Against Heaven / Against Heaven Vol Chapter 8

“This medicine, it really can treat Mandara disease!” San Xiao Jie opened both her eyes now brimming with joy. After a while, she said regretfully,”Too bad that just now I was pressured into consuming the medicine quickly. Otherwise,I would have carefully analysed the medicinal contents of the medication. . Once I find out what the ingredients are, I will kill Wang Lin myself. No one can threaten Zi Yan me, especially not a mere male slave.”

“Xiao Jie, this young man is extremely clever. It will not be easy to figure out the ingredients used in the medicine. Too bad the family did not dispatch Spiritual Fighters who specialise in the art of sensing here. Otherwise, we could have sent them to observe Wang Lin. That way, it would have been much easier to obtain the medicine formula.” Wang Popo sighed while looking at San Xiao Jie with much love before continuing, “In addition, this young man’s ability has improved significantly. In merely a month’s time, he has achieved Level 1.”

“Spiritual Fighters…… Ever since I contracted this disease, the other family members have avoided me like the plague. How could they send the rare Spiritual Fighters to help me…… Hmph, when Da Jie is released from prison, she will definitely come to see me…… Regarding this, Wang Lin, he is just at Level 1. That is nothing at all. With the Soul Power Diminishing Worm inside his body, he will never be able to advance beyond Level 3!” San Xiao Jie’s eyes were full of hatred and contempt. She hated Wang Lin very much. A male slave who dared to threaten her. If it wasn’t for his ability to treat Mandara disease, she would have killed him already. The pride of the Phoenix Race was more important than anything else. She continued saying :

“Moreover, I have given him the book containing the Hell Raiser Technique. I do not believe that he can withstand the urge to learn a Grade D spell. Once he starts training in it, he will be dead. I have also laced his daily food with soul dispersing poison. After he had taken a considerable amount of the poison into his body, Wang Popo you just need to use the Soul Chain Technique on him. At that time, under the influence of Soul Dispersing Poison, the success rate would be higher.”

Wang Popo hesitated. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something but decided not to. Instead, she sighed deeply in her heart.

Wang Lin went back to his room. He knew that he had won himself yet another month of time.

Wang Lin took out the medicine given to him by San Xiao Jie and analysed it for almost half a day. Using his dagger, he cut it into two parts. Finally, he reconsidered his plan, making sure that it was as flawless as possible before continuing to train in the second illustration of the Spiritual Enhancement Technique.

Fifty-five minutes and thirteen seconds later, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. His body was experiencing extreme pain. He swallowed the first half of the pill.

Based on the past encounters, Wang Lin knew very well that the worm inside him would inflict pain to interrupt his training and then, immediately hide deeply within his body as to avoid detection. However, this time, because he took the medicine, he could clearly feel a slight tremor coming from the deepest layer of his lower abdomen.

It was as though the worm was hesitating, then it immediately moved towards Wang Lin’s intestine. At that time, the pill that had turned into liquid, was flowing in there.

The worm was unable to resist the temptation of the medicine. Wang Lin smirked and mustered soul power into two of his fingers on his right hand and poked into his intestine. The worm, alerted to the danger, did not want to give up on the medicine. Due to this inner conflict, Wang Lin was able to catch the worm between his fingers.

The worm let out a sharp shriek. Immediately Wang Lin felt intense pain and became drenched in his own sweat. When he removed his fingers, he saw about a ⅓ of the worm’s body between them.

“This worm is really intelligent. In order to survive, it cut itself up. However, its soul power has now suffered a lot of damage. The next time it acts should be its funeral!” Wang Lin smirked with a cynical expression on his face.

Without the worm in his way any longer, Wang Lin managed to complete the second illustration of Spiritual Enhancement Technique that very day. His wound also slowly recovered under the stimulation of his soul power. After washing away the black toxins excreted from his body, he immediately started training on his soul power control.

His schedule was densely packed now. Every day, he would spend fifteen hours training his body strength and in the Spiritual Enhancement Technique, four hours on mustering power to his fingers, four hours on soul power control and finally, one hour to rest.

Wang Lin somehow felt that the forceful method which he used to control his soul power now, was incorrect. After thinking for long and hard, he took out a metal ball from the stack of equipment he bought.

This metal ball was a high-tech product made in the Spring Water Empire. It was mainly used to train against explosives and for defence. The stronger the energy on impact, the stronger the energy reflected by it.

Based on this attribute, Wang Lin utilised it to train in the control of his soul power. He first put the metal ball in his right palm. He then mustered all his soul power into his right hand, releasing it bit by bit. The metal ball immediately sprang up, reflected against the ceiling before falling down again.

Wang Lin held the metal ball and continued trying.

Even after repeated failed attempts, Wang Lin still did not give up. He tried recalling the reasons why he failed. Soul power was not controlled well. All of his soul power would flow out uncontrollably even though he tried limiting it. It was all or nothing. In the past, he always forcefully controlled the soul power so that not all of it would flow out. He wanted to increase the amount of soul power output bit by bit so that it would not go waste. Looking at the current situation, he might as well not try to control it.

Since he was unable to increase his soul power output bit by bit, he was thinking of letting it all go out at once. Then from there, he would learn how to decrease the soul power output bit by bit. The desired result should be similar.

Wang Lin felt that there was improvements with the new training regime. The objective he set was every time the metal ball sprang up, it should reach the same height.

Based on Wang Lin’s calculation in the yard, the height which the metal ball could reach was around twenty-two metres if he let out all the soul power in one go.

In that case, he decided to start with twenty-two metres. Wang Lin knew that, with the training of Spiritual Enhancement Technique, his soul power would increase day-by-day. To make the metal ball go higher was easy, but to slowly reduce the height from twenty-two metres was difficult. This would require precision in restrain and control.

That was what Wang Ling needed to practise.

After setting himself a goal, Wang Lin modified his training plan. Every time, he would first train in the Spiritual Enhancement Technique. After having plenty of soul power, he would train with the metal ball. After he depleted his soul power, he would train his body strength by running in circles with weights attached. When his body became exhausted, he would start from the beginning again.

Wang Lin named this series of training “The Soul Power Loop”.

Time passed by quickly.

On this day, Wang Lin had just finished running one hundred and eighty rounds with eighty kilograms of weight attached. He was extremely exhausted. After taking some herbs to replenish his energy, he continued training in the Spiritual Enhancement Technique.

Halfway through training, he frowned. Wang Lin let out a sigh and opened both his eyes.

“He’s here again. I need to figure out something so that he won’t keep bothering me.”

At this time, from outside the yard came a soft voice, “Brother Wang, I beg you. Please take me in as your disciple.”

A servant who was dressed in grey with a nervous face walked carefully. He did not dare to go near Wang Lin and just stood at the far end of the entrance.

“Wang Mang, for the last time, I am not going to take you on as my disciple, and I do not even have the ability to do so. In the future, please do not come and bug me anymore. Or else, I will not be as nice as now. Please leave.” Wang Lin impatiently waved his hand.

Wang Mang was one of the subjects who were brought to the mansion together with Wang Lin. His luck was good. He was supposed to serve San Xiao Jie after Wang Lin. After San Xiao Jie heard what Wang Lin told her, she decided to not find anyone else to have sex with her. As a result, Wang Mang survived and became a servant at the mansion. From Chun Lan, Wang Mang found out that Wang Lin drastically changed within the last half month. When he heard that Wang Lin’s originally dull face had become handsome, he was excited.

“Brother Wang, I beg you. I don’t mind bowing my head to you. Since both of us came from Jian Yu Island, why don’t you help me.” Wang Mang immediately kneeled on the ground and begged.

Wang Lin’s eyebrows frowned even more now. His eyes turning ice cold. He said in a low voice,”You, disappear from my sight, now.”

With Wang Lin’s sharp stare, Wang Mang’s heart shivered. He immediately stood up, hesitating for a while before swiftly leaving. Before leaving, there were flashes of resentment in his eyes.

Wang Lin managed to catch a glimpse of Wang Mang’s expression before he left. Wang Mang had bothered him for many days now. The reason was that he noticed Wang Lin changed a lot in terms of appearance and wanted to learn how.

Regarding the motives, Wang Lin found out from Chun Lan that in the Spring Water Empire, if the male servants had good appearance and could serve the masters well, they would receive better treatments from them.

Wang Mang had ordinary looks. In order to better survive, he would not easily give up on any ways that could improve his attractiveness.

However, Wang Lin was unable to help as he changed after taking the mysterious pill. Thinking about it, Wang Ling suddenly became fearful. What if people noticed the massive change in him, especially the long-haired woman whom he encountered the other night.

Following this, Wang Lin started to come out with points to deny his thought. First, when he was fighting with the opponent, it was only for a few seconds and he covered his face. In addition, the night time visibility was bad. The probability of him being recognised was slim.

Secondly, the Spiritual Enhancement Technique had the ability to excrete the toxins within the body. Even though he had changed a lot, this could be used to explain the change.

However, he decided to be more careful in the future.

Wang Lin continued his training. He would soon complete the third illustration of Spiritual Enhancement Technique. According the records on this technique, once one had completed the third illustration, he or she could possibly gain an ability known as “Spirit Sensing”. Whether one would be able to gain the ability or not, would depend on his or her own talents.

Wang Lin was extremely interested in this ability because it was clearly stated in the record, the meaning of “Soul Sensing” was a dramatic increase in the human body’s ability to sense.

Regarding this sensing ability, Wang Lin knew of its benefits. After he embarked on his training in the Spiritual Enhancement Technique, his sensing ability increased day by day. Be it sensing the arrival of the Spring Water spacecraft before the fight with the long-haired woman warrior, or the day when he rescued Chun Lan from a spear, all these events had everything to do with sensing.

Another obvious point was that whenever someone was within ten metres of Wang Lin’s courtyard, he would be able to sense him or or. With so many benefits coming with it, Wang Lin was very hopeful about getting this ability, which would drastically improve his sensing ability.

Moreover, Wang Lin had a feeling that the improvement in his sensing ability would become a catalyst for the mastery of soul power control using the metal ball.

Even though he could now manage to perfectly maintain the metal ball at a twenty-two metres height four to five out of ten times, Wang Lin was still not satisfied.

He needed to perfectly control the metal ball at twenty-two metres each time. This way, he could proceed to try and control the height of the metal ball to twenty-one metres.

The lower the height, the greater the difficulty to control it became.

All these things would depend on whether or not he could achieve “Spirit Sensing” after completing his training on the third illustration.

In order to expedite the process, Wang Lin temporarily stopped training his body strength and metal ball control, focusing all of his effort on the Spiritual Enhancement Technique.

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