Against Heaven / Against Heaven Vol Chapter 1

Heng Yue calendar, Year 50XX

On the Heng Yue Mainland, humans are still the ones in charge, but most of the prominent places that existed long ago, are now nothing but ruins.

It all began one night 3000 years ago, when three black, pointed altars descended from the sky.

That night was a catastrophic night. 50% of all organisms were wiped out and buildings were turned to dust……

Fast forwarding 3000 years, the Heng Yue Mainland is now known as Empress Mainland.

At the South end of Empress Mainland lies an island. It used to have a well-known harbour which has been reduced to ruins. If observant enough, one might still be able to see some traces of an ancient civilisation amongst the ruins.

From the waist-high grass thickets on the ground, an extremely ordinary looking man who was clothed in black suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He lifted his head to gaze at the sky, a trace of calmness in his eyes.

“They’ve finally caught up! This is the final chance, I am 60% certain that as long as I succeed, I will be free!”

The dazzling sunlight reflected off the man’s eyes as a voice sounded out in the air: “No. 0014, you’ve run rather far this time. To think you’ve actually attempted this number of escapes. This will be the last time because this has caused your sentence to lengthen by 3000 years. Your total sentence now exceeds 10 000 years and you’ve been dealt ——— the death penalty.”

Chapter 1, Serial Number 2213

Serial Number 2213 was an experiment subject at the Jian Yu island of Empress Mainland. Since birth, he had been living in a fluid-filled cylindrical glass vessel. He had no memory.

The only thing he knew was that there were many like him all around the area. Each day, people would come and open numerous vessels. None of those who were taken out of the vessels ever returned.

Finally one day, his container was opened. A group of people in white attire brought him into a room.

All the things in the room were foreign to him. He did not know what the people were talking about but from their expressions, he could guess that they were dissatisfied with him.

A feeling of uneasiness set in. Many years later, Serial Number 2213 would recall back and realise that it was called anxiety.

“Subject 2213’s quality is below average. Apart from the brain, the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and nerves do not meet the standard requirement. No one would buy this kind of subject. Withdraw his nourishing fluid eligibility. Send him to the Department of Mining Development after installing the necessary language packages,” a cold, emotionless voice echoed the room.

On that day, Serial Number 2213 would forever leave the glass vessel which had been the only home that he knew. When he was brought away, a strange feeling set in. He did not know what it was, but his heart felt heavier the further away he was from the vessel.

The Department of Mining Development was the place where failed subjects would be sent to. Once the language packages had been installed, they would be dispatched to the underground mine.

When Serial Number 2213 was sent here, he saw many other subjects. They were naked like him, but every one of them looked to be in poor health. When they looked towards him, the gaze was ice cold and expressionless.

Since then, he was one of them. Every day in the darkly-lit quarry, they would dig and search for five-coloured crystals, in exchange for the much needed nourishing fluids.

As time went by, he found out the meaning of pain from the whips of the people in white attire whenever he failed to find any crystals. At the same time, he learned what hunger was.

More often than not, he would think about his vessel. He wanted so much to return to the comfort of being submerged in nourishing fluid in the glass container.

One day, during mining, all of this changed forever. He found a black crystal unlike one that he had seen before. The moment when he held the crystal in his hand, he felt a gush of warmth entering his body

After 7 days and nights of being unconscious with a high fever, he finally woke up.

When he opened his eyes, he found that he was back inside his vessel. Through the glass, he could see many of the people in white attire looking at him with curiosity.

He was surprised. Curiosity? How could he have known to use such a word? What did “curiosity” mean? Suddenly, he felt a jolt in his head and an image appeared in front of his eyes.

A man clothed in black was looking at the sky. In mid air, an old man in grey clothes said sternly,” Wang Lin, you won’t be able to escape.”

The image then disappeared. Serial Number 2213 was confused. He felt different. His mind was filled with things which he did not understand.

For instance, right now he was back to the much longed-for vessel, but he did not feel happy at all. In fact, there was a deep sense of hatred to the extent that he felt the compulsion to kill all the people who were watching him.

However, he concealed his emotions carefully.

The previous him wouldn’t have known how to do all of this, but now it seemed like an instinct to him. In a way which he could not understand, this instinct had been etched deeply in his soul.

He could not hear the conversation among the people outside the vessel, but from his sharp observation, he realised that their curiosity had slowly worn out.

On the tenth day, they brought him out from the vessel. They clothed him before bringing him to face a lady. Even though that was the first time of him seeing a lady, he was no longer surprised about how he was able to recognise one. Just by looking, his brain knew that she was a female.

For the past ten days, he could clearly feel that he was different from before. At least now, he was able to think and analyse.

However, he was still unable to comprehend what females were for.

The lady looked dissatisfied. After contemplating for a while, she reluctantly nodded her head and brought him away. He followed the lady into a huge oval shaped object. Over there, he met more than ten others like him.

Next, the ground trembled and he felt that the oval object was ascending. Suddenly, a gush of blood rushed to his head. He could not help but vomit a mouthful of fresh blood. He looked around and realised that the others looked pale with blood staining the corner of their mouths. Each one of them appeared to be terrified.

From the corner of his eyes, he looked through the window. The ground below seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. He suddenly realised that he was forever separated from his vessel.

At this time, the lady opened the door and entered. Seeing the pallor on everyone’s face, she gave a cynical smile. She looked around. Her glance stopped at a rather muscular and good-looking subject. She went in front of him and with one just pull, dropped his pants. After giving it a good look, she laughed mischievously. With one quick movement, she let the clothes slide down from her body, revealing a sexy female body which was very desirable.

Serial Number 2213 was dumbstruck with what happened next. The lady bent forward, showing her big, bouncy buttocks. She eagerly wrapped her mouth over an object at the subject’s groin and started sucking and licking. After that, she straddled herself over the subject. With her right hand, she tried adjusting the object and pushed herself down towards it. Immediately, she gave out a loud moan.

When the oval object once again gave a tremble and descended from the sky, Serial Number 2213’s brain was still playing back the scenes. More than ten of the subjects had been engaged in the same act with the lady throughout the day and night.

Sometimes, there would be multiple subjects who would be doing the same thing with the lady. Unfortunately, he did not join in because he somehow felt disgusted that the subjects were all fighting each other to do it.

After the oval object had landed, all of them slowly walked out from it.

The one who was receiving them was another lady. She was clothed in pink with bright clear eyes.

The lady who sent them there did not follow. After unloading all the subjects, she left with the oval object. Before leaving, she naughtily laughed and told the lady in pink,

“Chun Lan, you tell my elder sister that this batch of products taste good. Along the way, I enjoyed myself. Tell my sister to slowly savour it!”

Serial Number 2213 walked among the subjects. With the light from the setting sun, what appeared in front of him was a lavish looking building. Even though the building was refined, it felt strange to him.

Everyone including himself was sent into a massive room with more than ten beds. After the lady in pink helped them set up the beds, there was a complicated look on her face. After giving out a faint sigh, she turned and left the place.

It was a silent night. Early morning the next day, an old woman who was dressed in black came to their room. She coughed lightly, but the sound was as loud as thunder in Serial Number 2213’s ears. Subsequently, there was blood coming out from his mouth and nose. He looked around and noticed that everyone was also experiencing the same thing.

“You all need to bear in mind that this is the Heavenly Water City of the Spring Water Empire. You are owned by San Xiao Jie, who is one of the empire’s three most powerful Phoenix rulers. From now onwards, all of you are the Phoenix servants. If there is anyone who dares to go against orders or break the rules, I will not go easy on them!”

The old woman’s words were as loud as thunder, deeply engraved in everyone’s heart. 2213 dropped his head, flashes of images once again flooded his mind when he saw the old woman.

The man clothed in black was surrounded by a deadly aura. Under his feet were dead bodies.

Once the old woman had stopped talking, she scanned the room and pointed to a subject. With a deep voice, she said,” You. Follow me. You will be the first one to serve.”

2213 cautiously observed as the old woman was leaving with the subject. The gaze the old woman gave the subject was not unlike looking at a dead person.

The subject never returned. Three days later, the old woman reappeared and took away another subject. It was the same gaze again.

As time passed by, one by one, subjects were asked to served, but none of them ever returned. 2213 felt deeply concerned. In a period of one month, he could clearly feel that he was different from before. It was as though he knew a lot of things, yet knew nothing at all. But, there was something that he was certain of. He would not let his fate be determined like the others. He needed to be strong!

“I must be strong!” 2213 would tell himself every night. For the past one month, the lady in pink, who received them, would come by frequently. Every time, there would be a tense and complicated look on her face.

Through contact, 2213 got to know that the lady was called Chun Lan. She was the San Xiao Jie’s maid. From Chun Lan, he discovered important news.

San Xiao Jie contracted a rare and strange disease known as Mandara. She needed to continuously have sex with different men in order to alleviate her symptoms.

Soon, it was time for 2213 to serve.

With the old woman leading the way, he was brought to a secluded courtyard. In the yard, there were many pink flowers with overwhelming fragrance.

The old woman suddenly stopped and asked,” Do you have a name?”

2213 was stunned. He replied,”Wang Lin.”

“Wang Lin, watch my steps carefully. If you make even a single mistake, the court guards would kill you.” The old woman gave Wang Lin a look with her dusky eyes, then continued walking.

Looking at the old woman’s back, Wang Lin remained silent. He followed her into the court hall. Once Wang Lin was in the hall, the old woman left.

The hall was not big. Putting aside the decorations, what’s obvious to one would be a huge bed. In the bed was a lady who was lying on her side. A black silky veil was covering part of her face. Her icy cold eyes were staring at Wang Lin.

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