Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta. / Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta. Chapter 197

The scene was such that I couldn’t find any words to describe it other than one: trampling.

Screams and roars of rage mixed in with the sounds of battle. Even though this was a battlefield, sounds of crying and begging for help pierced through the skies.

The Arxia army mercilessly slaughtered all Rindarl soldiers camped on the riverside, regardless of whether the enemy was armed. Of course, the Fort Jugfena knights led the charge.

Just like earlier this morning, the royal army followed behind the Jugfena knights and trampled over everything remaining. It seemed almost as if we were working on cultivating a field for agriculture.

By the way, the situation where I was resembled that of what was happening on the riverside. After blowing sizable holes in the enemy ships with Mefuri’s power, I took the opportunity to personally attack the enemy ships, vandalizing and destroying everything I could on their ships. I either killed those that were too late in escaping from me, or knocked them into the river. Once I rampaged enough on a ship so that it was no more than a wreck that couldn’t even float, I would move on to the next one and repeat the process.

Once I completely destroyed all six enemy ships, I left the river and went upstream.

“Alright, start pouring.”


Wiegraf’s large-scale battle plan didn’t end with the mere destruction of the enemy ships. We poured all our prepared materials into the river. Due to a difference in density, the liquid soon coated itself over the entire river. Oh, just to clarify, we poured flammable oil onto the river.

We quickly dismantled all the barrels to allow the oil to pour as fast as possible into the river, and thus our preparations were complete.

“It’s finished? Everyone, get back then. Fire arrows, release!!”

The soldiers aimed for the broken barrel pieces floating in the river. The Kaldia army had no training whatsoever for shooting at moving targets on a flowing river, but some of the better archers among them were able to hit at least a few of the targets.

After the fire was ignited successfully on the barrel pieces, it quickly spread over the coating of oil on the entire river and bathed the river in fire.

This was only to be expected. For my soldiers who had never witnessed the sight of fire burning on top of water before, I could hear them exclaiming shouts of “wow!” and “amazing!” despite the fact that we were still on the battlefield.

…Following this, the remainder of the battle in the night was absolutely one-sided.

The enemy ships that were already mostly rubble burned into nothing but ashes. The few remaining survivors of the Rindarl army that weren’t able to escape were all throwing down their weapons and waving white flags.

They’ve completely lost all will to battle. Even for the damned Rindarl army that’s so persistent in not surrendering, I suppose that this battle where they were backed up against a burning river and lost almost everything was too much for them.

By the way, I could hear cheers from the Arxian army shouting “we have the divine protection of the god Misorua!” all around me. My soldiers were finally celebrating.

“We’ve won! With this, the war will finally be over! We can carry our victorious lord home on our shoulders!”

Agil who was standing next to me kept shouting jubilantly as if he wasn’t feeling any fatigue at all from the constant battling today all morning and all night.

…Personally though, I don’t think I contributed all that much to this battle or the conclusion of the war if it happens. My soldiers were enjoying the pleasure of victory right now though, so I kept silent and let them have their fun.

After all, this battle’s entire strategy was overseen by Wiegraf, and he prepared everything necessary for it. While I may have carried out his strategy successfully without inconveniencing him, my soldiers were the ones who did most of the grunt work.

Although this war caused me to become infamous, I doubt it would actually influence the outcome of the overall war. It’s only to the extent of making me into a more useful chess piece and increasing the number of tactics we can use.

Even if I wasn’t present at this battle, I think that Ergnade and the Jugfena knights are far more frightening than I am, and even Marquis Rolentsor and his personal knights participated in this battle. The pressure and fear that the enemy felt probably would have been the same.

…Well, to be honest, I think I do feel just slightly relieved as well.

I knew that I had probably gone somewhat overboard. I shall never forget my fear of losing my humanity, no matter how long I end up living.

However, as I thought about my original goal of “ending the war,” I still felt a sense of refreshment at witnessing the Densel troops finally being completely broken of their will to fight anymore.

Although, I knew that I was already 80% similar to the enemy as it currently stood.

“Shall we return to Fort Droidas now, Milord?”

Calvin who was leading a unit to protect our extra supply of oil barrels in case we needed them asked me in a soft voice.

“Ahh, sure.” I nodded in response as I stroked Vedwoka’s neck as a reward for her patience with all my soldiers around her. I felt like I might as well walk together with my soldiers for a change, so I was about to dismount from her.

At least, that had been my intention.

But suddenly, Vedwoka’s body that had been relaxed suddenly filled with tension as she snapped her silvery-white snake-like tail back to her body, causing my entire field of vision to be massively shaken. The next thing I knew, Vedwoka had suddenly flown up and away from this location.


Vedwoka’s movements were so sudden that I was unable to figure out the draconis’s intentions. Mefuri who was still sitting behind me shrieked as she clung on to Vedwoka’s neck.

Something huge entered my field of vision, flying at a tremendous pace straight for the place where Vedwoka and I had just been.

Ahh, so she was trying to avoid that – I realized that through the headache I had from being shaken around so unexpectedly.

“Agil!! Calvin!!”

That’s when I realized that “the huge something” landed right next to their feet.

A sonorous birdsong rang out, its elegance and melodiousness seeming terribly out of place on the battlefield.

A mysterious and beautiful giant golden bird had arrived here – that was all that my confused and battered mind was able to comprehend.

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