Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta. / Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta. Chapter 70

Beginning of Act 2, Part 1

(This chapter returns to Eliza’s point of view . )

I believe that games, books, manga, anime, TV shows, movies, all these things created solely for entertainment purposes are basically so that we can obtain some sort of catharsis . As an example, in my previous life, due to my younger sister’s recommendation, I tried a certain otome game .

Helping other people from the heroine’s perspective, improving your character by raising your level and stats, and enjoying the drama between the characters .

You can romance handsome, high-spec boys, or even, during that process defeat your love rivals .

With it, you obtain a sense of superiority and satisfaction .

In a medieval European fantasy setting, made of fluffy images, the heroine is able to meet male capture targets filled with various female ideals, although this was all very lacking in realism . Once again, this must purely be for entertainment purposes, as the characters’ archetypes were rather exaggerated and very shallow .

The otome game was quite detailed, and it felt deeper than most stories . Just like the original meaning of the word catharsis, it might have been intended to purify the emotions of pity and fear through art .

However, all I know is that it wasn’t the case for me .

The heroine was someone that had come from the neighboring country, to go to noble school and look for a husband candidate from among the students, and she would romance them, that was the story .

It didn’t depict anything about the brutality and filthiness of human beings, there was nothing in it obstructing people from obtaining catharsis .


I looked around at the earth which was stained with blood . Dead bodies which were unrecognizable, were piled up like garbage .

Military forces between countries had fought here . Humans had caused so much death and destruction .

Why had they fought, why were so many lives sacrificed, the dead would obtain nothing .

There was nothing such as celebration wine to be seen around here .

This was another side to the game world where the heroine was the neighboring country’s archduke’s daughter and had come to noble school to have fun and find romance . This type of scene had never appeared in the game, yet there were indeed pools of blood everywhere .

There’s no such reason like people attempting to obtain catharsis here, there was only people killing each other, and dying . Or, there’s no story-like qualities here, only people fighting with all their strength .

People aren’t very principled, it’s a world where people attack others based on their feelings and desires .

Even though I know that, still, this world is nothing like the game settings at all, only the stage is the same while a war began, I got the ridiculous idea wondering if this was reality at all .

I was simply scared .

Is this world real or fake? Am I just dreaming?

Indeed, my feelings of memories of a past life were fading .

Why did I kill people for, I wonder . Why do people die, I wonder .

Are people’s deaths meaningless, I wonder .

I wonder if I would have been happier had I not recalled my past life’s memories . If I didn’t know the game’s story from my past life’s memories, would this war have not started, I wonder .

Even if I think about it, I have no answers . That’s all I understand .

I just keep telling myself that it’s probably for the best that I don’t understand anything .

Is this world just a game world from my previous life, I wonder .

Or, is this reality with breathing, living people, I wonder .

I can’t decide if this is reality or not, even though technically this isn’t supposed to be something that I can just leave undecided .

That’s why, maybe I have no choice but to accept, that I can’t make a choice between the two .

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