Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Mu’s Passing

Translator Warning prepare tissues… ????

“Don’t cry.” Mu Yalun gently wiped her tears away and his face blossomed with a smile that resembled the spring breeze. This expression was just like the one he had when they first met. This expression of his had initially stunned her and after a long time, the tenderness and attachment still hadn’t settled.

All along he knew that she had no intentions towards him. But, when this indescribable feeling arrived, he found that he couldn’t control it. How silly of him, had he still not figured it out? If it weren’t for those emotions rising in his heart and the fact that he wanted to give up Blue Snow Stronghold for her, would he have never realized? All along, he had been polite and mild to everyone, but he was clear now that he had done so unintentionally. He didn’t even love himself, so how could he love others? Since childhood, his goal and belief was to live for Blue Snow Stronghold. So, he never lived for himself, he only lived to protect his homeland’s existence. But when he met her, he suddenly wanted to make efforts to smile, to capture that warmth, and to laugh so beautifully. All this was in an attempt for himself to blossom. That was why he cared for her so much, protected her, and was even willing to die for him. Him being so sincere toward a single person taught him what happiness was. Even if that person didn’t love him…

He acted as her guard. Even if he couldn’t be near her, he would guard her from afar. In this world, he wasn’t the person who could stay near her side. Her gege were the people who would watch over her and give her happiness. Even though they hadn’t said anything, he could see the heartfelt love in their eyes. Although he also loved her, but sometimes when things have passed, then they’ve passed. They missed those meeting years. The people who first protected her weren’t him ah… 

How sad.. No. Loving someone wasn’t a sad thing, it was a sweet and painful thing. Even though there was pain, he would still smile and give his well wishes, because that sweetness was enough to last him a lifetime. Just like now, she was nestled within his embrace, weeping and hurting over him. This current happiness was considered his, wasn’t it?

He faintly smiled as he spit out a mouthful of blood. That knife’s strength was powerful and the hit was bold. His back had already been chopped up, was it already split in half? If he died, would half of himself be left behind to protect her? Even if he was a ghost, as long as he could see her, he would still be happy!

“You idiot, big idiot!”

Gu Weiyi had already erupted into tears, her mouth wasn’t able to form any other words. All she could do was cry whilst calling him an idiot. They were all idiots, but how could there be such an idiot in this world? What could she do? What was she currently supposed to do?

She couldn’t do anything. She had no medicine so she couldn’t give any to treat his wounds, she didn’t have internal power either, so she couldn’t pour any into him and keep him alive. She couldn’t even bring herself to look at his bloodied back. She was afraid she would collapse, afraid that she would be at a loss and blank out.

But she was already currently blanked out and helpless. Gege were both still fighting the black clothed people, they weren’t able to rush over and offer help. Lan Sheng Ling was watching her from afar with mocking and disdainful eyes, so much so that he didn’t even bother to stop her. That’s right ah. Their current circumstances deemed them ants in his palm, how would they have the chance to flee?

“Wushuang,” Mu Yalun’s weak voice came out and Gu Weiyi anxiously looked at him whilst nodding her head, “I’m here, I’m here!”

“I… Can I… Call you… Shuang’er?”

“Of course, you can call me whatever you want! However, I would prefer if you call me Yi Yi, I’m Gu Weiyi!” At this time, she didn’t have the heart to continue using a phony name in front of him. She was Gu Weiyi, not some imaginary Xue Wushuang!

“Weiyi.” Faintly smiling, a peculiar blush appeared on Mu Yalun’s face when he uttered her name. “This name is their nickname. I’ll still call you Shuang’er, this can be considered my nickname for you.”

“I’ve always… Always been thinking… If I… Could one day… Intimately call you a name. You would also… Act tender too… Call me Ya… Just like that… Is that apart of the sweetness that lovers have?” Seeming to carry a beautiful vision, Mu Yalun’s eyes held a happy and shy smile. This expression was like a stab of pain in Gu Weiyi’s eyes.

“I’m sorry.. I…”

“Don’t apologize. I.. I know that… There are many matters… Which can’t be controlled by people. You’ve done no wrong.. So.. I’m asking you to be apart of my dreamland, that’s all.”

Tears fell down from her eyes and dripped onto Mu Yalun’s palm. Those cold tears brought an even happier smile to his face. These tears belonged to him, even if those tears’ original intentions didn’t hold love.

He turned around and saw the grieving and sorrowful Zhuang Sheng behind him. Mu Yalun’s smile was still as forgiving as before, “Zhuang Sheng, I don’t blame you, truly. You aren’t Blue Snow Stronghold’s traitor. You’ve always been the Uncle Zhuang who has taken care of me.”

“Young Master, don’t speak anymore. This subordinate knows, this subordinate understands it all!” Kneeling on the floor, this middle aged man’s tears filled his face.

“I’m asking you to help me care for Shuang’er, okay?” Mu Yalun faintly said this, but his words were firm.

“Okay. This subordinate pledges to follow Miss Xue from this day forward. Absolutely no danger will befall her!” How could he not agree? How could he have the heart to disappoint him?

At this moment, Gu Weiyi had sobbed to the point that she couldn’t even make anymore noise. This was the second time she had cried in this world. The first time was when she was scared for Qing Yi’s death and felt helpless. Why did she feel so pained this time? So painful that it even turned into desperation.

“Mu Yalun.. Ya.. I’m begging you not to die! Don’t speak these words as if you’re going to die.. You can’t, you can’t!” Seeming to fall apart, Gu Weiyi yelled these words and cried on the floor, completely exhausted.

“Okay, I won’t die.” He tenderly said these words with fondness in his eyes. Like sunshine, he warmly engulfed Gu Weiyi in his arms and tightly held her hands, unwilling to let go. Just like this, he held her hand, how wonderful it would be. Just like this, he tenderly smiled at her and looked at her, how wonderful it would be… 

Those big, gentle hands slowly turned cold in hers. Terror engulfed Gu Weiyi as she tightly gripped his hand in return. She turned around to look at Mu Yalun, who had already closed his eyes, his face held an eternally happy expression. His facial features weren’t the most beautiful, but they caused people to feel as if he was unparalleled, like an immortal soaring far above. But now, he was smiling so happily and ice-cold within her embrace.

She had never thought there would be a day where she would meet him,

Or even to go as far as to unconsciously begin loving him.

It was fate, destined to be,

I don’t want to pay attention to logic at all,

For you, I would lose myself.

Romance wasn’t wanting to hold you forever,

I just want you to eternally be happy.

I love you, and everything that’s unrelated to you,

It was nobody’s fault.

Silently watching you, calmly protecting you.

Your response isn’t needed, neither is your remorse,

Because loving you doesn’t need any reason.

If there’s one day where you’ll remember, I ask of you not to forget,

There was once a person who loved you so much.

For you, he buried himself and went back.

Author’s Note Wu wu, Jing spent an entire night writing this chapter whilst crying miserably, I couldn’t even clearly see the screen. Jing feels very emotional, just thinking of Mu Yalun causes me to weep. Perhaps Jing’s writing isn’t fully proficient and I lack the ability to move you guys, but Jing seriously tried to compose a romance that acted regardless of everything. This song was something Jing wrote herself ~(^_^)~ Hopefully everybody likes it

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