Almadianos Eiyuuden

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In the Dormant universe existed a magician whose skills were as strong as God’s. His name was as unusual as his personality – Bernst Armadianus. He aspired to reach the top of witchcraft. It cost him thousands of years to achieve perfection. Such a lifestyle may sound like a routine, so Bernst created avatars in different worlds. In some territories, he served as a hero, in others like Maou or just a male. It didn’t help, so from time to time, Bernst felt devastated. He wanted to enjoy being a man and find a suitable person for a mutual future. Bernst realized his avatars didn’t bring him much happiness. They more served like masks that destroyed individuality by making Bernst submit to circumstances. He started having a goal to penetrate an appropriate organism to supply it with his genes. After genes settle down, Bernst makes efforts to form a new identity in a person, mix their souls to apprehend excellence and peace.

Almadianos Eiyuuden

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