Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 37

Chapter Thirty Seven Doubt

Water Pavilion’s Second Courtyard.

“Your Majesty, they’ve already reached Yan Zhou. But, no actions have been taken yet.” Chu Ga’s voice rang out in the silent room. Lan Sheng Ling cast him a glance, his face was calm.

“They won’t be able to find Blue Snow Stronghold’s entrance. Moreover, they’re (Blue Snow Stronghold) such a large power, how could they be so easily taken down?” After muttering to himself for awhile, Lan Sheng Ling opened his mouth again.

“Tell the people over there to lead them in and tell them that Xue Wushuang is undergoing punishment. I don’t believe they won’t be anxious!” An aggressive light flashed in his eyes, “In addition, quickly bring Xue Wushuang back for me. Return to the place she should be at right now, she’s our last bargaining chip!”

“Yes Your Majesty.”

In the dark room, the light of a candle faintly flickered and a slender figure faintly appeared sitting on a dark phoebe zhennan chair. In front of the figure, on the desk, were a few stacks of papers that laid to the side. On the exceptional-looking chair, there was an equally exceptional male sitting on it. At the current moment, he was hanging his head down, seeming to be contemplating something.

Suddenly, the door to the room opened a shadow walked inside. Without hesitating, the shadow bent his knee and in a low, steady voice, he said, “Subordinate Nuo meets Lord.”

“You’re the shadow hiding in Blue Snow Stronghold?” Darkness swam about above the male’s head, his eyes were crystal bright, purple color. He was clearly in the darkness, but the light his eyes emitted it seemed as if he was underneath the sunshine. His appearance was beautiful and demonic, causing people to be unable to breathe.”

Nuo lifted his head and quickly lowered it, not daring to look at those strange eyes. Sure enough, he was a bewitching type of beautiful, but he was also a demonic type of person, ah!


Narrowing his green, water-like eyes, Xue Zhuyue, who was by the side and quiet the entire time, ordered, “Lift your head up.”

Hesitating, Nuo finally lifted his head up after a moment, revealing an ordinary face. Looking at Xue Zhuyue’s green eyes, an abnormal thread flitted through his eyes. But, he quickly forced himself to stay calm and allow Xue Zhuyue’s keen eyes to scan him over, from head to toe.

“How come I’ve never seen you before then?” Skeptically eyeing Nuo, Xue Zhuyue’s eyes contained coldness that couldn’t be ignored.

“During the day, Lord is extremely busy. How could Lord have the time to see Nuo, a nobody.” Nuo replied to his question neither too fast or too slow and on his face, there was calmness and indifference.

“Correct, ah. Apart from twenty snow-clothed guards, we haven’t seen much of other subordinates. Your reasoning is adequate, I have nothing to say.” Xue Zhuyue replied, his tone wasn’t good. He felt doubtful of this person. He couldn’t list any reasons, but it was a gut feeling of his.

“Okay, Yue.” Xue Yunge cast a warning glance at Xue Zhuyue. No matter how suspicious one was, they couldn’t let it be this obvious. It wouldn’t be good if they beat the grass to scare the snake. He turned around and looked at the shadow on the ground, “Nuo, right? Where is Blue Snow Stronghold?”

Calmly asking the question he desperately wanted the answer to, Xue Yunge towered above and looked down at Nuo.

“Yan Zhou’s western door.”

‘Heng!’ Sneering, Xue Yunge’s cold expression was as sharp as a knife. Dangerously opening his mouth, “Nuo, is it that you no longer wish to live and dare to play tricks on us?” Everyone knew what place the western doorway was. Nuo’s words didn’t win over their trust.

“When Master follows subordinate to the western gate tomorrow, Master will to know if subordinate is lying or not.” Nuo was calm-headed, unhurriedly responding, he seemed as if he wasn’t affected by Xue Yunge’s anger.

“Is that right? Then this Master will see if your words are truthful or not and take a stroll with you tomorrow.” After being silent for a moment, Xue Yunge replied to him with chilliness laced in his tone and coldly gazed at him.

“Subordinate has been hidden in Blue Snow Stronghold for a year, definitely doesn’t dare to lie to Master.”

“Since it’s like this, then tell me what the circumstances are in Blue Snow Stronghold.” This time, it was the indifferent Xue Zhuyue, who was sitting to the side, that spoke up.

Nuo guiltily lowered his head in response, “Subordinate is incompetent. In the stronghold, subordinate is merely a foot soldier that patrols around the stronghold’s prison. Without the Stronghold Master’s permission, apart from the white clothed envoys, nobody is allowed to enter inside the inner stronghold. Consequently, subordinate doesn’t know the current state of Blue Snow Stronghold.”

“Don’t know?”

Something flashed in Xue Zhuyue’s long, narrow, and green eyes. He suddenly extended his hand and his body flashed, leaving only a gust of wind behind him. Quickly, he arrived in front of Nuo and clutched his neck with his hands, angrily saying, “Enough, from the beginning, your words have been filled with holes! If you entered into Blue Snow Stronghold, how could you not know the circumstances inside, in detail? If Blue Snow Stronghold’s defense is as tight as you claim it to be, how would you know that Yi Yi is imprisoned if you’re merely a small jailer?”

As he fired menacing questions at him, the force with which he gripped his neck became increasingly stronger. Nuo’s face quickly turned purple and red, evidence that he couldn’t breath. Nuo struggled to shake his head, his eyes were filled with anxiousness accumulated from wanting to answer his questions. Unfortunately, Xue Zhuyue didn’t have any inclination to release him, instead, a deep killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“Mas- Master.…”

All along, Nuo was groaning between gasps for breath. He moved his four limbs, intending to attempt to break free, but he didn’t expect for Xue Yunge’s power to be so extraordinary, he didn’t stand a chance. Fortunately for Nuo, Xue Zhuyue didn’t have any intent to truly kill him. Regardless of whether he (Nuo) was lying or not, they needed to grasp any chance they had to find Gu Weiyi.

“Okay, Yue, let him go and speak.” After a while, Xue Yunge opened his mouth. His words seemed as if he was pleading for leniency on Nuo’s behalf, but his words were extremely lazy.

Releasing Nuo’s neck from his grasp, Xue Zhuyue turned around to languidly lay on the bench again. Except, the chilly expression in his eyes didn’t leave.

“Sub- Subordinate didn- didn’t tell lies. The few days before, subordinate was on duty and s saw Miss being punished…”

“What did you say?”

Angrily standing up, the hundred-year old wooden chair Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue were sitting on suddenly split apart! Even the white marble on the floor showed traces of cracking. This was evidence of the violence and anger that lay in their hearts. Momentarily, their intense murderous spirit filled the small, darkened room. The pitiful Nuo had just been picked up and was momentarily unable to breathe. Now, he had to face the depressing and ruthless aura of death that permeated the room. It felt like an ice-cold blading that was simultaneously cutting into every inch of his skin. 

The intense pressure caused Nuo to vomit a mouthful of blood and helplessly lay on the floor.

Not wanting to repress the killing intent in his heart, Xue Yunge coldly cast a glance at Nuo and forcibly calmed himself, “Get out!” Nuo couldn’t die right now, but if he continued to stay here, his insides would undoubtedly die off within an hour. He and Yue had already cultivated to the height of Mirror, now, they lacked any scruples to releasing energy. Ordinary people would be completely unable to shoulder it. Even an expert at the very top would be unable to resist, even using all of their strength. And, even if they cultivated for half a year, they wouldn’t be able to fully recover.

Rushing to get out of the room, Nuo’s figure stumbled out of the doorway. Xue Yunge’s eyes held gloominess and he suddenly let out a burst of intense energy. Apart from the four walls around them, which were on the verge of collapsing themselves, the table, chairs, books, china, and hardware in the room exploded and turned into powder, falling to the floor.

At this moment, they were too angry and the restlessness, worry, and even hatred repressed at the bottom of their hearts caused them to have no other choice but to set it all free. Otherwise, they were bound to go overboard. The one stipulation with cultivating Mirror was that they had to see blood and ruin everything if they wished to kill someone.

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