Against Heaven / Against Heaven Vol Chapter 5

After washing up, Wang Lin once again sat down on his bed to train.

A few days had passed since the minor accomplishment. Today, he was about to break the sixty minute mark. Sweat dripped from his forehead like rain drops. His body had actually reached its limit three days ago.

For the next three days, the time needed to rest was shortened down to ten seconds. He never stopped finding ways to maximize his body potential. Without extreme perseverance, one definitely would not be able to have such progress.

Armed with an iron will, Wang Lin managed to keep himself going. This high intensity training was very taxing on his body. In just three days time, he had become so much thinner.

Wang Lin, who was originally not very fleshy, looked even skinnier now.

Real kung fu belonged to resolute people. In the evening on the next day, he managed to hold the pose for one hour as he hoped.

The feeling of ants crawling throughout his body, like the ones from his minor accomplishment resurfaced. But this time, the feeling was much more intense. After holding the pose for three gritting hours, the energy emanating from all of his organs, bones and muscles combined together, forming a faint but tenacious soul power.

At this point, he achieved major accomplishment for the first illustration of Spiritual Enhancement Technique.

According to the records of the spell, once major accomplishment for the first illustration was achieved, soul power would be produced. The production of soul power meant that one’s ability had reached Level 1.

Achieving the first level of soul power in just thirteen days would put one among the rare geniuses residing in the Empress Mainland. However, Wang Lin was not the fastest. The fastest one to achieve Level 1, did it in just five days!

After washing up, Wang Lin changed into some clean clothes and walked out of the room.

The stars in the sky were shining brightly. The autumn wind brought along with it the night’s chill. Wang Lin was not in a rush to learn the second illustration; but was instead, silently savouring the soul power within his body.

Just by thinking about it, the soul power flowed into his right hand. Wang Lin gently hit the corner of the stone table. He indistinctly felt the table shake and then, suddenly, the corner broke.

Wang Lin raised his eyebrows, secretly admiring the soul power. Although only at Level 1, it did so much damage. However, he could feel that his soul power had dropped by half. At the same time, he was bleeding from a cut on his right hand. Fresh blood slowly dripped from his hand.

“Merely one use took so much soul power……” Wang Lin blinked his eyes, looking at the wound on his right hand. He suddenly gained enlightenment, “No, it is the way I used it. If I did not use so much soul power hitting the stone table, the energy probably wouldn’t have depleted as much.”

Thinking about this, Wang Lin immediately started experimenting. He slowly tried to control the flow of soul power into his right hand in order to find the right balance point. However, getting the precise control of the energy was easier said than done. It would wildly flow into his right hand each time he tried to muster the energy there.

Wang Lin did not give up. He continued his attempts, but it was impossible to control the energy precisely. Unknowingly, a great deal of time had passed. He let out a sigh, realizing that he had been impatient. It would take a long time to practice controlling his soul power.

Somehow he had the feeling that if he could control his energy precisely, he would only need one tenth of his soul power to break the corner of the table rather than just wasting half of it.

“It seems that from now on, other than routinely training Spiritual Enhancement Technique, I also need to use time to practice controlling my soul power. For now, the most important thing is to find a suitable method to use the energy for attacking. To muster it into both hands does not seem advisable for now, so how can I utilize this limited amount of soul power?”

Wang Lin muttered to himself. Suddenly, a light bulb lit in his brain. He recalled how some of his soul power leaked from the wound before reaching the right hand the last time he tried controlling it.

This gave Wang Lin an idea. Maybe, by using this, he could find a suitable offensive strategy!

Without hesitating, he mustered all of his remaining soul power into his left index finger. Then, he aimed it at the stone table and in a swift motion, cut up the end of his fingertip. He restrained his soul power, as to not use too much. A drop of fresh blood, saturated with soul power, shot out fiercely, leaving a small hole on the stone table.

At the same time, the small cut on his index finger slowly healed,stimulated by the soul power.

Wang Lin was excited. This method of attacking was ingenious; it did not require much skill to control but could also achieve the desired effect. At present, it would make for an excellent weapon to defend himself with. Moreover, the destructive potential was satisfactory.

Wang Lin believed that he could further increase the damage inflicted by this method of attack through practice and by adjusting the amount of his soul power output. Perfect timing in restraining the dispensed energy was also of dire importance.

Thus, besides Spiritual Enhancement Technique and precision control of his soul power, Wang Lin added “perfecting the restraint of energy” onto his training list.

“However this is but a cheap trick. My body obviously cannot cope with the conventional attacking method. Seems like the solution is to improve my body strength!” Previously, through the conversation with Chun Lan, Wang Lin found out that the so-called soul power was in fact, a type of energy. In this world, there were two main ways of utilizing the soul power, namely Spiritual and Physical.

Wang Lin did not have much knowledge regarding Spiritual techniques. On the other hand, from the term of Physical Technique itself, he deduced that these techniques utilized a person’s body as the weapon to project one’s soul power.

It was unfortunate that the bookstore did not have any books regarding Physical technique training. But from Wang Lin’s understanding, this type of technique centered around using all kinds of methods to improve the inner strength of one’s body.

Thinking about this, Wang Lin decided to make a trip to the town tomorrow to purchase some equipment to help strengthen his body.

At this point, the sky was becoming bright. Wang Lin returned to his room, took a few pills and continued practicing the pose from the first illustration in bed. Time and tide waits for no man. Just as Wang Lin completed his third round of training, Chun Lan arrived with his breakfast.

After telling Chun Lan about his desire to purchase some equipments to train his body, they both left the mansion together.

Even though that was his second time walking on the streets, Wang Lin still wasn’t used to it. The feeling of being watched by people walking by made him feel uneasy.

After a while, with Chun Lan leading the way, they arrived at the equipment store. There were all sorts of strength building equipment in the store. Wang Lin carefully looked at each and every one of them and finally bought an equipment which was to his liking.

One thing worth mentioning was that because the equipment he bought was huge, the store gave him a storage card as a complimentary gift for his purchase. This piqued Wang Lin’s curiosity.

This was the first time he heard of storage cards. Although it could only be used once, he could not help but feel fascinated. Secretly, he decided to get a reusable storage card which he could permanently use in the future.

Looking at Wang Lin’s expression, Chun Lan covered her mouth and smiled, “This storage card is nothing out of the ordinary. Almost everyone has one. If you wish, I can bring you to buy one later.”

Wang Lin was extremely delighted, nodding his head in agreement.

After paying the bills, both of them left the store. Suddenly, Wang Lin frowned. With lightning speed, he pulled Chun Lan a step backwards.

At the same time, a loud thunder was heard. A three metre long spear surrounded with electricity was dropped from the sky, piercing into the position where Chun Lan was standing moments ago. The ground split, forming a cobweb pattern.

Chun Lan’s face immediately paled, gratefully glancing at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression turned grim as he looked up to see a Spring Water spacecraft hovering in mid air. On it stood a woman clad in armor. The armor was fitted to her body curves, making her extraordinarily attractive. Her short hair gracefully framing in her face. Although beautiful and charming, it now held a menacing look. Her right hand seemed to be shaking slightly.

“Ice Phoenix, one of the ten Honourables of Heavenly Water City. Is that all you have? I think I might have overestimated you in the past. Heh heh, I can’t believe that you cannot even hold your weapons steadily.” A loud voice echoed.

Wang Lin was stunned as it was actually the voice of a man!

There was a cold look in Ice Phoenix’s eyes. She raised her right hand and the spear immediately flew from the ground, returning to her hand. In a voice full of hatred, she said, “Stone, today is your funeral.”

“Stone! One of the ten most wanted fugitives in Spring Water Empire. Oh my god, how can it be him?”

“Wasn’t he killed by the city governor a few years ago? How could he still be here?” Crowds were already fervently discussing amongst themselves on the ground.

Chun Lang’s face paled. While pulling Wang Lin, she said, “We need to leave at once. Stone is a bloodthirsty barbarian with frightening power. I cannot believe he would appear in Heavenly Water City.”

Wang Lin smirked, secretly thinking that this outside world was not as what he’d seen before. “Who is this Stone guy? He has quite the reputation.”

“Heh heh, young lady. Do you think you are capable of killing me? I am bored of playing this little game with you. Come follow me home so we can make babies.” The loud voice echoed again. A weird-looking figure was suddenly seen rushing out of a house, a trail of blurry shadows behind him, launching a punch at lightning speed.

When this punch traveled towards Ice Phoenix, 108 blocks of ice suddenly formed a round shield, protecting her.

With much uncertainty, Ice Phoenix’s spacecraft immediately retreated.

“That attack was nothing. This is not the time for you to retreat. What you are now is nothing to me.” Stone gave a big laugh and started punching more violently. One by one, the shield formed by the 108 ice blocks broke into pieces.

Ice Phoenix clenched her teeth and with a swift movement, she waved her spear and stabbed it towards Stone’s fist.

Stone laughed wildly as his hand turned into a claw He dodged the spear at unbelievable speed and grabbed it, he then gave it a strong pull. Ice Phoenix’s expression immediately changed. She wanted to release the spear but it was too late. Her body was sent flying towards her opponent. Stone punched her in the abdomen with his other arm, knocking her out before grabbing her and putting her over his shoulder.

He then proceeded to ruthlessly spank Ice Phoenix’s bouncy buttocks while laughing. Looking at the crowd on the ground, he noticed Wang Lin and became momentarily stunned. There was a despicable look in his eyes as he spat towards Wang Lin before saying, “I see that there’s a pet rabbit here. Leaving you here would be an embarrassment for all men. So, let me grant you a quick death!”

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