Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen Twin Flowers

“Ge, didn’t that Uncle say that there was a carnival, let’s go take a look.”

“Okay, ah. Originally we were going to go there anyway. This is the finale event of the lantern festival this year!” Xue Zhuyue smiled as he replied, his normally ice-cold face was filled with warmth currently.

The carnival was a high platform. On it was the type of platform that Gu Weiyi had seen on television, those platforms were used for martial art tournaments. Not only were they exceptionally gorgeous, the high frames had approximately ten layers. There was a beautiful lantern hung up on each layer. No matter what handiwork or model those colored lanterns were, they were all excellent. No wonder Uncle said that the most beautiful colored lanterns would be here. Earnestly looking, she followed the layers as she looked further up. Her eyes stopped at the colored lanterns at the highest layer. Romantic red and snow white, this lamp actually had two different colors on it. Naturally, it looked to be a very large flower bud. Looking at it gave one the feeling of enchantment but also pureness. This flower was very strange, but it was very interesting. Rumors say that it’s color was black, there were also other theories of it being white. But, there had never been any talk of this type of distinguished color twins.

For a long time, Gu Weiyi’s eyes stayed on that colored lantern. It wasn’t only her, there was also Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue, as well as the other people in their surroundings. Undoubtedly, this colored lantern was everyone’s target tonight.

This carnival had a fierce process, there were three methods. Composing poetry, answering rhyming couplets, and guessing riddles. The contestants choose the one they’re best at, the winner gets a colored lantern. Looking at the layers of colored lanterns being taken, Gu Weiyi suddenly opened her mouth.

“Ge, I want that colored lantern.” The ordinary and firm voice showed Gu Weiyi’s current determination. There was a thread of magic power that attracted her interest. Whatever she, Gu Weiyi, wanted, she must get.

At this time, Qing Yi, who was to the side, suddenly stepped forward. “Miss, Young Masters, nubi [1] has some matters. Is it possible for nubi to retire for a moment?”

“What matter?” Xue Yunge coldly questioned, sparing Qing Yi a glance. The strict color in his eyes scared her heart for a moment, she thought she had exposed her wishes.

“This…” Her face showed an awkward expression, Qing Yi was suddenly speechless, it was still Gu Weiyi who helped her out of her embarrassing situation.

“Gege, women will inevitably have matters that cannot be so easily said to men. How can you be like this to Qing Yi, ah!” Then she turned around to kindly look at Qing Yi, “Aunt Qing, it’s no issue, you may go.”

“Thank you Miss, Young Masters.”

Seeing Qing Yi’s retiring figure, doubt flashed through Xue Zhuyue’s eyes.

On the terrace, it had finally come to the competition for the colored lantern at the very top. A purple clothed, middle aged man seemed to be the host as he addressed the audience, “This is the final colored lantern. You don’t need to answer a riddle, put a poem together, or a rhyming couplet. As long as you can say what object this colored lantern is, this lamp will be yours!”

When these words were said, the audience began to spiritedly discuss. For a long time, nobody stepped forward.

“Twin flowers.”

A quiet and elegant woman’s voice sounded out and in succession, everyone’s eyes fell upon the clear and red clothed woman’s body.

“There’s a type of flower and a colorful tree trunk. The stem is combined and there are two flowers, not too many and not too few. The flower is black or white, but few have heard of two different colors. If among these two, one of them withered, the other flower wouldn’t survive either. Upon seeing the twin flowers, three people will become involved in a tangle. If only one person sees it, they’ll experience a profound romance.”

Everyone looked at her, the two gege’s eyes were also filled with disbelief. The girl’s sharp and clear voice was still going, bringing everyone into a psychedelic world.

“But twin flowers in itself are also a legend. Nobody knows it is and nobody has seen them before.

One day, there was a woodcutter who stumbled upon an extremely odd scene when deep in the forest. A cuckoo tree was filled with flowers, among these was a yellow branch. The branch was neatly extended out. At the end of the branch were two stems of black flowers, they were exceptionally eye catching.

The woodcutter looked at this novelty and cut the branch off. He wanted to bring it home to let his family take a look.

The road deep inside the woods were hard to walk through. The woodcutter carefully carried the flower in his bosom and finally left the woods. Outside of the forest was a public road, the woodcutter’s house was located beside a brook that was across from the public road.

On the river, there were two logs that supported a makeshift bridge. A few days prior, there was heavy rain and now, the water in the river was to the brim.

After stepping onto the bridge, the woodcutter finally decided to throw the flowers away.

The woodcutter brought the firewood across the bridge and the flowers lay on the public road.

Not long after, a carriage passed by.

Far away, there was a black car print that extended out a long distance before finally fading away.

On the public road, the yellow branch got squashed and the black flowers also got squished. The air was filled with an indescribable fragrance, it was laden with grief, but there was also the feeling of happiness.

Even through death, they were together. In that sort of ruin, there was still a type of happiness.”

Carrying a faint thread of grief and joy, the woman’s voice gradually faded away. Everyone was still staring blankly.

It was the purple clothed, middle-aged man that returned first, without consulting his master, he directly said that the flower was called Twin Flowers, but he didn’t say anything else. This woman actually knew this amount of detail, it was very surprising.

“Since it’s like this, all these colored lanterns will be given to Miss. Is it possible for Miss to follow me backstage to choose your colored lanterns? My family’s master wishes to meet the person who’s able to guess what this colored lantern is.”

“This…” She hesitatingly looked at her gege, who were standing to the side. Her eyes were filled with pleading. Not bearing to have her disappointed, Xue Yunge helplessly opened his mouth. “Okay.”

[1] nubi – slave servant
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