Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen Extinguished Colored Lantern

Evening, during twilight. The fireworks already began to start along the river. All sorts of colored lanterns were already being held up by men and women, looking for their own predestined other half. In the crowd of the people coming and going, Gu Weiyi’s party of people seemed exceptionally eye catching. From time to time, there were a few shy but bold girls who stepped forward to give the Xue brothers their colored lanterns. There were even some girls who offered their spice bags and handkerchiefs. After they stuffed it in the two brothers’ hands, they hurriedly walked away. Gu Weiyi wasn’t actually angry. She merely grabbed one of the handkerchiefs and saw that, embroidered on the handkerchief, there were a pair of mandarin ducks [1] playing in the water, as well as the girl’s surname. It seemed to be a convenient way to propose marriage, even the family’s daughter embroidered it, it was indeed amusing. Regarding romance, the girl’s of ancient times were the opposite of brave, ah. Regarding Gu Weiyi’s interest, Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue were indescribably offended. Xue Yunge was completely a man full of big smiles and evil intentions. On ordinary days, no matter who he meets, he wears a seductive and charming smile. His complexion was even more beautiful and delicate when compared to girls. There was a tear birthmark on the corner of his eye, drawing people’s attention. Even when males saw him, they would become infatuated. But what people never thought, was that, under this beautiful and smiling expression, there was much bitterness and viciousness; he was extremely dark and merciless. The pure and cold, lotus-like Xue Zhuyue looked like he hadn’t been contaminated by the mundane world. Pure white and busy, the expression on his face was eternally indifferent; but, that clean lotus, it was actually grown out of the filthy sludge, ah. The sludge in the pool was filled of darkness, other people were incapable of imagining it.

They grew up in the darkness, struggled in the darkness, after their rebirth. They disliked people, most of all, the touch of people. Confronting today’s scene, what smiling expression, what indifference, they couldn’t maintain it at all. Both people’s faces were dark, the angry color was clearly visible. What they hated even more was that the person they cared about didn’t have any reaction, they couldn’t help but want to resist those repulsive, eager women. They also wanted to drive away the men who coveted their treasure, it could even be said that they were too busy to respond.

Their eyes were as sharp as knives, cold like ice. Originally, there were many women who adored the two people, but they all couldn’t help but halt in their footsteps, restlessly stopping in their place. Gu Weiyi walked in front, but didn’t pay attention to these people, she looked at the various colored lanterns, full of interest. Some were in the shape of an animal and some were the shape of plants, there were also drawings of people and beautiful women. The wisdom of the predecessors amazed the two, the craftsmanship of the lanterns caused one to gasp in surprise.

Looking at her interest towards the colored lanterns, Xue Zhuyue stepped forward to pull on her small hand and softly opened his mouth to ask, “Yi Yi, are there any you took a fancy to?”

She shook her head, the colored lanterns were very pretty, but there weren’t any she was especially fond of. There were many patterns, but it wasn’t bright enough. Gu Weiyi held second brother’s hand and smiled, “Let’s look more, I feel like these colored lanterns aren’t beautiful enough!”

Gu Weiyi had unintentionally said these words, but it attracted the dissatisfaction of one of the peddlers selling the colored lanterns, to the side. It was a man over forty-years-old, he originally saw this party of people of handsome men and a beautiful woman. Their clothes were also impressive, they ought be the young masters and miss of of a rich family. He thought he could make a profit; but he didn’t expect to run into a group of picky masters, his heart was inevitably angry. He immediately, resentfully opened his mouth.

“Miss is too picky, if you want the most beautiful colored lantern, there is an event in the city. If you have the ability, then go there.”

Once these words came out, the two Xue brothers had faces full of killing intent. Unexpectedly, a lowly person dared to say such words to Yi Yi. A fierce intent flashed through their eyes.

The peddler’s tone of voice wasn’t bad at all, Gu Weiyi knew that it was her own words that offended him. It was her fault, but she wasn’t angry. She softly replied, “Uncle [2], I apologize for my words just now. It was my fault, but it wasn’t because I’m picky, I’ve seen better and more beautiful colored lanterns, it’s hard to not to be able to put these in my eyes.”

It seemed as if he never thought that Gu Weiyi, this rich family’s Miss, would apologize to him, the peddler had some helplessness. Stammering, “Little, Miss [3]. Don’t, need not…”

“Your colored lantern is very well made, but the pattern is mediocre. Actually, you can make a unique and unmatched lantern, that is a lantern with a carousel of paper horses.”

Gu Weiyi merely saw that this person was dressed in a poor person’s clothes, but his body was proud. If it were another peddler, they would just brag and fawn upon her. They wouldn’t bluntly speak to her like so. Today was also her birthday, helping people also counted as inviting good luck. She planted the idea of creating a carousel of paper horses in the lantern.

“Exactly, the scene in the lantern can move. Uncle can draw some sort of small story, and so on. This way, when people look at your lanterns, they’ll feel interest.” After simply thinking, Gu Weiyi opened her mouth.

“After making lanterns for a lifetime, the things I [4] know aren’t equal to what Miss knows. Just now, I spoke words of contradiction, I [4] am really ashamed. Ten thousand prayers for Miss’ forgiveness.”

“This didn’t inconvenience me. You merely spoke bluntly.” Delicately teaching this method to the peddler, Gu Weiyi’s expression was extremely serious.

Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue looked at their treasure, the killing intent in their hearts slowly faded away. So beautiful, so kind-hearted. They didn’t wish to kill more. Her intelligence and ability to understand others was their favorite part about her. The most amount of chasing couldn’t let them believe that they didn’t have the right to be compatible. Even though she knew about their killing nature, she had never blamed them.

Bidding farewell to the deeply grateful peddler, Gu Weiyi walked closer to gege’s side. In a low voice, she asked, “Ge, Yi Yi told such a money making method to another person, you guys won’t be angry?”

Suddenly they realized that this was indeed a huge business opportunity, but this was a kindness she gave away. Gu Weiyi felt some embarrassment, gege seemed to be omnipotent. She wanted to help them, but couldn’t find a place to start. Apart from staying by their sides, it seemed as if there weren’t any other good ideas. This part of herself caused her to be very annoyed.

“What? Yi Yi did very good, gege will never get angry with Yi Yi.” With a soft voice, he stroked her cheeks. Xue Yunge tenderly smiled, bending his big, charming eyes. The tear birthmark on the corner of his eye looked to be on the verge of collapsing. That sort of gentle expression, really, exceptionally beautiful…

Her heart suddenly felt soft, this type of loving gege, ah. What good things did she have to be troubled over, she merely had to be herself and do what she believed was right, to allow them to be happy.  She didn’t need to think of much else.

Pulling on second brother’s hand, she joyfully began walking forwards, drawing the crowd’s peculiar gazes. But, what was that worth, they were happy. That was enough, ah!

But, the current Gu Weiyi would’ve never thought that her long awaited happiness would be annihilated in a split second. Following that would be endless waiting and anguish.

Circumstances would become more oppressive, but everyone would be friendly and at ease, not too ruthless. Circumstances would be hard to part with, ah…

[1] mandarin ducks – symbol of a happy couple; lifelong couple
[2] uncle – he’s not her actual uncle, it’s to show respect for him
[3] Little, Miss – the peddler said 小,小姐; 小姐 is young lady/miss & 小 is young/small/few, etc.
[4] I – when he’s addressing himself, he’s addressing himself humbly; 小人 (xiao ren) instead of 我 (wo)

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