Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Perish

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The shrill sound of the whip whistling as it cut through the air accompanied Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue as they walked forward, one before the other, inviting death. Gradually, Lan Sheng Ling seemed to have a harder and harder time fending them off. In his profound face, killing intent seemed to have appeared. His sharp eyes swiveled around the room until they landed on Elder Fu, who had been silently waiting on the sidelines all along. A light of unknown meaning flashed through his eyes when he locked eyes with him. Elder Fu understood the silent order and suddenly launched a surprise attack behind the Xue brothers’. His sharp sword was aimed directly at Xue Zhuyue’s back as he charged forward. The unguarded Xue Zhuyue was stabbed in the hand by Elder Fu’s sword. He quickly spun around, glaring at him, and began engaging in combat with him. Now that Lan Sheng Ling had one less person attacking him, his face relaxed and he began focusing all of his energy on Xue Yunge. Out of the corner of his eye, Xue Yunge saw that Xue Zhuyue’s hand had been injured. His heart flashed with pain and he took it personally. They were twins, so they naturally felt the same. His heart raged with flames as he worriedly looked at Yue. In the midst of disorder, he looked over.

The one that felt the most sad was Gu Weiyi. When she saw that gege was hurt, her heart twisted in pain, but all she could do was sit there and stare at him. Glaring at Lan Sheng Ling’s haughty figure, Gu Weiyi loudly shouted, “Lan Sheng Ling, you’re despicable!”

Since he wanted to disturb gege’s minds, she could also use her own means to change his. Thinking up to here, Gu Weiyi opened her mouth and began to rain curses down, “You bast***.. Hoodlum.. Coward!”

Normally she, Gu Weiyi, wouldn’t curse at people. The words she spoke just now felt childish, even to herself. Lan Sheng Ling merely sneered, but didn’t respond to her. With a bitter laugh, she concluded that life was a fail ah! She wanted to help, but in the end, she proved useless. Clearly she was anxious and afraid, but she couldn’t go forward and near them. All she could do was sit back and allow others to protect her whilst she watched as her sweethearts struggled and fought for her. All because she was their weak point. She decided that she couldn’t allow herself to be a bargaining chip for others to use against them. She had to suppress her emotions and remain calm-headed. She couldn’t become a burden to them. But how was she supposed to manage her heart, which trembled for them?

The three people who saw each other but weren’t allowed to embrace felt such pain. They clearly met again, but they hadn’t been allowed to approach each other, there was always someone to block them at each turn. From far away, they watched each other, yearning to near, yet there was still so much distance. They were so close, yet so far.

Lan Sheng Ling was already impatient to get this over with. This play was supposed to end when the curtain drops, so it should be done with quickly; this was his method of dealing with things. Not bothering to play around anymore, he motioned to the shadow guards. Soon after, the shadow guards appeared and encircled Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue. At the same time, the imperial guards began to attack the snow guards that were protecting Gu Weiyi. Following this, Zhuang Sheng grabbed Gu Weiyi and put her behind him. He told Young Master that he would protect this woman for his entire life, so he wouldn’t go back on his promise.

This entire time, Que had been fighting against the drug people. In the first place the drug people were incapable of dying and several snow guards had already been killed whilst fighting them. With great difficulty, Que was able to extract himself from their clutches. But immediately after he left, some shadow guards surrounded him and began their attack. At this moment, Blue Snow Stronghold had resumed the disorderly fighting.

Endless fighting, blood, and the smell of blood spread throughout Blue Snow Stronghold. Even the sky, which was nearing dawn, seemed to be tinted red. At this moment, Gu Weiyi seemed to sense a sort of despair and sorrow. It seemed that they would really be buried today.

Both Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue were already covered in blood and bruises. They had been fighting for so long, their spirit was beaten and they were dejected. They lacked their initial ferociousness and were soon going to collapse. But, when they looked at Yi Yi, who was surrounded by guards and looking at them with tear-filled eyes, they were unable to bring themselves to give up. Even if they died, they couldn’t just give up! The snow guards by their side slowly fell down, one by one. In front of them, Lan Sheng Ling carried a sinister smile in his eyes, but that gradually turned hazy. He felt a sharp pain radiating from a part of their body. That should indicate that he was wounded, but by now, he was already numb to the feeling. Was he truly going to die? Actually, to them, death was freeing. They would be free from this dirty world and their filthy bodies. If they disappeared, so what? It was just that they had a fond thought, it was this fond thought that carried them forward. Even if they thought themselves as extremely dirty and they scorned this world, they didn’t want to be unable to see or embrace her!

Mechanically waving the weapon in his hands around, he felt blood spatter around and heard miserable howls. But, it was all gone from their eyes. The only thing they saw was that single person who was surrounded by so many others. All along, she had been staring at them. It was forever that tender and adorable smile and white, delicate skinned Yi Yi who would smile and say ‘Gege, your eyes are so beautiful, Yi Yi really admires them. Yi Yi loves gege the most and doesn’t ever want to leave gege……’

That’s right, never part. From the moment she appeared, they already decided that they wanted to exist in this world together. Even if they died, they couldn’t be separated. Yi Yi, gege will never leave you. Right now gege is coming over, gege wants to forever hold Yi Yi and shower her with love because Yi Yi is obedient. Therefore gege is willing to give you lots of love…… 


With great effort, they both opened their eyes wide and looked at her faraway figure. Like this, they directly stared at her and firmly imprinted her figures in their hearts. They had to remember her face, even if they died, they couldn’t forget.

Shocked, Que loudly yelled as he looked at the seemingly muddle-headed Masters. Why were they directly walking over to the drug people? Why weren’t they resisting and acting as if they weren’t hurt? There were only ten or so snow guards left. Today’s battle was impossible to win. Even if it’s like this, the Masters shouldn’t act this way ah!

He watched as a drug person used a large knife and started falling toward Xue Zhuyue’s arm. His left arm was originally already injured and blood had already been dripping. Without thinking, Que charged forward and used his own self to block the blade.

“Pu chi!”

The sound of a sharp knife cutting into flesh sounded out. The drug person extracted the blood-dyed knife from Que’s back and behind him was Xue Zhuyue’s shocked face. Once the drug person took the knife out, Que fell limply onto the floor, but toward the Xue brothers, he warmly smiled at them. In his smile there was joy, gratitude, sincerity, and purity. He was perfectly happy to die for them. It wasn’t because of loyalty, rather it was due to the emotions of friends. He knew they didn’t trust other people’s sincerity because of how disappointed they were in the world. They were already incapable of noticing their own sincerity. He understood, because he was made to silently watch over these two as they experienced miserable youths, bringing him great distress. Even if he lived in this calculating world, he also wanted to witness true sincerity in this world. The Young Miss’ appearance was the Heaven granting them their wish. He wanted to protect that wish for them, and in turn, that also counted as completing his own wish, which was buried deep in his heart.

Looking at this world, the two beautiful Masters, and the tearful Gu Weiyi for the last time, Que faintly smiled and slowly closed his eyes.

And in different colored eyes, darkness and hatred appeared.

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