Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 23

Chapter Twenty Three Waking

In the midst of a nightmare, Gu Liufeng suddenly cried out in fear and woke up.

The unfamiliar room was gorgeous and delicate. The faint smell of incense lingered in the room, the entire room seemed very comforting. But it couldn’t dissipate the anxiousness and terror in Gu Weiyi’s heart. Holding onto her slightly wet forehead and remembered that everything before she fell unconscious, it was allAunt Qing. Aunt Qing knocked her unconscious, but why? She was the woman who raised her all by herself. She (Yi Yi) didn’t want to doubt her, but the fact was that she did do so (knock her unconscious). What was this all about? And after all, what position was she in? There seemed to be a huge scheme in the assassination during the carnival, but she didn’t know anything else.

Just as she was deep in thought, a girl walked in carrying a basin. When she saw that Gu Weiyi was awake, she was immediately pleasantly surprised and stepped forward. “Miss, you woke up?”

Gu Weiyi didn’t pay attention to the woman’s expression. This wasn’t Xiu Luo villa, nobody here was trustworthy. Although she, Gu Weiyi, was infinitely naive in front of gege, nothing could change the shrewdness and indifference she had deeply embedded into her.

“Who are you? What place is this? Who brought me here?” Coldly looking at her, Gu Weiyi rapidly fired questions towards her.

The woman didn’t seem to have caught her displeasure and, just like before, she was all smiles as she replied, “Miss, you’re suddenly asking Ya’er so much, Ya’er doesn’t know how to start responding?”

“Just start answering in the order I asked the questions.” There wasn’t even a bit of her trying to reach out to her, Gu Weiyi responded coldly and calmly.

“Hee hee, Miss is truly scary. Miss has scared Ya’er!” The woman didn’t bother with her and directly teased her.

For the first time, Gu Weiyi had the urge to kill someone. This woman called Ya’er seemed to be an affable, simple, and ignorant person; but she was truly a deeply scheming and hard to deal with person. The type of person she, Gu Weiyi, hated the most was a person who was good at pretending, but would stab someone in the back in their moment of carelessness.

“Please don’t speak nonsense with me, I believe your Master should have told you how to act with me?” Hatefully pursuing her lips, Gu Weiyi didn’t wish to get into a tangle with her.

Taking back her pure smile, Ya’er’s face became icy and she coldly snorted, “Looks like you aren’t a simple person ah, Master’s estimate was wrong! This is the second courtyard of the master of Yan Zhou. You, naturally you were sent here by that Aunt Qing person.” She mockingly looked at Gu Weiyi, seeming to want to see the expression of pain on her face when she found out that she had been betrayed by someone close to her. What a pity that she was bound to be disappointed. Even Gu Weiyi’s eyebrow didn’t move, her face was filled with detachment.

“Heng, you will soon know who my family’s master is. Rest here for now, Miss! [1].” Ya’er coldly snorted and then stormed off in a huff.

Gu Weiyi sat on the front of the bed in deep contemplation. Even the servant girl is such an aggressive person, who will this Master be?

The door was tightly closed to the spacious room, but it still couldn’t contain the sounds of the man’s gasps and the woman’s tender moans. Ya’er stood outside the door, her pretty face turned pale and filled with an envious and sinister look. Her fine hands clenched into fists, turning white from the strength she clenched them with. Her sharp fingernails penetrated deeply into the bone, it was better to feel pain and she needed to stay clear-headed.

Stubbornly remaining calm, Ya’er took in a deep breath. She wasn’t very loud nor was she very quiet, it was just loud enough for the people inside the room to hear her.”

“Master, that guniang is awake.”

What she was replied with were the ambiguous moans of men and woman. Then after a moment, she heard the sound of a man’s hoarse voice, “Go prepare a bath, I’ll go find her in a moment.”

“Yes Master.”

Inside the piping hot baths, Ya’er’s eyes were filled with tenderness as she washed the man in her mind’s body. The strength in her hands was soft, but she attentively washed every inch of his body. She seriously washed him, as if she wanted to wash away all traces of the affection he just experienced a few minutes before.

“Master, that guniang isn’t the same as the information we received said. She is a unsophisticated and pampered little servant girl!”

“O, how to say?” The man’s deep and magnetic voice echoed in the room. His voice carried a different type of charm.

“Master.” Ya’er’s charming face was slightly red as she proceeded to reply, “When that guniang woke up, she didn’t possess any of the restlessness and terror that someone who found themselves in an unfamiliar place would. When she saw slave servant, she wasn’t the same as other the other Miss’ of influential families, regarding slave servant as a life saving medicine. Instead, she saw through Ya’er’s disguise. It seems like she’s very calm and collected!”

Her tone carried traces of respect. Although she had much loathing towards the other women by Master’s side, this woman wasn’t the same. She was merely a bargaining chip that Master took from Xiu Luo villa, nothing more. Master wouldn’t bother with her, it was even less likely that he would fall in love with her. Master was this type of male, what type of woman be able to obtain his heart? Thinking to here, she couldn’t help but feel somewhat sad.

“Change clothes!”

A tall and handsome figure, with good-looking flesh, a slender and well proportioned body, and a handsome and bold complexion. This type of male… Ya’er’s face suddenly blushed and her heart sped up. Then, she immediately went forward to pick clothing up and help Master dress.

“Go to Searching Fragrance Garden.”

And at this moment, Gu Weiyi had just finished splashing her face with the water from the basin, waking herself up. She was just about to walk outside of the room to see what type of place this was. When she pushed opened the door, she was greeted with the view of a small and exquisite courtyard. There were all sorts of artificial flowers and plants in flower pots as well as naturally growing green bamboo. It looked to be extremely pleasing and calming, causing people’s mood to become exceptionally agreeable. Above the arched door, there were the words “Searching Fragrance Garden”, these three words written on it. The styles were written in kuang cao [2] style, it was extremely bold and unruly. Towards this writing, Gu Weiyi was actually, extremely admiring of it. But towards this name, she was less than pleased with it’s tackiness.

“What, Xue guniang is so interested towards zai xia’s characters?”

A lofty man’s voice sounded out behind her. Gu Weiyi turned her head and looked towards that person, suddenly she felt as if her head was spinning. Abruptly, she had some more understanding as to why she was captured.

[1] miss – what I’ve been translating as miss is made up of the two characters 小姐. the servant girl said “小、姐!” which could be literally translated as “little” (小) and “older sister” (姐), but in english, “little, older sister” doesn’t make much sense, so i’ve kept it as such
[2] kuang cao – a style of writing, you can see a sample of it , searching 狂草 on google will also give you more pictures

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