Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You / Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 6

Chapter Six Secret

Wan Li mountain, doctor’s grave.

Wan Li mountain, there were generations upon generations of doctors here, it could even be said that the world’s best apothecaries resided here. There was also the Medicinal Valley, who was said to be able to get people to rise from the dead. But in order to request treatment, one must complete the Medicinal Valley’s three requirements, otherwise it would impossible. Wan Li mountain was filled with poisonous mechanisms, if an outsider tried to force their way in, they would definitely end up dying of poison.

Currently, there were two brothers managing Wan Li mountain, Mo Mi and Mo Xie. Brother Mo Mi was good with poisons and Mo Xie favored medicines. The two often fought against each other, one poisoned and the other detoxified, they never seemed to tire of it. The two were brothers, but they were also rivals. But even more than that, they were each other’s close friends. So although they frequently quarreled over which was senior, medicine or poison, in a manner one would with an enemy, they had never reached the stage of mutual hatred.

But today, Wan Li mountain met destruction and calamity. It was usually peaceful and worry-free, but at this moment, corpses could be found all throughout it. Blood flowed everywhere and the air reeked of blood. There were several masked people wearing black clothes with strange and cruel martial arts. Soon, there were corpses everywhere in Wan Li mountain.

Returning to Chun hall, the main hall where the doctors usually gathered to discuss medicine, Mo Mi and Mo Xie’s whole bodies were blood stained. They cut a sorry figure as they leaned on bamboo chairs, gasping for breath, there were several other clansmen around them. Thirty black clothed people were standing there, expressionless. They surrounding the entire hall and didn’t continue moving, as if they were waiting for something.

Looking at the clansmen that were at their last breaths, Mo Mi and Mo Xie felt bitter and hateful. But, they didn’t understand, Mo family always shunned the world and didn’t leave. How could they attract such a vicious foe, who, unexpectedly, wanted to destroy this Wan Li mountain.

But if they knew that this disaster was just because a little girl spoke, without thinking, of a wish, what would their expressions be!

All the black clothed people in the doorway suddenly all kneeled down, there seemed to be some sort of sound breaking the quiet air. Mo family brothers all attentively watched the front door, they knew that the master had arrived. They really wanted to know who was it and how Wan Li mountain had offended them to cause them to want to exterminate them.

When the two youths walked into the main hall, everyone forgot to breathe.

One purple and one green, two twin brothers possessing the same complexion but different eye colors, seeming as if they were twin lotus flowers blooming in a pond of blood. Strange and enchantingly beautiful, everyone’s eyes were attracted to them. The pretty and flirtatious youth with purple eyes filled with tossing billows was like a devil, bloodthirsty and cruel. The green clothed youth’s complexion was cold and detached. His dark green eyes were deep and his white, jade-like delicate face carried frostiness and mercilessness, causing people to lack the courage to approach him.

They clearly had a beautiful complexion, but when matched with their strange and frightening different colored eyes, they seemed to be devils who came from Hell. Bloodthirsty and merciless devils.

“Hand over Hundred Bite and Hundred Split and you won’t die!”

The youth’s voice indifferent, carrying traces of force and bloodthirstiness, it held no room for resistance.

The Mo family brothers let out distressed smiles, as it turns out this calamity was actually because of these guarded clan treasures. But in front of the life or death of their clansmen, what worth could these treasured books have. They had no other choice.

They called people to bring the treasure chest over, two people mutually extorted their internal force and two silver threads appeared. These Mo family clan books had such a mysterious method to conceal the key, really is brilliant.

Once they obtained the key, the demonic youth opened his mouth, “I’ll honor my word. From now on, Wan Li mountain will be under Xiu Luo villa’s protection.”

The two people were filled with alarm. Unexpectedly, it was Xiu Luo villa, it’s no wonder they were so vicious and pitiless. At this moment, everyone understood. What “protection”, it was merely Xiu Luo villa occupying one of Wan Li mountain’s ports. Disappointingly falling over, the two honest, middle-aged men seemed to have turned old overnight.

From now on, this world no longer had Wan Li mountain or Medicinal Valley.

Xiu Luo villa’s only pavillion.

In a small and elegant loft, a petite figure rested on a long couch, diligently reading travel notes. The sun shone on her body, her eyelashes dropped down as the sun created a golden halo on it, causing her to seem like a fairy who lived high in the clouds.

The two brothers arrived at the door, after cleaning off all the dust, and saw this peaceful and pure scene. Immediately, both their eye colors dimmed. Regarding their bloody hands and filthy bodies, could they still truly have her? They had also been called monsters because of their different colored eyes, the current Yi Yi was merely a child. Would it be because she was a child that she wouldn’t know what these strange eyes actually represented? So she would consider these colors were beautiful? After she recognized the meaning of these eyes, would she be like others and become afraid and banish them?

Their hearts were in turmoil and filled with dread, they were unable to reconcile. So, they stubbornly locked her inside the manor and didn’t allow her to contact the outside world’s people or matters. As long as she was eternally a pure hearted child, it would be fine. She would forever be loved and pampered by them, forever accompany by their side. As long as it could be like this, even if the heavens were destroyed and the earth was extinguished, what harm was there? This world was evil, it had already been so cruel to them. Now that they had the means to resist, regardless of everything, they had to keep the things they wanted.

Purple eyes and green eyes shared a firm glance between each other and began walking towards the brilliant and translucent angel.

Gu Weiyi didn’t have to lift her head, a familiar scent was in the air, letting her know that her gege had returned. Cheerfully turning around, she saw them heading towards her. Just as she was about to stand up, Xue Zhuyue already swept her into his embrace. She habitually drew herself towards his neck, sitting on the couch with him. Big brother Xue Yunge also sat down and took out two yellowing, ancient texts. “Yi Yi, Ge brought back the books you wanted.”

She randomly threw it onto one of the book couches, Gu Weiyi didn’t take one look at it. She originally just spoke without thinking, nothing more. Moreover, if she wanted to read it, there would be plenty of time later.

“Gege, why did you leave for so long? Yi Yi really missed you.” She hugged Xue Zhuyue’s neck and lazily acted spoilt. To tell the truth, it was actually quite boring to stay alone in the loft, Aunt Qing was busy with other matters. And Fu Ma, she no longer saw her after that night. She knew that she was already dead. Although she was sad, life had to continue moving on.

She was very lazy. Didn’t want to study martial arts or the four arts [1]. In order to defend herself, she specially chose medicine and the poison arts. But it wasn’t such an easy matter. She had to memorize many medicine names, the use of medicines, and complicated acupuncture points of the human body. It was good that she was a willful and resolute person and her ability to memorize wasn’t bad. The characters here were traditional Chinese characters, she could basically identify them all and learning it all was comparably easy. She was still small now, but if she stayed in the villa forever, she would become depressed.

[1] the four arts – zither, Go, calligraphy, and painting
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