Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 39

Chapter Thirty Nine Prophecy

This was the first time Gu Weiyi had seen such a thing, so even though she desperately tried to calm herself, she was unable to and could only limply lay on the floor.

Eventually, the tree stopped moving, but those large flowers suddenly wilted in seconds. The countless flowers all suddenly turned yellow in the blink of an eye. Then, the female baby fruits that were cradled between the flower petals fell down from the tree and onto the ground, conveniently rolling right in front of Gu Weiyi.

These fruits were a blue color and actually looked like it were an infant carved out from a piece of blue jade. The infant had exquisite hair, a small, beautiful face, faint eyebrows, tiny, closed eyes, long eyelashes, and cherry lips. In addition to all of this was it’s soft body and adorable hands and feet. Each part of it resembled an actual human!

Gu Weiyi reached her trembling hand out and hesitantly touched the fruit. Upon contact, she felt how cold the fruit was, telling her that this fruit was just in the shape of a human, not one itself. With great effort, she forcibly calmed her restless heart down. Summoning her courage, she took the human-like fruit and placed it in front of her eyes to closely examine in. This fruit, just like everything else here, was extremely weird, filling people with an indescribable feeling. The fruit emitted silvery blue shimmers as she examined it, and the more she looked at it, she more she felt as if it was truly alive. However, the entire time that Gu Weiyi stared at the fruit, her expression was vacant. But suddenly, Gu Weiyi looked as if she had lost her soul as she began to take mouthfuls of the fruit, completely eating it. For a few moments, the only sound in the air were the sounds of Gu Weiyi’s eating.

When she finally finished eating all of it, Gu Weiyi’s expression was still just as blank. But in the middle of her clean forehead there appeared a silvery blue colored six edged snowflake mark, but when one looked closer at it, one would find that no trace of it.

In the quiet grove, there was suddenly the sound of a sigh. Instantly, a gray haired elder wearing white clothes appeared in front of Gu Weiyi. He caught sight of the silvery blue color on Gu Weiyi’s forehead as well as the lifeless expression in her eyes. The elderly man seemed remorseful, but he had also had courage and comfort in his face.

“Xue girl had been hidden from the world, but the mark has reappeared. The tree has cried blood, forecasting a major disaster is coming upon us. But, in order to ‘protect’ her, he will pay the entire Blue Snow Stronghold over. And even after doing so, his heart will still smile, regardless of everything, just to protect her…”

The old man gave another remorseful sigh, that faded away into the air. It was silent for a moment before he finally began to mutter to himself, “Ten million years have already passed, blue oceans have already changed into fields, yet you still haven’t agreed to give it up…”

Lowly sighing one last time, the old man steadied himself. “It’s alright, I don’t understand, I’ll just follow you.”

After saying that, he reached inside his clothes and took a small glass bottle out. He then proceeded to poor the contents out into his hand and rubbed it on Gu Weiyi’s forehead. Immediately after, the six edged snowflake mark disappeared from her forehead without a trace, it was as if the mark had never been there. At this moment, Gu Weiyi opened her inquiring eyes wide as she stared at the old man, the expression in her eyes clear. She looked at the old man wearing white clothes that suddenly appeared and was given a fright. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to be a bad person with his benevolent appearance and wise and mild eyes. Therefore, Gu Weiyi’s heart wasn’t all that scared. All she did was nervously ask him, “Who are you?”

“Who I am isn’t important anymore. Xue girl, you go out of the grove. Right now, the seal can still be put on for a period of time, but I’m soon going to become helpless. Just remember to always trust your gut, and in any event, ‘guard’ and ‘protect’. These will all be unswering from beginning to end.”

The old man stared at her whilst saying these bizarre words in a saddened tone. Once he was finished, he suddenly vanished. Gu Weiyi still stood in the same place, her head was in complete confusion, unable to figure out what had just happened. She couldn’t be too sure if the old man was from her imagination or not. Tiredly lifting her head up, she discovered, to her surprise, that the tree filled with flowers suddenly couldn’t be seen any longer! Concern and fright suddenly intertwined together in her heart as she stood back up on her weak legs, beginning to leave this strange grove.

Still frightened and full of doubt, she returned back into her room and collapsed onto the large, soft bed. Gu Weiyi felt as if today was just like the movie Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. She had seen such unimaginable things today, it was all so tiring! Once she hit the bed, she fell into a deep sleep.

After a while, she woke up from her sleep and saw that it was already nightfall. Getting out of the bed, she walked over to her dressing table to wash her face. Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she turned to look at the scenery just outside of her window. After thinking for a bit, she decided that she couldn’t just aimlessly wait here. It’s time for her to propose leaving to Mu Yalun. She really missed her gege, ah. She no longer had the strength to sit and wait here any longer. Her yearning for them had already began to seep into her bones. She urgently wished to return to their sides, to see their beautiful and pampering faces, to sit in their warm bosoms, and to laugh unrestrained. Just by beginning to think of these things, her heart had already begun to ache.

But a burst of anxiousness suddenly formed in her heart, causing Gu Weiyi to be unable to restrain herself from rushing out of her room and over to the large hall.

 She had only visited this hall once, which was when Mu Yalun had given her a tour of the castle. So, she knew the general direction to head in to get to it. During nightfall, rays of golden sunlight streaked across the castle, dazzling wherever it touched. When Gu Weiyi finally reached the entrance to the hall, she felt somewhat nervous, but she steeled her heart and walked in. Upon entering, she saw that the first floor hall was completely vacant. Apart from the snow white fox fur coat that rested on the topmost jade seat, there was nothing. At this moment, with the hall completely empty, the stillness felt somewhat strange. Gu Weiyi knew that Mu Yalun was most likely discussing business on the second floor. Making her way over to the staircase, she quietly began to walk up, her soft steps echoing in the silent room.

As she neared the top, the sounds of voices speaking got louder and louder and once she reached the last step, she silently hovered at the corner of the doorway, unsure of whether or not she should go in.

“Young Master, there’s a spy in the stronghold! Lately, our patrols have seen strangers roaming around the slum housing area, this subordinate is worried that…” The one speaking was Zhuang Sheng, his voice carried traces of worry. Regarding that “spy” he was talking about, Gu Weiyi was certain that he would proclaim, without hesitation, that the spy was her, if she stood right in front of him at this very moment.

“Yes Young Master!” Agreeing voices sounded out after Zhaung Sheng’s statement.

“Young Master, subordinate has investigated and found that those people have been sent here by Xiu Luo villa.”


What? Gu Weiyi covered her mouth. Xiu Luo villa… Why were gege prying into Blue Snow Stronghold instead of going to find her? Or was it that gege already knew she was in Blue Snow Stronghold and wanted to come save her? Temporarily putting the confusion in her heart to the side, Gu Weiyi stilled her breath and continued to eavesdrop.

“We, Blue Snow Stronghold, have never come into contact with Xiu Luo villa, nor have we had any contradictions. So, why would the opponent come over here?” This time, it was Mu Yalun’s mild voice that now carried some doubt.

“This subordinate doesn’t know either. Could it be because they want the stronghold’s treasures and rare books?”

“Nonsense! Apart from the elders and you, who else knows of Blue Snow Stronghold’s secrets?” It was Mu Yalun’s voice again, carrying slight anger as he reprimanded Zhuang Sheng.

“Subordinate knows his wrongs.”

The voices slowly faded away until Gu Weiyi couldn’t hear them anymore. She had decided to return back into her room. Since knowing of the most recent developments regarding gege, she decided that she no longer wanted to leave Blue Snow Stronghold. She would wait here for gege to come get here, if she left, she may even pass by them again.

She lifted her foot, just about to take a step when she heard wind and before she could react, two tight fists made their way around her neck and picked her up.

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