Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 4

Chapter Four Asura gege

Her cheap father trembled as he looked at the two devilish purple and green youths. With forced calmness, he angrily said, “Bas****! My most unfortunate case is that I’m your father, how can you guys act like this to me!”

“Father?” The purple clothed youth’s sharp and cold voice sounded out. There was some ridicule in his voice, as if he heard something hilarious and he strangely laughed.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha……… Unexpectedly, you still have the face to say you’re our father! Jing Wuchang, you use your sons lives to drag on your own ignoble existence. We can’t afford this sort of ‘grand’ father!”

That old man, Jing Wuchang’s complexion was ashen. He hatefully said, “You two are monsters, from birth you subdued Father. To be able to be used to continue your father’s life, that’s your honor!” That cheap father’s face was full of anger. His words with forceful and filled with justice, as if they were proper and expected. His eyes were filled with even more undisguised hatred and dread towards these two youngsters.

Although she was puzzled by what she heard, Gu Weiyi couldn’t help but still roll her eyes. This damned old man, unexpectedly, he was so shameless, cold, and ruthless. He didn’t even care about his sons, let alone to say herself, a girl born from a little servant girl.

But, Gu Weiyi also had some things she wasn’t clear about. Father and son wanted to destroy each other? How odd, ah! No matter, first she must hear more before saying anything!

To the side, the green clothed male suddenly extended his hand out and pinched the old man’s neck. “Monster? Yes, ah. Then just come and see how these two devils, that you gave life to, destroy your Jin Feng villa!” The youth let out a strange and sinister light laugh and released the old man. Turning around, he grabbed a nearby male that was over twenty years old and walked in front of the old man.

“This one seems to be your eldest son. I’ve heard that he is multifaceted, earning your favor, ah!”

The young male’s face evoked a clearly arrogant and willful expression. At this moment, his whole face was already filled with hostility. “Monster, stop being wanton!”

“He he he he, is it so?” The purple clothed male also walked over, “I insist on being wanton, what can you do about it? You say, how do you want to die? Do you want my twenty strong guards to properly serve upon you here,” His sinister smile deepened and the purple clothed youth opened his maliciously mouth again, “Or, use you as a Medicine Person?”

The male’s face held horror as he stared at him in panic. His previous brave and fierce act disappeared until there was practically none of it left. Paralyzed, he timidly curled up into a ball. “You, you….”

The green clothed youth stopped smiling as his expression quickly flashed with ruthlessness. “Drag him down!”

From the group of black clothed guards, two people emerged and supported him out. Soon after, the male’s mournful cries were heard alongside sounds of sexual intercourse………

Tightly covering her mouth, Gu Weiyi was shaking from head to toe. So merciless, those two youths were simply too merciless!

Some womenfolk already lost consciousness and died. Hearing the blood-curdling screeches from behind the wall, Jing Wuchang’s face paled and he began to violently shake.

The purple clothed man seemed to be unsatisfied as he gloomily opened his mouth, “Look at your several sons and daughters, they’ve grown really pretty, ah. It would be better to send them to be herdsmen and to brothels. There will certainly be lots of men that like them.”

Jing Wuchang suddenly spit out a mouth full of blood. He resentfully and helplessly pointed at the purple clothed youth, “You guys are simply not human!”

The green clothed youth kicked him and his originally well-built body flew outside, smashing squarely into a tree, causing him to bleed.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah………” A woman mournfully shrieked.



The green clothed youth wiped his hands as if he was disgusted and lazily said, “You said it correctly, we aren’t human, we’re monsters! Wasn’t this what you said?”

“Males will be sent off to be herdsmen and females will be left behind to be Medicine People. Drag the old man’s corpse out. I want them to experience a living death!”

The cruel words the green clothed youth said caused Gu Weiyi to quiver from being scared. She fell backwards and coincidentally, she fell onto a flower pot in the corner, emitting a loud noise.

Tragic! In despair, she closed her eyes. Screwed!

There was a strong wind behind her and she felt her neck being picked up. Someone picked her up and flew some circles in the air before stopping. She heard the youth’s overly sweet, nearly frightening voice. “As it turns out, there’s a fish that escaped the net, ah!”

“Must not!” It was Aunt Qing that shouted, she must have recognized her. “Begging you two youths to let off Miss, she’s innocent, ah!”

Her heart felt moved and sad, this foolish Aunt Qing. Unexpectedly, in these types of circumstances, she’s still thinking about her safety, really is an idiot!

“Miss? That is Jing Wuchang’s daughter,” A magnetic voice carrying traces of venom sounded out. In an instant, it turned grim and unfeeling, “Sell to a brothel!”

What? She doesn’t want to be a prostitute!

Suddenly opening her eyes, Gu Weiyi wanted to open her mouth and rain curses down. But upon seeing those serene, green eyes, that beautiful and pure color, it caused her to think about the bluish-green lake during June. Clean and without any impurities. She nearly forgot she was on the line of life and death, she foolishly indulged herself in that boundless green.

“Very beautiful……”

Lowly mumbling to herself, she suddenly extended her small hands and gently stroked the edges of those beautiful eyes. Raising her head up, she leaned forwards and lightly kissed it.

In an instant, all noises faded away.

Something flashed in those green eyes and before her expression could come back, a pair of hands carried her over. Her small black eyebrows puckered up, without anytime to grumble, she seemed to have bumped into a vast ocean of purple. As if she entered a lavender flower ocean and could no longer swim out.

Unexpectedly, it’s purple eyes!

Sighing in admiration, she latched onto the person’s neck. What danger, what fright. She completely forgot about all of it, all she did was mumbled to herself, “Very beautiful eyes……”

She finally came back when there was odd silence all around and she finally clearly understood what the current situation was. This was the first time she found that she had a slow response. Meeting Aunt Qing’s worried and frightened expression, she didn’t know what to do now. There was only the option to rigidly wrap around the purple clothed youth’s neck and frightfully and beseechingly look towards him. “Don’t want to die and don’t want Aunt Qing to die. Gege [1] don’t……”

The current her could only gamble with a childish innocence. But she knew, as Jing Wuchang’s daughter, she would certainly not be faced with extra difficulties. But, from the discourse of words she just heard, she discovered that she had an opportunity to live. That was that she had been similarly abandoned by Jing Wuchang.

Aunt Qing’s petite body shivered but she still firmly begged for forgiveness. “Young man, let Miss off. She’s still small, doesn’t understand anything, ah!”

Making a firm resolution, Gu Weiyi let out a deep breath and timidly looked towards Aunt Qing who was kneeling on the floor, naively and doubtfully saying, “Aunt Qing, why do you have to beg gege?”

The green clothed youth raised his hand and pointed at a indistinguishable corpse on the floor, that was Jing Wuchang’s corpse. “Bad old man, is that him?”

Seriously nodding her head, her sweet and milky voice angrily said, “Aunt Qing said that, that scoundrel of an old man defiled mother and didn’t want her. Mother died, they all bullied- -, didn’t give- – food, and beat- -!”

Miserably sobbing, pea sized teardrops fell down as Gu Weiyi lifted up her sleeve, exposing unhealed bruises and scars.

The green clothed youth’s questioning expression looked towards Aunt Qing and nodded his head. Aunt Qing hurriedly said, “This servant’s good sister was sullied by the manor’s master when he was drunk, not something defiling. After giving birth to Miss, she suffered humilation everyday. Miss’ days in the manor pass by worse than even a servant girl’s, frequently beat and starved. Begging the two young men to let Miss off, she truly is innocent.”

Aunt Qing was a good person. Hard to imagine she was normally foolish, unexpectedly, she’s so smart currently. She understood as much as herself (Gu Weiyi).

She timidly looked into the eyes of the purple clothed boy again and saw that there was still unlimited coldness inside, but the killing intent had already vanished. Her heart loosened, actually, when she had kissed the eyes of the green clothed male and genuinely admired him, the killing intent had weakened. And to add onto the fact, after these few sentences between them, Gu Weiyi could already completely put her heart at ease. She knew that these boys wouldn’t kill them.

Her big eyes had turned red from crying and after passing by such a long time on an empty stomach as well as the immense fear she had experienced, everything before her turned black. Gu Weiyi’s small and soft body fell asleep in the purple clothed youth’s embrace just like this. She vaguely heard Aunt Qing’s impatient and anxious shout……

[1] gege – older brother

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