An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 1

Those who exterminate monsters as an occupation are called Adventurers.

And for Adventurers, ranks are given to them according to their abilities.

From E at the bottom, until S at the top, the difficulty of the quests that can be accepted varies from the ranks.

If it’s a quest that an S Rank Adventurer accepts, the reward for it is something enormous.

I, Egil・Voltz, who’s an S Rank Adventurer that exists only several people even in such a world, was taken to a slightly peculiar store by an acquaintance.

“”””Well then, it is the first slave girl this time!””””

The spacious venue overflows with customers and there is a stage before their eyes.

The stage is being illuminated by lights and a young girl who has a collar on her was sitting in the middle of it.

This place is a slave auction.

The place where slave traders make trades using those without a birthplace nor a name that they brought here.

Customers buy slaves of their liking with money and slave traders palm them off at high prices.

And thenーーslaves who were sold are making a deadpan expression.

“How is it, the slave auction?”

The bearded C Rank Adventurer who sits beside me, Gossendorf, looks at me with a broad grin like he’s buttering up to me.

“I personally don’t understand. Such thing as slave trading”

“Does Egil-sama not fancy slaves very much?”


“I think it is a man’s happiness to obtain a woman who is absolutely obedient to oneself though”

On the contrary, I don’t understand why they are trying to buy slaves.

Besides, upon seeing the auction, the sums of money in which they are being knocked down are low sums.

Is it because all the slaves who are being sold are unattractive? I wonder what they take a human’s life for.

Even so, all the customers are desperately knocking down the slaves one after another.

As I’m sighing from boredom, Gossendorf started grinning again.

“Egil-sama, the slaves around this parts are still the opening act”

“Opening act? Is there still something?”

“From here on out, many beautiful slaves will be coming out. Well, the prices become expensive though……and although it only happens once in a while, there are virgins as well”

“Vir, virgins, you say!?”


I unintentionally let out a high pitched voice.

But a virgin is, that, right……a female who has never done it with anyone.

But for slaves, I have heard before that most of them are violated by the slave traders.

And yet……are there virgins amongst them?

But it’s as Gossendorf has said, the beautiful women are getting more as the slave auction progresses.

But to purchase is a little. I had been living the whole time by myself, even monster subjugations were by myself. BesidesーーI have nothing but unpleasant memories with slaves…….

Furthermore, those who are being introduced since just now have just been young girls with childish appearances.

“”Well then, well then, it is the introduction of the final slave””

Well, I think a young girl with a childish appearance is cute as well but, as I thought, one with an adult’s glamour and also breasts and so forth is better…….

“”Although the final slave is young at 2○ years old, she is a female with an adult’s glamour, combined with good looks that anybody would envy. And she has huge F cup breasts!””

Appearances and attitude that arouses a man, if it’s such a slave then……no, no, but it’s a slave, you know? Something like a slave…….

“”Her bewitching smile makes you feel eros, so much so that it is thinkable that any man in this world would want to sleep with her once!””

But it’ll be nice if we can be Adventurers or something like that together.

Adventurers move here and there around villages, towns, countries, so I can only leave her behind if she can’t fight. If it’s a slave that I can love then I’d hate to live separately from her.

“”And what is this, she was as an Adventurer originally! Her abilities are reputed to be magnificently high!””

……If, just if.

I am currently 25 and a virgin but, if she’s a beauty and a virgin thenーー.

“”What is this, she is a genuine virgin!””

It’s hereeeeeee!!

A slave that is perfect for me is here!

“What is the matter, Egil-sama?”

“N, no it’s nothing”

I leaned forward from my overwhelming excitement.

But she is without a doubt, the kind of female that I wish for.

Her dazzling golden hair that covers her bountiful breasts is gorgeous. Skin that’s slightly on the paler side with a trained physique that one can tell from looking is that of a former Adventurer, and even though she has the breasts, she is by no means fat.

Her makeup is done properly, her big blue eyes are so beautiful that I’m being drawn in.

Below her left eye is a single beauty mark, that as well, has its eroticism that arouses a man.

Her stature is also not small like 16○ and is highly rated.

And above all elseーーit’s wonderful that she’s a virgin despite such beautiful and risque appearance.

“”Well then, it starts from six million gold!””

When the moderator’s announcement goes around, voices filled with astonishment escape from the entire crowd in the venue.

And then Gossendorf who sits beside me was giving the same reaction as well.

“Uwaa, this is another high sum start huh……”

It’s indeed as Gossendorf says, the starting amount is different from the other slaves.

The slaves until just now, every single one of them, they start from several hundred grand and the hammer prices were also about there. But she’s the only one who starts from six million which can be said to be a high sum.

“If it’s like this, there is nobody who will purchase, no?”

“No, no, she will likely be purchased. See”

I return my line of sight forward once more. Thereupon, it’s not astonishments from the surroundings but loud assertive voices that break out.

“”Six million one hundred!””

“”Six million five hundred!””

The call doesn’t stop.

In the blink of an eye, the price jumps all the way up to eight million.

Market prices for S Rank quests are diverse. If it’s a comparatively easy quest then the reward is about five million but, if it’s a considerably difficult quest then it will also go up to about ten million.

It takes about ten million gold to build a moderate house in town. So in other words, S Rank quests can receive high sum rewards that are up to that extent.

But well, those quests don’t finish in a day or two, from a week to a month, there are even those that need even longer periods.

Which is precisely why, a single slave that cost this amount of money, it’s true that she’s beautiful but, even so, to purchase at a price that’s completely different from the other slaves isーー.


My eyes met with her who stands on the stage that’s illuminated by the light.

As though there is nobody else. Like it’s a space with just me and her, not hearing, not feeling the voices and everything else that’s around.

And when I realised, I had stood up.

“This looks like it is impossible to knock down huh……E, Egil-sama? Your eyes are becoming bloodshot though, is something the matter?”

“ーーTen million gold!”


Raising the price, I made such a call.

One time worth of S Rank Quest. I staked that on her.

“”Er, erm……then ten million five hundredーー””

“Eleven million!”


“Thirteen million!”

The surroundings fell silent.

When I realised, I had staked all the money that I have on her.

ButーーI have no regret.

“”……Is, is there anybody else?””

The venue that still remained silent even when the moderator’s announcement goes around.

And then the bell was rung.

“”It is a record high hammer price! Congratulations!””

Record high hammer price? Is that so. No, I suppose so.

But well, I’m glad I was able to win the bid for her.

I hear from Gossendorf that I can get out from the back door so I head there and, the slave trader and the girl who I won the bid for, who was made to change into slave clothes that is different from the dress she was wearing until just now, were there.

“It is my first time at a slave auction though, how should I deliver the gold? A large sum of money like thirteen million gold, I didn’t bring it with me now, alright?”

“No no, when it comes to the bidding money, I will be accompanying you to the bank to collect it and……besides, thirty per cent is her share”

“Thirty per cent?”

The slave receives the bidding money?

I think that and look towards her who’s beside him.

As I thought, she has a beautiful face. Besides, her smile is nice as well.

And then, she comes close to me and lowered her head.

“Thank you for winning the bid on me on this occasion. My name is Eleanor.”

On this day, I might be able to throw away the virginity that I had been protecting continuously for 25 long years.

With my slave that I knocked down with thirteen million gold which is everything I ownーーEleanor.

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