Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Buried

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Looking at the destruction in front of him, Lan Sheng Ling dangerously narrowed his eyes while his face remained unchanged, “Continue, don’t leave anyone!”

Since he couldn’t have it, it would be destroyed. In any case, both Xiu Luo villa and Blue Snow Stronghold will be in his hands in the end. So, it would be a disaster to leave anyone, it was best to get rid of everyone!

Thinking up to here, an ice cold killing intent appeared in Lan Sheng Ling’s eyes.

“Your Majesty, the people you wanted has already been captured!” The people who the imperial guards captured was the struggling Gu Weiyi and Zhuang Sheng.

All of the snow guards had been killed and Zhuang Sheng was unable to protect her. Both of them had been quickly captured whilst Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue were still fighting the black clothed people.

With hate-filled eyes, Gu Weiyi glared at Lan Sheng Ling. In her heart she swore on her soul that she would never forget this hatred, even if she died and was reborn. She vowed that she would make Lan Sheng Ling suffer so much that he would rather die than continue living!

On the other hand, her hatred and anger made Lan Sheng Ling overjoyed. This was the exact expression he wanted to see on her face. This was the pain he wanted her to feel. Wasn’t this the emotion that should be in this world? If he was a lunatic, then he wanted this world to be crazy with him!

“You demon! I promise that there’ll be a day where I kill you!” Gu Weiyi hatefully spit out her promise, she wouldn’t rest until death!

“In that case, I’ll wait for your revenge. But, I’m afraid you’ll have to turn into a ghost to serve it to me! Ha ha ha!”

Willfully laughing, Lan Sheng Ling turned around and grabbed Gu Weiyi. His face neared hers and he yelled, “Xue Masters, if you two kill yourselves in front of my face, I’ll let this girl off. Moreover, I promise I won’t bother her for the rest of my life and I’ll even ensure that she lives her life without worries. What about it, you interested?”

The moment he spit out his offer, a different color appeared in Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue’s eyes. With interest, Lan Sheng Ling waved his hand to order his subordinates to cease fighting for a moment. The circle of guards surrounding Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue parted to show Lan Sheng Ling standing there, holding Gu Weiyi in his hands. 

“Don’t! Ge, I don’t want to! I don’t allow you to die! If you do that, then I’ll immediately kill myself after!” Gu Weiyi bitterly cried and regardless of her circumstances, she struggled to free herself. With great difficulty she finally saw the two people she cared for the most, she didn’t want them to die because of her and leave her all alone. She didn’t want to bear the longing and pain that would follow their death. So, in that case, wouldn’t it be better to die with them? This way, it was like a form of happiness.

A complicated color appeared on Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue’s faces. If they died, Yi Yi would be able to live happily. Then in that case, they wouldn’t have an issue with immediately offing themselves. But, was Lan Sheng Ling’s words trustworthy? Moreover, with the decisive look in Yi Yi’s eyes, they knew that her words just then were as good as promises. Then in that case, wouldn’t everything they did be rendered meaningless? Even if they did die, they would be able to make their journey to the Yellow Springs together. And once they made it, they would be able to reincarnate together. They would be clean and pure when they met, come to know, love, and guard each other…… 

A tender smile blossomed on their beautiful faces. When Gu Weiyi saw this, a happy smile unconsciously formed on her own face. They would never give up on each other. They agreed that they wouldn’t let go of each others’ hands. They would forever stay together, so that they would live and die together in their paradise; they would never part.

The smile lingering on the corner of Gu Weiyi’s mouth was a beautiful sight as the expressions in their eyes steadied. Turning her head, she looked at Lan Sheng Ling and faintly smiled, “You saw it, we won’t give up on each other.” With a simple, happy, and harmless smile, Gu Weiyi took out the dagger hidden in her sleeve and ruthlessly threw it right into Lan Sheng Ling’s abdomen!

Lan Sheng Ling stared at her in complete disbelief and walked back a few steps. Gu Weiyi immediately left his grasp and directly ran over to Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue’s embrace. Smiling, they opened their arms and welcomed her into their embrace. Their palms were warm to the touch as the familiar sweet feeling filled her whilst they hugged. She was like a lively butterfly that had finally landed in the sweetest flower and was greedily drinking all the nectar. Although it was deadly, she wouldn’t leave.

From the moment they were reunited, they could only watch her from far away. But right now, she was truly in their embrace. They were hugging each other so tightly, hugging until it hurt, but still, they didn’t want to let go. They wanted to melt each other into themselves. You’re within me and I’m within you. Time nor fate can pull us apart.

“Ge, ge, ge, ge……”

She nonstop yelled, for this was the only way she could reassure and be at ease that they were truly here.

“Yi Yi, our Yi Yi.”

She was their Yi Yi, the Yi Yi they loved so much that their heart hurt. The Yi Yi they wanted to protect and the one they were going to the underworld with. They knew that no matter where it was, Yi Yi would always be by their side. The world, heaven, or perhaps even the underworld, no matter where they were, they would rather give up everything than leave Yi Yi.

With an overjoyed smile on their faces, the two of them brought Yi Yi even closer in their embrace. Then, two pairs of hands slowly spread six blue silver marks in the air, forming a bright light. It completely enveloped the three of them then proceeded to gradually spread all around.

“What is that?” Lan Sheng Ling doubtfully asked as he was being shined on by the light.

“Not good, it’s Splitting Mirror!” Bai Lifeng exclaimed with fright after spitting out a mouthful of black blood. His eyes were wide, he didn’t expect that they actually cultivated Mirror. Had they already decided they were going to perish together? If that was the case, it would make sense why they would use Splitting Mirror, which would annihilate everything. Pain, helplessness, and remorse fought over each other to be the dominant expression on Bai Lifeng’s exceptionally ugly face. For a few moments, Bai Lifeng sat absolutely silent and paralyzed on the floor. Then, it seemed as if something had become undone in him as he began to laugh to himself.

“What is Splitting Mirror? Bai Lifeng, you clearly explain this to this Majesty!” Lan Sheng Ling pressed down on his abdomen, which still hadn’t stopped bleeding. Damn it, he didn’t know what that dagger was coated with, but up until now, it still hadn’t stopped bleeding!

But, Bai Lifeng only continued laughing to himself and didn’t give him any response. His pained and remorseful laughter caused the atmosphere to become shaken up. He no longer wanted for honor, status, or his face, and he was no longer obsessed with poison techniques. In his absent-mindedness, he seemed to have returned to a time that was long, long ago. Then, there were two identical twin children with beautiful faces and untainted smiles. Just that glimpse caused him to sink into a pit of depravity. From then on, he had lost himself. All for the sake of robbing them, he had constantly acted as a lunatic. Yet, in the end, he had truly become a lunatic, a disgusting lunatic ah!

If love turned into hate, why did he have to have such a hopeless love? He couldn’t recount or explain and in the end, he made himself crazy and became that demon that harmed them the deepest. Could he finally absolve himself now? If wishes were real, his only wish would be to not have a rebirth… 

By now, the silvery blue light had become so big that it had practically enveloped the entirety of Blue Snow Stronghold. At this moment, Lan Sheng Ling seemed to have thought of something and he suddenly paled. Immediately after, he rushed over to the exit. But it was already too late. With a whoosh, the silvery blue lights shattered ad accompanying it was an earth-shaking sound. Then, blood red rays appeared and everything within them shattered.

Lan Sheng Ling quickly grabbed a few imperial guards and hid behind them, using their bodies to obstruct the immense impact. Lan Sheng Ling then channeled all his body’s power and ran head-first toward the broken wall. The second he ran over to the broken wall, a smashed board deeply fell into his mouth. Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Lan Sheng Ling’s vision turned black and he fell unconscious.

Behind him lay the entirely annihilated Blue Snow Stronghold alongside destroyed limbs and broken bodies. Everything was already destroyed.

Half a month later.

The renowned Blue Snow Stronghold was completely annihilated in a night. Momentarily, everyone’s opinions differed, but the entire martial arts world was shaken. Adding onto this was that the number one assassination organization, Xiu Luo villa, also wordlessly disappeared. A new league formed to replace Blue Snow Stronghold, becoming the new legend in the martial arts world.

In Yin Yue country, Emperor Lanxuan abdicated due to illness and his seventh son succeeded the throne, becoming Emperor Lanzun. After the new emperor succeeded the throne, he reorganized the imperial court and brought order to the law. At the same time, Yin Yue Country respected these laws because punishments were serious. Regardless of whether it was an administrator or common person, they each feared it.

Once again, Lan Sheng Ling faced the now ruined Blue Snow Stronghold. He had brought ten or so attendants along with him and they all stared at the ruins. He didn’t know why he came back so much. Was it because of the envy or even grief in his heart? It wasn’t because of power, rather it was because those three people, who burned together, gave him an unspeakable feeling. That strong emotion was so beautiful, it made him want to tear it apart. He was jealous and unwilling. For five years, he had exhausted himself and planned out a scheme, the mysterious power of Blue Snow Stronghold that helonged for dissipated that day. He hadn’t obtained everything he wanted! How could such a defeat exist in his, Lan Sheng Ling’s world! Even though he destroyed Blue Snow Stronghold and Xiu Luo villa, he didn’t get all the things he deserved. Xiu Luo villa had long since become an empty shell and he didn’t get Bai Lifeng’s Ghost Valley either. He was unresigned, he was unwilling to give up on things just like this!

His hands formed into fists and killing intent formed in the air, making the attendants behind him wary to approach him.

“Your Majesty!”

“What’s the matter?” His imposing and cold voice boomed, causing the guard who was delivering news to shiver. “Your Majesty, this subordinate found this in the ruins.”

With both hands, he offered an ancient book that had a ruined cover. Lan Sheng Ling took it and just by touching the book, he was able to tell that it had many years of history behind it. For the book to not have been damaged by the Splitting Mirror, meant that it wasn’t a simple book. Thinking up to here, he eagerly opened the book and a set of ancient text greeted him.

For a long time, a secretive smile lingered on the corner of Lan Sheng Ling’s mouth. In the end, he couldn’t hold himself back anymore and directly faced the sky and laughed! That laughter was filled with excitement, assertment, and held the manner of a King overlooking the world. He tightened his grip on the ancient book as the wind blew over the pages. In the blink of an eye, the blue ocean had been flipped over to mulberry tree fields.

Author’s Note Do you want to know what exactly happened to Yi Yi and Gege? Do you want to know what Mu’s rebirth will be like? Want to know what Yi Yi’s true identity in this world is? Want to know what else Lan Sheng Ling will do? Want to know if Jing will tyrannically command Lan Sheng Ling’s death? Want to know what other characters will appear? Ha ha ha, if you want to know, please await the second volume. Jing will bring the fans into another, colorful world!

Because Jing was so tyrannical in the first volume, the second volume will be slightly more relaxed and warm, but there will still be occasional tyranny. He he, fans, continue to support o!

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