Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 54

Chapter 54 A Turn For The Better

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Gu Weiyi miserably cried, affecting both Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue, who were still fighting the black clothed people. Their hearts were hurting, but they were unable to go to her side. They were unable to injure or kill these five people. Looking at their vacant expressions, Xue Yunge knew that they were no longer real “people”, instead, they were drug people who were neither alive nor dead! He hadn’t thought that Bai Lifeng would have successfully perfected drug people! This cruel drugging technique caused the people undergoing it to experience unbearable pain, for them, dying would be better than living. And Bai Lifeng went as far as to make five of them! Regardless of how high Yue and his skills were, they would be unable to beat these undying drug people. They would just fight until they became exhausted and eventually died! Unwillingness and murder spread throughout the room as the two people fighting grew more and more annoyed.

By this point, Lan Sheng Ling had called for people to bring a gorgeous chair over. He was sitting on it whilst watching the good show. Death, slaughter, endless blood, and a bitterly crying woman. Wasn’t the world supposed to be like this?

On the other side, Gu Weiyi and Zhuang Sheng were both still immersed in the sorrow and despair after Mu Yalun’s passing. At this moment, Gu Weiyi suddenly felt tired, very tired. How could her once beautiful life turn to this state? Whose fault was it? Was it herself or was it Lan Sheng Ling’s ambitions? If it weren’t for him, they wouldn’t have been pulled into this scheme! Hatred, never had she experienced such intense hatred. She wanted to dismember his body into a thousand parts. It was like she could only sow destruction to absolve herself of the constant resentfulness in her heart. Were gege’s feelings just like this? Perhaps they were even stronger. Even death wouldn’t free themselves of it!

Favorite male? This was such a disgraceful matter, it also brought about many bitter memories! With great difficulty, they had finally forgotten those. But they had been brutally dug up by someone today. Bringing the pain that had been buried at the bottom of their heart back up and into the world! Now she understood why gege hated this world so much! The contact of the world was loathed and others touching them was nauseating, everyday they had to bathe themselves clean, so much so that their skin was rubbed until it turned red. Whilst they were hating on the world, they also hated on themselves! Dirty, filthy, they always scorned themselves, so they had even abandoned themselves. Gu Weiyi felt a great deal of pain in her heart, so much so that she couldn’t even breathe anymore. No wonder they didn’t seem to care about a little bit of injuries when they went out. Perhaps in their eyes, the more cuts there were, the better. In any case, they were already filthy, ruined, so nothing worse could happen. If, if it weren’t for her coming into their lives, would they continue hurting themselves like this? They would. They didn’t even love themselves, in fact, they scorned themselves. To them, there wasn’t any meaning to being alive anymore. In that case, what was the point in confronting themselves? Inferiority and arrogance was intertwined within their hearts. Gege was so prideful, how could they be willing for their secret pain to be uncovered for her to know? But, they also thought they were inferior. They thought of themselves as dirty and undeserving of her. They were stubborn and unwilling to recover those memories, afraid that she would know of their past. So, they acted cautiously. If they held her in the palm of their hands, would they not need to worry that their happiness was just an illusion?

Her appearance allowed them to witness warmth, but it also brought about more worry and concern. After experiencing despair, they lived their life recklessly. But after having Gu Weiyi in their life, they started feeling more worry. In that case, was her appearance good or bad for them?

It was unclear, something that couldn’t be thought with reason.

Lifting her hazy, tear-filled eyes, she looked at gege’s hazy backs whilst they fought the black clothed people. Gu Weiyi was incapable of feeling sorry for herself anymore. Mu Yalun’s ice-cold body was still resting by her feet and Zhuang Sheng’s cries still rang in her ears. But she was helpless, she couldn’t do anything. She even needed others for protection!

“Zhuang Sheng!”

An unexpected voice shouted out. GU Weiyi lifted her head and saw Que along with ten other snow guards fighting who came right after fighting with Blue Snow Stronghold’s people. When Xue Yunge saw Que, a happy streak floated across his face and he urgently said, “Quickly protect Young Miss!”

Que immediately took note of the current conditions. He sent out twenty snow guards to go protect Gu Weiyi whilst he and the rest of the guards went to go assist Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue with fighting the black clothed drug people. When Lan Sheng Ling saw this, his face changed. He quickly sent out an order and Elder Fu lead some black clothed people to start fighting with the twenty snow guards. After all, the snow guards were the top fighters within Xiu Luo villa, they were quickly able to defeat the opponent. Then, they neared Gu Weiyi and surrounded her in the middle of them. On the other hand, although the circumstances had slightly changed, Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue still found themselves in a downward spiral.

Gu Weiyi felt somewhat anxious and urgently asked Zhuang Sheng, “What about Blue Snow Stronghold’s white clothed emissaries? They couldn’t have been entirely wiped out! Where are they? Do they not have some sort of signal?”

Zhuang Sheng lowered his head, “Elder Fu betrayed us, so much of Young Master’s orders have been intercepted. In my haste to catch you, I didn’t prepare anything either.”

Gu Weiyi felt extremely disappointed. Could it be there wasn’t any other way? Could she only helplessly watch on as gege continued in the same fight until they finally became exhausted and died?

Bai Lifeng short figure began slightly shaking when he saw that Xue Yunge nearly obtained an injury. This small movement was seen by Lan Sheng Ling, who took note of it. He coldly smiled and a mocking look appeared in his eyes, “What, you feel distressed?”

“Your Majesty, please don’t speak nonsense!”

“Heng, I’m speaking nonsense?” Nevertheless, his sharp eyes watched Gu Weiyi, who was paralyzed on the floor. Her concerned, sad, and impatient eyes still held a tiny brightness that came from her love. And to the side, the Xue brothers were offering her comfort, despite the fact that they were fighting the drug people and putting themselves in a critical situation by consoling her. This interaction and those eyes caused him to feel angered and envious, it caused him to want to destroy it, regardless of everything!

With the added help of the snow guards,Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue weren’t as strained as before. With some of the snow guards also protecting Gu Weiyi, they were able to put their heart at rest. As Xue Yunge was waving his whip, he said, “Yue, these drug people can’t be killed unless we turn them into corpses. But we don’t have any drugs on ourselves and we can’t continue fighting like this for forever. In a moment, let’s withdraw from the circle they’ve formed around us and take Yi Yi away first. We’ll definitely have a day to kill Bai Lifeng!”

“Okay, ge!” They were people who would submit to the circumstances. They already had the person they cared the most about, their hatred from their past wasn’t worth more than Yi Yi’s life. They couldn’t be impatient and save a little only to lose massively! Their initial irritation and rashness calmed down as they forced themselves to press down the hatred that wished to bubble forth. There would be a day where they would return this a hundredfold!

Signalling to Que, Xue Yunge had the snow guards besiege the group, he had already decided that he would leave first.

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