Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 27

Chapter Twenty Seven Plan To Escape

Xiu Luo villa.

On the large, gorgeous, and extravagant bench, Xue Yunge was silently sitting while looking at the information in his hands.

On the night of the lantern festival, the hitmen came out after the middle aged man said to accept or reject the colored lantern. After the assassination attempt, they caught up just in time to see Qing Yi handing an unconscious Yi Yi to a black clothed person. Although they tried their best to run up, they were suddenly surrounded by the hitmen again. And even though they captured Qing Yi and Ren, they hadn’t obtain any information. Ren owed Qing Yi a friendship, he only agreed to help bring Yi Yi away, he had no clue who he gave her to. Qing Yi obviously knew everything, but she obviously recognized she would die. No matter what torture she went under, she didn’t say even a fraction of information. That vile woman. If he could, he wished to immediately kill her and dismember her body.

The middle aged man and his supposed master also suddenly disappeared after that evening. All the spearheads pointed towards him. Adding onto that was that the hitman that managed to escape that night, was also running towards the direction of Yan Zhou. Then, the person who took Yi Yi away must be the Master of the lantern festival, that is the newly appointed master of Blue Snow Stronghold! But why would he take Yi Yi away? It had been so many days, but he hadn’t seen the opponent make any moves. Reason said that Yi Yi was a menacing bargaining chip against Xiu Luo villa. But from beginning to end, the opponent didn’t raise any demands, they didn’t even state that Yi Yi was in their hands. He couldn’t think of what was concealed inside this.

No matter what was said, they would certainly make a trip to Yan Zhou. What number one stronghold, what respected martial arts circles, as long as Yi Yi could be found, what harm was there in dying the whole world red! A bloody light streaked across the enchanting, purple eyes.

Yan Zhou.

The flourishing street was filled with people coming and going. On the broad streets, a pair of white and black horses appeared. On the black horse was a middle aged man, whose face eventually showed a smiling expression that hadn’t appeared in a long time. There was a continuous stream of assassination attempts over these past few days. It had finally ended when they arrived in Yan Zhou. Along with the Ling Yu’s arrival, they hadn’t needed to worry anymore.

“Gongzi, let’s first find a tavern. Ling Yu will soon hurry over. Moreover, we’re already in Yan Zhou, our own territory, what is there to be afraid of!” Zhuang Sheng followed behind Mu Yalun, seeming to be inquiring, but put down his own idea.

After muttering for a bit, Mu Yalun nodded his head. “Also good.” This long and indescribable chain of assassination attempts needed to be thoroughly understood. He faintly felt disturbed, but he couldn’t say why.

And in Water Pavilion’s second courtyard, Gu Weiyi already started to prepare for her escape.

Inside the secret room of the large study, Lan Sheng Ling put a secret letter inside a circular bamboo tube. Then, he tied it to the leg of a pigeon and walked closer to the window, letting the pigeon fly away. Inside the room, there was that short and strange man. He was still wearing black clothes and a black cloth covering his face. But he had a weird air to him that was hard to distinguish.

“Hidden guard comes to report. These few days she has been especially calm. Everyday all she does is amuse herself in the second courtyard, pick flowers, and play with butterflies. There’s no exceptionally unusual movements.” The voice was dry and rough, as if it blocked a magnetic radio. It (the voice) was disjointed and without emotion.

He coldly smiling, no movement? In private, he was afraid an undercurrent had already violently surged up. What movement would she have? This caused him to be very expectant, ah.

“Have the replacement people already been found?”

“It’s okay, they’ve already secretly entered Blue Snow Stronghold with the support of our people.”

“He he he he.” Cheerful laughter sounded out, this was the first time that Lan Sheng Ling had let out a happy expression around the short man. “Mu Yalun has already arrived in Yan Zhou. This one time, everything is in place, all that’s left is for the people of Xiu Luo villa, those two people, to arrive on the stage.”

“Subordinate feels much admiration for Your Majesty who killed two birds with one stone.” The short male roughly praised him.

“Refrain from this behavior, I don’t care what Gu master you were before, your life is mine now. All I require from you is obedience. Arrange for secret guards to closely watch Xue Wushuang, I suspect that she’ll soon begin to flee. No matter what she does, don’t mind her. Even if she leaves the second courtyard, all you guys need to do is follow behind her.”

“Yes Your Majesty.”

Using the pretext that she wished to make the oil, she asked for a large pile of flowers and plants, Gu Weiyi began to refine the poison. The advantage of “Scattered Soul” was that even though it had color and smell, other people would only regard it as perfume and wouldn’t put up their guards against it. In addition, it’s fragrance was rich, it spread extremely quickly in the air. All it needed was a careless person to breath it in, they would immediately enter a state of delusion for the entire day, completely unaware of anything happening in their surroundings. Therefore, when Ya’er said she wished for a few bottles, she (Yi Yi) was afraid that she would never wake again in this lifetime. After an exhausting day, the finished product was done. Tightly gripping the little porcelain bottle in her hands, Gu Weiyi’s face carried a smile. Apart from “Scattered Soul”, she had also refined “Vanish” and “Cloaking Appearance”.

“Vanish” was a type of poison that couldn’t be neared. Regarding her, a weak female who knew no martial arts, she wanted to get less trouble, it would cause others avoid it. This type of poison would cause one’s body to emit an extreme stink, causing people to feel nauseous and not dare to approach. And when “Cloaking Appearance” was eaten, it would cause one’s appearance to become extremely ugly, comparable to having no face. Both of these Poison X’s only lasted a day, eating more would cause the body to have surplus Poison X in it. Fortunately she had been refining poisons since she was young and didn’t need to worry about this.

Then she restfully napped, feeling as if she had slept peacefully for the past few days. Tomorrow was a new day!

The enormous sky was bright. Gu Weiyi was wrapped inside a quilt, unable to bring herself to get up. In anycase, the affairs she needed to do weren’t happening until evening.  Today she had to liven her soul up. But the Heavens didn’t want to have her wishes fulfilled. On ordinary days, Ya’er didn’t mind her much. Today, she had come knocking at her door early on, and even prepared water to wash her face with. Asking for people, even the servant girls she forgot about on normal days she began to remember. It wasn’t that she had been neglected, originally it was Lan Sheng Ling who assigned Ya’er as her servant girl. Privately, Ya’er didn’t accepted this and found another servant girl to care for her. Regardless of whether Lan Sheng Ling knew or not, based on the fact that he has not said anything about this means that this Ya’er still had his trust. Thinking about it, it must be because she was extremely loyal to him for him to put up with her being so unbridled.

“I say Ya’er, what’s up with you today, ah. I’m still sleeping!” Opening her sleepy eyes, Gu Weiyi hugged the quilt as she grumbled on the bed.

“You shouldn’t sleep anymore. The sky is already bright, wake up and wash your face.” Forcefully pulling Gu Weiyi out her quilt, she stubbornly helped her wash her face by herself. This scene start.ed Gu Weiyi so much, her eyeballs nearly fell out. Even that bit of sleepiness disappeared without a trace. She knew that Ya’er was doing this for those few bottles of oil, but she didn’t expect that she would go as far as to be this attentive.

“Okay, okay. You need not be like this, I’m still not accustomed to it!”

These blunt words stirred up Ya’er’s embarrassment and anger. This woman was really hard to please. She already gained the currying of others, yet she was still being so difficult.

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