Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty Parting

The two people followed her to the backstage area, but they were blocked by the middle aged man.

“What do you mean by this?” Xue Yunge’s charming appearance immediately seemed to have been covered by a black cloud.

“My apologies, my master doesn’t like to meet outsiders. Only this Miss may enter.” The middle aged man was neither servile nor overbearing when he replied.

Coldly snorting, the cold lotus-like Xue Zhuyue replied in his detached voice, “What thoughts is your family’s master harboring, if little sister enters and meets a mishap, we shouldn’t worry?”

“Since it’s like this, let me report to my master first.” Hesitating for a moment, the man turned around and made his away into the room backstage.

“Ge, aren’t you too anxious?” Gu Weiyi questioned, but she didn’t oppose their clinging. She understood their thoughts and didn’t want to be troublesome or let gege worry.

Not long after, the man walked back out and apologetically said to them, “I’m really sorry, my family’s master doesn’t wish to meet any outsiders. If you two insist on accompanying the guniang, then, master says that you shouldn’t meet him. This colored lantern is one that Miss has won. Please wait a moment, I’ll call for someone to bring it out.”

This master was truly an odd person. Gu Weiyi thought and reluctantly said in her soft voice, “Okay.”

At this time, a loud sound suddenly came from the tall terrace. Dazzling fireworks graced the skies, exploding mid air. It was all exceptionally beautiful. The people around the tall terrace were all startled by the sudden sound. Together, they raised their heads to look up at the sky. Gu Weiyi followed suit, she hadn’t expected that the ancient times would also have fireworks, how beautiful! These fireworks were like petals of a jasmine, blooming in the sky, it was gorgeous and aesthetic. Carefully counting, she counted that four flowers had already exploded in the night sky.

The people submerged in watching the sky were suddenly given another scare. Suddenly, a group of black clothed people fell down from the sky, each one of them was holding a long sword. Whenever they met someone, their swords would fall. Soon, the smell of blood spread throughout the air. There were sounds of men and women’s anguished screams, the scene was endlessly bloody and chaotic. The frantic crowd disorderly ran in all four directions.

Gu Weiyi was tightly protected in Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue’s embrace. Qing Yi was also following behind and their guards held out their swords. They guarded them at the front, blocking people from entering and colliding.

As they gradually drew closer to the black clothed people, they suddenly split into two groups. From left and right, they both attacked Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue. The two persons single-handedly confronted the enemy whilst never letting Gu Weiyi depart their protective circle. Saying that Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue’s martial arts skills were the best in the world wouldn’t be an overstatement. Facing off against these four people, they did so skillfully and easily. Although Gu Weiyi’s heart was in her throat, she didn’t rush forward to bring inconvenience to gege. If the current situation allowed her to use poisons, she would have long broken away and not needed gege’s protection.

The black clothed people fought for a long time without success when suddenly, there was the sound of a wooden panpipe being blown. Xue Yunge knew this wasn’t good and retreated backwards along with Xue Zhuyue who was shielding Gu Weiyi. The guards were in a tangle with the other black clothed men. And Qing Yi was a woman, so she ran backwards alongside the two retreating people.

Sure enough, a moment later, more black clothed people fell from the sky. Xue Yunge knew that, tonight, these people had all come for him. Although he didn’t know whose people these people were, he knew that they must hate Xiu Luo villa to their bones. But, right now, they had to protect Yi Yi. They hadn’t brought any hidden guards, looks like they would have to expend a great deal of effort to deal with them.

The black clothed people doubled and fought against the two again, gradually, the two people turned weaker and weaker. These people were first class experts, Rao was their uninhabited expert, but they couldn’t balance out this fight. With the wind in their ears, these people saw they couldn’t fight against Xue Zhuyue. So, they turned and began to strike at Gu Weiyi. Xue Zhuyue’s heart was suddenly startled, without thinking, he extended his hand and took the knife. Blood dyed Xue Zhuyue’s long gown and splashed on the floor.

“Second brother!”

Gu Weiyi panicked and shrieked, her heart was filled with grief! Looking at the constant flow of blood, it felt as if it was dripping onto her heart. She couldn’t help but begin to cry.

“Yue!” Xue Yunge was also anxious. For his own brother to receive injuries, he felt as if he was the one receiving them himself. A killing intent appeared on his body. His sword moved, it looked like the silver snaked jiaolong [1]. In the midst of lightning, the four black clothed people who was previously attacking him, suddenly fell with blood flowing onto the floor.

“Qing Yi, bring Miss and quickly leave! Ren, you protect the two people and return to Xiu Luo villa!”

“Subordinate will follow your orders!”

“Ge!” Gu Weiyi knew that now wasn’t the time for Ren to show off his abilities. Her departure would allow gege to not worry about her and let them attack their enemies at full strength. But, she was worried about gege’s injuries. Her gege’s martial arts were so excellent and they had so much killing intent, two fists were no match for four legs, ah! With so much people attacking, she couldn’t help but think of such a dreadful aftermath. She couldn’t help but blame herself, why did she have to goof off and not practice martial arts. If not, she wouldn’t have become a burden on gege at this moment!

“Miss, walk faster!” Qing Yu tugged at her sleeve and urged her.

Casting a reluctant gaze at them, Gu Weiyi’s expression suddenly turned firm. Turning around, she resolutely left. Qing Yi glanced at her and an indescribable ray flashed through her eyes. Immediately, she opened her mouth to ask, “Miss, you walk first. Qing Yi will protect you from behind!”

Gratefully looking at Qing Yu, Gu Weiyi felt exceptionally touched. Due to gege’s blocking these past few years, her relationship with Qing Yi wasn’t as close as it used to be. But, she never forgot that it was this woman who gave her the most beautiful warmth in the past. “Qing Yi, thank you!”

“Foolish Miss, what thanks. For you, Qing Yi is willing to do anything!” Qing Yi tearfully replied, the emotion in her eyes was strong and unquestionable.

Pulling on Qing Yi’s hands, Gu Weiyi ran forward, dodging the murderers behind her. Soon after, the guard called Ren looked left and right for any enemies that could appear.

With great difficulty, she ran into a dark alleyway. Gasping for breath, Gu Weiyi stilled her steps. Just as she was about to turn her head, she felt an ache in her neck. Her vision blurred and her slender body softly fell down.

Behind her was Ren, who had knocked her unconscious, and Qing Yi, who caught up to her.

[1] jiaolong – an aquatic dragon, it’s wikipedia page is here

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