn’t remember incorrectly, then he has never seen such a girl before. If not, the current him would certainly lose his manners.

“No need, guniang has also come here to wish for something. I wish guniang can have her wish fulfilled.”

Turning around, he left. Gu Weiyi also nodded her head and turned to run towards gege’s direction.

According to the two people, this time’s encounter, unbeknownst to them, was both a calamity and fate.*I’m not entirely sure what the author is trying to convey. I translated 仞 (ren) as a name, under the assumption that the person Aunt Qing was speaking to before is called Ren. But, it could also just be a typo on the author’s part.
[1] Lan was the surname of a country – Lan is the surname of one of the country’s royal families
[2] guniang – girl
[3] it gave the person the feeling of it being both male and female – I wasn’t really sure how to word it less awkwardly, but what I’m trying to get at is that her complexion resembles both a male’s and female’s, so when Gu Weiyi dresses in male clothes, people would think she was a male and vice versa

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