Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta. / Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta. Chapter 219

Chapter 219 Kaldia’s Budding Spring – Finale


“… . . Do you have anything you would like to say?”


That scene was just too unreal and surreal — said Ratoka later on, after witnessing from the sides .


I was standing with my arms folded, taking a daunting stance, in front of 3 men who were kneeling on the ground .

It goes without saying that the culprits behind this incident are Oscar, Claudia and Natanael .


“U-Umm… I am sorry! It was just too fun synchronising with Oscar to exchange blows against brother…”


“I am sorry… I guess I got a little too excited going seriously all out for a while there…”


“I am sorry . I felt like I would die if I hadn’t blocked or deflected their moves . ”


“I understand . Oscar, you go to the dining and set up a table before us . ”


I couldn’t really keep him here, making him feel responsible for this situation as he already looked like he was dying so I let him go early . Well, for Oscar, I guess I can’t help but feel kinda… sorry .


After seeing Oscar go into the mansion after bowing, I shifted my vision towards the Rolentsor siblings, who were dripping cold sweat . Then, I looked towards the courtyard… or the place which was the courtyard, the place which hadn’t even been a year old after being made .

It was made with Rashiok’s playing ground or my training place in mind so it isn’t like there were any decorations there .

There isn’t–but, however–


What must you do such that it turns out like this? (I feel like they might have thrusted their spears with full force) There were cracks, ground collapsing, and in some places rising too–it was a complete wasteland .

The tiles laid out in the back were smashed to pieces, the terrace was covered in a cloud of dust–even the refreshment lawn was in a terrible state .


If you don’t call this a disastrous scene, what would you call a disastrous scene?

…Or rather, what is this? Is this really something a human can produce? Oscar did quite well to even stay alive in the midst of that stormy fight . Even with just that, I feel like he did quite well .


It was a dreadful fight .

It was supposed to be a courtesy duel in terms of the Imperial sword or spear technique . And in reality, it was in fact not far away from that standpoint… Although I can’t really come to terms with it .


“Ummm… Elizsama?”


“What is it?”


“Are you angry…?”


In response to Claudia’s question, I just pouted disappointedly .

Although she asked with a taciturn expression, if I were asked if I was angry or not, I feel like my answer would be a bit different .

Even more than that, I am astonished by the Rolentsor siblings to be able to create such disaster… Is it because I am feeling it is very irrational?

It feels like the good ol’ scenes from the Shounen mangas .


However, I can’t really be sulking about it all the time .

After letting out a sigh, I called them by their names, ‘Natanael-dono, Claudidono’ . They straighten their backs to the limit, as if they were flicked .


“… . . I plan on holding the ceremony for Claudidono’s wedding here, in this courtyard . ”


“”We will clean this place up with all our might!!””


In response to the synchronized reply by the siblings, I again let out a deep, de——ep sigh .


Well, with this, I guess the first part of the spring has come to an end .

Good grief… or rather, feeling kind of relieved, I let out yet another breath, different from a sigh this time .



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