Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 43

Chapter Forty Three Calculating Defeat

From further back in the tunnel, Nuo finally caught up to them. He unhurriedly walked over, wearing a strange smile on his face. The woman’s, in the beautiful man’s embrace, eyes suddenly met with Nuo’s and became firm. Her slender hands slowly made their way into her cuff and took out a silver knife. Silently, she walked behind Xue Zhuyue.* By the side, Nuo silently watched her as the needles in his hand had long already been positioned at Xue Yunge’s life vein.


“Pu chi!”


A smothered groan, the sound of a sharp knife cutting into skin, and a man’s pained scream all sounded out at the same time in the gloomy prison. The smell of blood wafted up and filled the entire room.

“Second brother.. Why.. Do you.. Have to be like this to Shaung’er?”

Dark red blood flowed out of the woman’s open abdomen. The person whose face looked like it had been carved out of white jade looked at Xue Zhuyue, whose expression was heavy. She looked at him in awe and sorrowfully yelled these words out. Those pitch black eyes were full of disbelief and despair.

And that pained cry was actually let out by Nuo. When that needle was shot out, Xue Yunge waved his hand and the needle directly flew into Nuo’s heart! A purple streak flashed and Nuo was promptly stepped on by Xue Yunge, blood flowed out of his mouth and onto the floor.

“Heng!” Using great force, Xue Zhuyue pushed the woman in his arms onto the ground and swatted his clothes as if they had been dirtied. Then he coldly looked at the miserable woman, who had heavily crashed onto the ground. He was looking at her as if he had come across something dirty.

“Second brother…”

“I’m telling you, shut up!”

His green eyes were turbulent, they looked just like a ride rushing forth, but they were full of ruthlessness. “Nauseating woman, why are you calling me this name!”

She stared at Xue Zhuyue in disbelief and a flash of terror showed in her eyes, but she quickly forced herself to be calm, “Second brother, why are you acting like this to Shuang’er?”

 “Shuang’er?” He increased the pressure of his leg on the person under him and a crack could be heard sounding from Nuo’s ordinary face. His cheekbone had actually been broken by Xue Yunge’s foot! The immense pain that washed over Nuo afterward caused him to be unable to stop himself from crying out in extreme misery!

“Do you want to know where the hole in your plan was?” Coldly laughing, Xue Yunge’s voice was somewhat ridiculing as he asked this question. As he spoke, he directed his loathing gaze at the lovely and pitiful woman on the floor, “Who is Shuang’er? We’ve never known a person by our side who was called Shuang’er!”

“I.. I am Wushuang, ah!” The woman replied, shaking in fear as her eyes dodged around the room, looking at anything except Xue Yunge.

“Heng! Everyone in the world believes that Xiu Luo villa’s Third Young Miss’ name is Xue Wushuang. What a pity, who would’ve known that, that was only an alias! Foolish woman. When we initially came in here, we had been tricked by you. Whether it’s your figure or voice, there aren’t many differences between you and Yi Yi. But, from the moment we carried you, we had already determined that you were not Yi Yi!”

“Yi Yi…” It was the woman who was lowly mumbling to herself, “Isn’t she called Xue Wushuang?”

“Your smell is sickening!” Xue Zhuyue stated this whilst he looked at her with eyes full of disgust and hate. His words caused the woman’s face to immediately pale. Regardless of who it was, but especially women being insulted like this by males, it was hard to take such an insult. However, in Xue Zhuyue’s eyes, she was nothing more than a lowly and filthy woman. Even casting her a glance was an insult and rude to him.

“Yi Yi rarely calls us Big Brother and Second Brother. Almost always, she calls us ‘ge’, moreover, she doesn’t call us in the way that you do. Yi Yi tends to drag out the intonation and softly call me gege.” Seeming to have sunk into beautiful memories, a gorgeous smile floated onto Xue Zhuyue’s face. The woman watching blushed and her eyes filled with obsession as she watched. But when she looked at those pair of wolfish green eyes, her face paled again. All of her facial expressions were all clearly observed by Xue Yunge on the side. A wave of loathing washed over him. The people on this world all became infatuated by their beautiful looks, but rejected their different colored eyes just seconds later. Hypocritical! Apart from there Yi Yi.. Only their Yi Yi would be fond of their eyes and regard them as a treasure.

His eyes couldn’t help but hold disdain. This disgusting woman actually dared to pretend to be Yi Yi, practically dishonouring Yi Yi’s beauty in their hearts! Coldly extending his hand, Xue Zhuyue condensed a round ball of light that looked just like a copper mirror. Then, he closed his fingers and the ball of light instantly ruptured in the air, changing into broken pieces.

“Crack!” He spit one word out from his romantic, red lips. The woman’s expression twisted at his words and then slowly became transparent before she finally shattered into tiny pieces and pieces of blood splattered everywhere, just like the ball of light had just done in Xue Zhuyue’s hands. The splatters of blood added to the reeking smell of blood in the prison, but not a drop of it landed on his spotless, white clothes. After dealing with one thing, Xue Zhuyue turned around to look at his Elder Brother.

“As for you,” Xue Yunge sarcastically looked at Nuo, who he was still stepping on and continued, “you thought you acted flawlessly and there was no hole? Ha ha, how ridiculous. Did you really believe we would be tricked so easily?”

“You were too calm, perhaps that is exactly what a hidden guard should have, but your calmness and remarkable display is what gave you away! Moreover, you said you had already started preparing one month before, but Yi Yi hasn’t even been missing for a month! Tell me, who was it that paid you to come and do this? What was the purpose of doing this?”

Nuo closed his eyes and urgently breathed, but he didn’t open his mouth. Xue Yunge lifted his foot up, allowing Nuo to finally breathe correctly. After a few moments, he collected himself and calmed down. Slowly, he opened his eyes again and his eyes were filled with determination, as if he wasn’t afraid of dying. By the side, Xue Zhuyue saw all this and secretly said, ‘not good’. Extending his hand out, he pointed at Nuo, who wished to move, and he immediately froze. Pulling open his mouth, Xue Yunge extracted a black pill from inside and stepped back, sneering at him.

“It won’t be that easy to die!”

Taking a blue pill out from his sleeve, Xue Yunge then proceeded to force Nuo to swallow it. This pill would cause a person to lose all of their strength, that way, they wouldn’t even be able to pick up a small knife. With Nuo being such a hidden guard, he would be completely loyal to his Master. So, they wouldn’t be able to extract any information from him for a bit. Killing him would be a pity, it really was a piece of rib**!”

“Ge, we fell into the trap, we just don’t know who the person behind this is. Could it be Blue Snow Stronghold or another power?”

Xue Yunge nodded his head, “Leave this person here first and instruct the snow guards to come pick him up. It’s not certain yet if Yi Yi is even in Blue Snow Stronghold. But, we still have to search around.”

Nuo thought that all of the hidden guards were outside of the stronghold, but how could he have known that they had suspected him from the beginning and wouldn’t follow what he asked for. Presently, all of the hidden guards should have already entered Blue Snow Stronghold and began searching for Yi Yi.

A pair of white and purple silhouettes suddenly disappeared from the prisons. All that was left in the darkened prison was Nuo, who weakly and powerlessly laid on the floor. In his eyes, resoluteness, struggle, and pain flashed through. Even though he practically had no strength left, he used the tiny bit of strength he had and pulled a small ball out of his sleeves.

Perhaps it was because he couldn’t hold onto it properly, but by accident, the little ball slid out of his hands and rolled away. Looking at the small ball that was probably just about one meter away from himself, Nuo’s eyes flashed with despair. But still resolute, he painfully began to crawl over. One step at a time, he finally held onto the small ball again.

With the ball in hand, a faint smile bloomed on his face. Nuo used a bit of energy and a serene snow blue colored appeared in the air before gradually disappearing.

In the prison, a wave of peace arrived and even the sound of breathing could no longer be heard.

*Perhaps the author made a mistake and meant to switch their names around, since the woman can’t really sneak behind someone if she’s being held…
**something that would be useless to keep but would be unfortunate to discard/you couldn’t bear to discard it

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