Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 52

Chapter 52 So-Called Love

Warning there’s a pretty sad cliffhanger this chapter, so prepare yourselves (and tissues)!

The opposing view seemed like it was frozen and there wasn’t a sound to be heard. It felt as if there was an endless amount of pain and ruthlessness circulating in the air, making it hard to breathe. In this moment, the blue and green eyed twins were no longer calm. Endless and fierce hatred appeared in their eyes. That enmity carried boundless grief, as if it had been brewing for a millennium and instantly erupted, bringing about despair, pain, and helplessness. In their eyes and hearts there was a bitterness that brought them to wanting to ruin the sky and exterminate the earth. Due to injury, despair, and a want to rip everything apart, they weren’t able to find an outlet to let out their deadly grief.

“Shut up! Don’t.. Speak… Anymore!” A shaky, hoarse voice yelled out, breaking the tense silence. The short and masked male’s hands were clenched into tight fists and his fingernails dug into the palm of his hand, breaking his skin and causing drops of blood to run along his wrists and noiselessly drop onto the ground.

“Your Majesty, this subordinate is asking you not to speak any longer.”

“What? You’re distressed?” Lan Sheng Ling coldly opened his mouth to mocking laugh. Bai Lifeng remained unmoved from his taunting and didn’t open his mouth again, choosing to silently stand there instead.

However, how could Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue, who had sunken into sorrow and hostility, remain indifferent after someone had publicly dug out the extreme pain they had buried in the depths of their heart? Adding onto their fury was the fact that their beloved woman was also standing in front of them. So, killing intent spilled out from them. What was once originally purple and green eyes had turned bloody red in this moment.

“I can’t believe you still aren’t dead! We put you in a snake’s cave and you didn’t die. We fed you “Ruined Limb” and you didn’t die. All the meridians in your body were snapped and you didn’t die! Bai Lifeng, this time I’m going to dismember your body into a thousand pieces, let me see how you’re going to emerge in this filthy world again!”

A long, bloody red whip lashed out into the air with killing intent surrounding it; a silver soft sword also slowly inched toward the short male who stood in silence with a hung head. Presently, their hearts only held on word: Kill! Kill Bai Lifeng and all the people they don’t deem worthy. Let their blood be a remembrance of the years that had already withered away and the ones ahead of themselves! They were already past reacting to any pain and they were even afraid to raise their head and look at Gu Weiyi’s face! They were afraid to see Yi Yi’s shocked, loathing, and fearful expression. Regardless of what expression she wore, they were afraid to look. During those drab years they had already lost all hope for this world. They had suffered, struggled, and prayed during those times of countless drug tests, humiliation, and pains! But there was never a reply or redemption. The more pain they felt in their bones, the more they lost hope and the more their hatred grew. The purpose of them living is to enact revenge on this world! Nobody can escape them unburdening themselves of their hatred!

But it was just because of their feelings of inferiority and lack of courage that they missed Gu Weiyi’s distressed and concerned face staring at them. They missed seeing the adoration in that pair of eyes they loved so much. How could Gu Weiyi scorn, discriminate, and fear them? For a long time now they had always been the people she cared for the most ah! What she, Gu Weiyi, loved about them wasn’t their different colored eyes, beautiful complexion, or their wealthy assets; what she loved was them, that’s all ah! It wasn’t their past or their future, it was just them and nothing more. For a long time now she had never believed that she could love two people so much in the same way. Shouldn’t romance be unrivaled? They were twins, they shared the same experiences, but they were actually different and independent, so much so that one wouldn’t be able to replace the other! In that case, was her love narrow or extensive?

In the end, what is love? She was their only one, but they weren’t her only one, was this fair? But love isn’t fair, it takes investment, one must fall in love, and be willing to do these things. Love didn’t hold any value, it was worthless; all it has is the idea of willingness and unwillingness.

The two people went to attack at Bai Lifeng fiercely, but they were intercepted and blocked by the five, black clothed people that were originally behind Lan Sheng Ling. Bai Lifeng’s martial arts and appearance had already been destroyed by Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue. Even his body had been dried up by them, most likely leaving him as a normal person. The number one most beautiful male was now unrecognizable. He was ugly and short, how could he be the same Bai Lifeng that was the respected poisons expert who was famous in all three kingdoms? However, this retaliation wasn’t enough, it was far from enough! The pain he suffered didn’t even come near to the pain they did, it was more like one out of ten thousand percent. They wanted to return it to him a hundredfold! But that fiend, despite torturing them for so many years, he was able to come out alive from that snake’s cave and escape from being swallowed by vipers! Weren’t the Heavens too cruel toward them?! The Heavens allowed this malicious brute to live for far too long! What renowned doctor? The people he saved were just props that he used to poison and detoxify. He had poisoned them (Yunge and Zhuyue) and then acted like a good person by saving them. He gained a good name and even found a willing drug person, how could he be against that? Why was this type of scum allowed to stay alive?

The two people who were just about to ruthlessly attack Bai Lifeng held intense hatred at the bottom of their hearts, so despite everything, they refocused their efforts and began to attack the five guards blocking their way. However when the long whip lashed onto their bodies and blood flew everywhere, those five black clothed people acted as if they didn’t feel anything and continued to move forward. They weren’t injured at all! What was going on?

Unresigned, Xue Yunge channeled his inner power into his long whip and ruthlessly slashed at the black clothed person’s chest. All he saw was that his whip had been stained by some black blood. Xue Yunge moved to withdraw but fell into the blood and became unable to move. The strangest part of it all was the fact that the black clothed people were still entirely unresponsive and continued to hack at Xue Yunge. At this moment Xue Zhuyue was just barely taking care of himself and couldn’t withdraw. He was still attacking with red eyes and didn’t notice the critical situation Xue Yunge was currently in.

Standing to the side, Gu Weiyi saw all of this very clearly. Her eyes turned into big circles at the sight of the large knife falling down. At this moment she couldn’t be bothered with anything else. She struggled and freed herself from Lan Sheng Ling’s hold, running over in Xue Yunge’s direction.

“Ge, be careful!”

Following Gu Weiyi’s terrified shout was the sound of a heavy groan. Gu Weiyi tightly shut her eyes. Even if she replaced gege and died under that knife, she wasn’t scared. As long as gege was fine, she would be happy. As long as they were fine, she would really wish to tell them that she didn’t care. She only loved them, regardless of their past or future.

However, she didn’t feel any of the pain she had expected. Instead, she felt herself being pressed down onto the floor and Zhuang Sheng’s annoying shout ringing in her ear.

“Young Master, what’s up with you Young Master!”

Mu Yalun? Gu Weiyi opened her eyes. She was focused entirely on gege just then and didn’t see him at all, what was up with him? What entered her eyes was a bloodied figure. The person who pushed Xue Yunge away and used their own body to protect her was Mu Yalun? What was originally supposed to befall her body fell onto Mu Yalun’s?

Tears formed in her eyes again as Gu Weiyi stared at the male who protected herself. His jade-like face was extremely pale and his snow white clothes were dyed red from blood. However, that gentle complexion was still holding distress, concern, and nervousness as it stared right back at her.

“Wushuang… You.. You’re fine, right?”

“You idiot! How could I have any issues? The one who has issues is you, okay?!” As to why he would replace her and block the knife, she wouldn’t open her mouth and ask him. It was just the same as to why she would choose to block the knife for gege, their reasons were the exact same. But since when did this idiot catch these feelings for her? She had always been wearing men’s clothes and acted comfortable but distant from him. Even if Mu Yalun acted even better and even softer toward her, she wouldn’t be able to return these sentiments. But why? He was so clever, he should’ve long since already seen this ah! Why did he still have to be like this and cause her to feel guilty?

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