Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta. / Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta. Chapter 208

Akuyaku Tensei

Chapter 208 – Kaldia’s Budding Spring Part 4

Oscar, eh? — Upon hearing the name, I recalled that I did think he was the perfect match but, now that I think about it properly, he too has his bothersome circumstances.

After lunch with Claudia, I went straight to catch Oscar and confirm his situation, or more precisely, the Terejia family’s situation.

Oscar, who I had officially appointed as the landlord’s assistance when I had entered the Gakushuuin, had always been working here and there.

He has been doing all sorts of work like handling the papers which I approve and Ratoka sorts, having discussions with important people like the bishop, the head of the Shiru family, looking over matters needing attention in the villages and what not…

Although he is supposed to be titled a knight, he has been making Berwire work relentlessly and at this point, he probably does more territorial jobs than me, the lord of the territory.

What on earth are knights? After the Terejia family put on pressure, although I was the one who ordered it, I left Oscar in charge of the territory in my absence. By the way, when I had returned, the tax collection was perfectly done.

Really, what on earth are knights?

Despite all that, he spars with Claudia once every two days and also doesn’t miss the combined training with the territory army — I really don’t understand how… It is at the level where you would doubt if he was using clones or something…

…And well, so, he has now become an existence whom you must call out to if you happen to find him… Otherwise you’d end up having to hunt around the whole territory for him.

Just when I was about to go to his office to deliver some papers and cards, I happened to find him there coincidentally and, in turn for helping him with the register, he agreed to talk with me.

If I had let this go, I am not sure when I would get the opportunity again. Well, if I were to consider his mysterious movement speed, if I had left a memo in his office, he would have probably come to my office the next day, though.

And when I began to tell him to finish the registry calculations fast so that we could talk about his and Claudia’s marriage, he nodded like he had known and explained what Earl Terejia had in mind.

In short, that is what they wanted but they still hadn’t talked about it with the Viscount Laurentsorel’s family. Assuming that Claudia wouldn’t settle down before the state of affair with the neighboring country calmed down, they had not yet officially talked about it.

That is true. She was supposed to be handling the logistical support for the Kaldia army but under these unstable conditions, who knows what could happen in the battlefield. Even if this was talked about before the battle, Oscar was very suspicious the moment he came to the Kaldia territory. No doubt Claudia wouldn’t have accepted the marriage.

“I understand the Earl’s intentions but what about the Terejia family?”

As known from the Ms Heideman’s example, who had been appointed as the head housekeeper of the Gakushuuin dorm, there is some sort of discord between the Terejia family and Earl Terejia.

Even though he is the younger brother of the current head of the Terejia family, he did not succeed to peerage. Instead, he worked at an official job at the royal castle and was given the Earl rank all anew. He is a man who is still single. Even his elder brother, Marquis Ritelgau can’t probably say anything about him. One could say he is completely independent of the Terejia family.

And being a huge troublesome matter as it is, Oscar is under the influence of both sides.

If only Earl Terejia is also thinking about Oscar and Claudia’s marriage, things might get ugly if we are imprudent in moving forward with the marriage talks.

There really isn’t anything good about being involved with others’ marriages…

Maybe the existence of Eliza itself was born under a star like that…

“As of now, they haven’t been told anything except the thing between me and Claudia-dono.”

Oscar’s position in the Terejia house is extremely complicated.

His grandmother was Marquis Ritelgau and Earl Terejia’s half sister. Although she was taken in as his grandfather’s second wife later, on paper, it is being treated as if he’s their adopted child.

And on top of that, the thing that is making things even more difficult is that Marquis Ritelgau doesn’t have a son, a direct descendant. In short, it is an inheritance problem.

The Marquis only has one daughter. Moreover, his grandchild and her two newborns are all girls.

It seems like he did take in grooms from branch family for his daughter and two grandchild into the family, but the seat of a big noble like his can’t be given to a son-in-law so easily like that. However, since their name has been divided like that and a branch family exists now, his daughter or granddaughters can’t inherit after him either. It is a situation completely different from mine.

And as such, in the current Terejia family, only three males are remaining. Marquis Ritelgau, Earl Terejia and Oscar.

It seems that even if they were to take a son from a branched family for such a big noble family’s head, no matter if they are taken in as the present head’s son, grandson or groom, their position is inferior to that of Oscar.

Due to this complicated situation, even though Oscar is the Terejia family’s major contender for the head of the family, he is ostracized by the son-in-laws of the family. However, he is being supported by others in the family. But he is too much to handle for Marquis Ritelgau. So the only one who suits his convenience in the family is Earl Terejia.

The reason Oscar couldn’t become a knight at Yugnefa and couldn’t fight at the front lines at the war is because of this.

If he was simply an illegitimate child of the head or an adopted child, they would’ve easily accepted him to marry Claudia’s family, which is also a branch family. After all, she also holds the title of a knight.

However, if he were to be the next head of Terejia family, his wife must only be of an esteemed origin, for example the daughter of a high Earl.

“It seems like granduncle and others are doing something recently. They probably understand how I would prefer working hard over here rather than go back there. And so, I think there should be no problem…. I mean, if there was, I would have probably been taken back to the house long ago.”

Oscar stated his thoughts as seriously as he is but finished it off with some sarcasm and a bitter smile.

Certainly, if he was to be treated as the next head of the Terejia family, he surely wouldn’t have been able to do all these here in this countryside, which would hurt his reputation.

“I see. Then, if we take that there are no problems for now, do you have any objections to this marriage?”

After all, we are talking about marrying that Claudia here.

….No, if we were to consider if Oscar himself has all the things one would normally want in a husband, I wouldn’t be sure either. I mean, after all, he is a workaholic who goes far beyond the level of madness.

But even still, if we were to think about it considering this country’s general knowledge, Claudia is the one unusual here.

“I…. That is…..”

Oscar was lost for words.

……How do I follow up on this? Claudia’s cute parts… Nope. Can’t think of any immediately. In fact, what comes up is how she blew away Gunther in that arm wrestling competition over food. Yeah.. can’t really say that now, can I…?

“Umm… this might change the topic a bit but… After coming to this area, the fact that I do not miss spending time with her once every two days… What do you think about that, Eliza-dono?”

“…..? I think you guys are pretty enthusiastic about practice. But be careful not to fall ill.”

To the sudden question, I answered tilting my head a bit. I do think it is very Oscar-like habit to cram in-communication with a colleague, taking a breather and appropriate exercise all in one but really… cramming in all those things into one, yep, he sure is insane.

Oscar looked at me like he was about to object to something but then just muttered, “Well, I guess you are still 14 years old, after all….”. What? What do you mean by that?

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